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<B>A Rosslyn Treasury </B><I> Stories and Legends from Rosslyn Chapel</I>, SNOW, P L
1 A Rosslyn Treasury Stories and Legends from Rosslyn Chapel
0863157106 / 9780863157103 Paperback 
This book traces themes of transformation and metamorphosis through inward endeavour, and will be fascinating for anyone interested in stories from the beginnings of the world, Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, Celtic myth and Scottish history.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 959] 
Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales </B><I> From Angy Ant to Zestless Zebra</I>, PERROW, SUSAN
2 A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales From Angy Ant to Zestless Zebra
1907359869 / 9781907359866 
Each story in this collection begins with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor and an imaginative story journey, leads to a more desirable resolution. In this way, the stories also have the potential for nurturing positive values.

The stories cover many kinds of universal behaviour. Following the alphabet from A to Z, the behaviour is identified in the story title e.g. anxious, bossy, cranky … greedy … jealous … lazy … swearing … uncooperative ... and more. The stories can be told directly, or adapted. They can be turned into home-made picture books and puppet shows, or used as springboards for the creation of new tales for particular behaviour challenges and situations.

AUDIENCE: Educators, storytellers, therapists, school counsellors, nursery and primary teachers, play leaders, education and childcare students, parents and grandparents.  

Susan Perrow runs therapeutic storytelling seminars from China to Africa, Europe to America and across her own sun-drenched land of Australia.  She is a storyteller, teacher trainer, parent educator and counsellor. She is author of Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and Therapeutic Storytelling. A-Z Behaviour Tales offers new stories from her research and workshops.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 14877] 
Price: 39.99 AUD
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<B>Accidental Time Traveller </B><I> </I>, MACKAY, JANIS
3 Accidental Time Traveller
0863159540 / 9780863159541 2013 Paperback 
One ordinary day, Saul is on his way to the corner shop when a girl appears suddenly in the middle of the road. She doesn't understand traffic, or the things in shops, and she's wearing a long dress with ruffled sleeves. Her name is Agatha Black. Agatha Black is from 1812, and Saul needs to find a way to get her back there. With help from his mates Will and Robbie, he tries to work out how to make time travel happen. This pacy, time-travelling adventure from Janis Mackay, author of the Magnus Fin series, is full of funny misunderstandings and gripping action.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12677] 
Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>According to Luke: The Gospel of Compassion and Love Revealed </B><I> The Gospel of Compassion and Love Revealed</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  CREEGER, C.E.
4 According to Luke: The Gospel of Compassion and Love Revealed The Gospel of Compassion and Love Revealed
0880104880 / 9780880104883 2001 Paperback 
This lecture cycle presents the most accessible and illuminating of Steiner's revelations with regard to Christ, and his significance for humanity's spiritual development. He discusses the link between Buddha and the life of Christ, a description that unites Buddhism and Christianity, not in theory but in perceived spiritual deeds of these two figures. Utilizing a historical overview, revealing the relationship between the great religious traditions, and how they have conspired together for the good of humanity, Steiner never loses sight of the Gospel's great inner meaning, as echoed in the Gospel of St. Luke: "The revelation of the spiritual worlds from the Heights and its answering reflection from the hearts of men brings peace to all whose purpose upon the evolving Earth is to unfold good will."
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1115] 
Price: 29.99 AUD
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<B>According to Matthew </B><I> The Gospel of Christ's Humanity</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  CREEGER, C.
5 According to Matthew The Gospel of Christ's Humanity
0880105046 / 9780880105040 2003 Paperback 
"If we read [Steiner's] lectures with an open and attentive inner eye, we may be able to see the Christ mystery, not as a collection of dogmas or facts, but as a spiritual impulse that stretches far beyond the limits of Christ's own time and even of the lifespan of Christianity itself. We may even catch a glimpse of the high powers that govern the life of civilizations and of the great entity known as the human race." -Richard Smoley (from the introduction) For centuries people have been baffled by the varying accounts of Christ's life as presented in the four Gospels and have struggled to reconcile them. In these profound and stimulating lectures, Steiner addresses this conundrum. He shows how each of the Gospels presents a different lens onto Christ's life and message. Here Steiner reveals the Gospel of Matthew as the one that emphasizes Christ's humanity. But he does not stop there; his visionary perspective traces Christ's life and message to spiritual impulses that go back centuries, even millennia, to the legendary civilization of Atlantis, to the mysterious Zarathustra, and to the Jewish sect known as the Essenes.
An introduction by Richard Smoley, author of Inner Christianity, puts Steiner's vision into perspective for modern readers. Once you have experienced Steiner's powerful exploration of Matthew, you will never see the Gospels in the same way again.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1127] 
Price: 44.99 AUD
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<B>Acts of the Heart </B><I> Culture-building, Soul-researching</I>, SARDELLO, ROBERT, ED.
6 Acts of the Heart Culture-building, Soul-researching
1584201126 / 9781584201120 2012 Paperback 
Robert Sardello is an extremely prolific writer and has contributed an astonishing number of forewords, introductions and prefaces to other authors' books over the years. Many of the introductions are inspirational essays in their own right, outlining and giving background to a wide variety of important concepts and ideas from consciousness and psychotherapy to imagination, healing and spirituality. This book is a collection of Sardello's many insightful contributions, and includes some introductions and forewords by other authors, discussing aspects of Sardello's own work.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12493] 
Price: 39.95 AUD
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<B>Adam Bittleston: His Life, Work and Thought </B><I> </I>, GIBSON, KENNETH
7 Adam Bittleston: His Life, Work and Thought
0863157823 / 9780863157820 Paperback 
Adam Bittleston (1911-89) was an ordained priest of The Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal founded in 1922 with the help of the philosopher and founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner. This book is the first biography of a fascinating and influential individual.

From his student days in Oxford Bittleston was a close friend of William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, and this book draws on Golding's unpublished journal. Bittleton was also very gifted with the written word, as well as being a much sought after spiritual counsellor. His wife, Gisela, once wrote that his 'main interest was to help people sort out their destiny.' His knowledge of Shakespeare was equal to that of any academic or writer of his time and most of his books and articles draw deeply on Shakespeare's work.He was also recognized as one of the foremost theologians of the Christian Community in Britain.

He was able to translate spiritual ideas into modern life and in keeping with modern times, and was the author of several books, including and Meditative Prayers for Today (1953), The Spirit of the Circling Stars (1975), Our Spiritual Companions (1983), The Seven Planets (1985), Loneliness (1987) and Counselling and Spiritual Development (1988).
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1022] 
Price: 35.95 AUD
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<B>Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults </B><I> The Struggle for Freedom</I>, GOLDBERG, RAOUL
8 Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults The Struggle for Freedom
0863158730 / 9780863158735 2012 Paperback 
Addiction is one of the most critical problems of our modern world, affecting children as much as adults. We face not only a widespread dependency on illicit substances, but also addictions to food, beverages, cigarettes and alcohol, as well as electronic gadgetry, online social networks, and entertainment media within a culture of violence, along with excessive and unhealthy sexual practices. This book explores the overall health consequences of addictive behaviour in children and young people, as well as its underlying causes. Drawing on anthroposophical insights, the author sees the child holistically as body, soul and spirit on a developmental journey from newborn to adult. He examines specific addictions through case histories taken from his clinical practice, and offers a tried and tested method to understand and manage each individual child or young person who succumbs to such dependencies. This book will be of value to parents, teachers and health professionals who work with children and adolescents; to young people and adults caught up in unhealthy addictive behaviour; and to all those who wish to understand better their own human nature.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12111] 
Price: 53.95 AUD
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<B>Advent Craft and Activity Book </B><I> Dhom, Christel.  Stories, Crafts, Recipes and Poems for the Christmas Season</I>, DHOM, CHRISTEL,  DUNCAN, BERNADETTE
9 Advent Craft and Activity Book Dhom, Christel. Stories, Crafts, Recipes and Poems for the Christmas Season
0863159125 / 9780863159121 2012 Paperback 
colour illustrations
This practical, fully illustrated book includes creative suggestions for each day from December 1 through to Christmas and Epiphany, based on the Christian traditions of this festive period. The book is inspired by German Christmas traditions, and the crafts, activities and stories all have a wonderful German flavour. Learn how to bake delicious German biscuits and Stollen, make your own advent calendars and Christmas decorations, and find out more about legendary figures such as St Nicholas. This is a fabulous resource for keeping children engaged and involved with celebrations throughout the Christmas season.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12320] 
Price: 28.95 AUD
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<B>Aesop's Fables </B><I> </I>, HANDFORD, S.A., TRANS
10 Aesop's Fables
0140369848 / 9780140369847 
This title contains over two hundred familiar tales from 'The Dog in the Manger' and 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' to much less familiar tales, each with its own sharply pointed moral.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10484] 
Price: 9.95 AUD
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<B>Age of Discovery, The </B><I> </I>, KOVACS, CHARLES
11 Age of Discovery, The
0863154514 / 9780863154515 2004 Paperback 
This book presents an overview of world history from the time of the Crusades to the Renaissance. It includes Saladin, Joan of Arc, Columbus, Magellan, Queen Elizabeth and Francis Drake. A resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of Class 7 (age 12-13).
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 771] 
Price: 32.99 AUD
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<B>Age of Revolution, The </B><I> </I>, KOVACS, CHARLES
12 Age of Revolution, The
086315395X / 9780863153952 Paperback 
An overview of world history from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, including the French, American and Industrial Revolutions.
Kovacs chooses pertinent stories which create a tapestry showing the development of humankind from medieval times, when every person had their place in the hierarchy of society, to the awakening of individuality in modern times.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 731] 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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<B>Agriculture </B><I> An Introductory Reader</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  VON ARNIM, C.
13 Agriculture An Introductory Reader
1855841134 / 9781855841130 2003 Paperback 
Rudolf Steiner, the often undervalued, multifaceted genius of modern times, contributed much to the regeneration of culture. In addition to his philosophical teachings, he provided ideas for the development of many practical activities including education -- both general and special -- agriculture, medicine, economics, architecture, science, religion, and the arts. Today there are thousands of schools, clinics, farms, and many other organizations based on his ideas.Steiner's original contribution to human knowledge was based on his ability to conduct spiritual research, the investigation of metaphysical dimensions of existence. With his scientific and philosophical training, he brought a new systematic discipline to the field, allowing for conscious methods and comprehensive results. A natural seer from childhood, he cultivated his spiritual vision to a high degree, enabling him to speak with authority on previously veiled mysteries of life.Topics include: the evolving human being; cosmos as the source of life; plants and the living earth; farms and the realms of nature; bringing the chemical elements to life; soil and the world of spirit; supporting and regulating life processes; spirits of the elements; nutrition and vitality; responsibility for the future.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 8006] 
Price: 28.95 AUD
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<B>Agriculture Course </B><I> The Birth of the Biodynamic Method</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  ADAMS, G.
14 Agriculture Course The Birth of the Biodynamic Method
1855841487 / 9781855841482 2004 Paperback 
With these talks, Steiner created and launched "biodynamic farming", a form of agriculture that has come to be regarded as the best organically produced food. However, the agriculture Steiner speaks of here is much more than organic - it involves working with the cosmos, with the earth, and with spiritual beings. To facilitate this, Steiner prescribes specific "preparations" for the soil, as well as other distinct methods born from his profound understanding of the material and spiritual worlds. He presents a comprehensive picture of the complex dynamic relationships at work in nature and gives basic indications of the practical measures needed to bring them into full play.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 4037] 
Price: 33.95 AUD
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<B>Alignments: How to Live in Harmony with the Universe </B><I> How to Live in Harmony with the Universe</I>, HILLMAN, LAWRENCE,  SPENCER, DONNA
15 Alignments: How to Live in Harmony with the Universe How to Live in Harmony with the Universe
1590560019 / 9781590560013 2002 Paperback 
Now $14.90 (RRP $24.95)
This book argues that our life has meaning and that we are privy to know what our specific purpose is for being here. Using astrological ideas and theory, we move to the psychological setting where this information is translated into very practical therapy with tangible results. The authors have designed a book which develops practical methods to discover an individual's calling in life, enabling readers to evaluate if their lives are on or off track with this particular calling.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1659] 
Price: 14.90 AUD
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<B>All the Dear Little Animals </B><I> </I>, NILSSON, ULF,  ERIKSSON, EVA
16 All the Dear Little Animals
1903458943 / 9781903458945 2009 Hardback 
colour illustrations
Theme: gently funny, non-sentimental story about death in a play context, from a child's' view. Illustrations: Sugar tough, apple green and corn yellow: Eva Eriksson is one of Sweden's best loved illustrators. Appeal: adults and children aged 4 plus. 'The whole world is full of dead things,' said Esther. 'In every bush there is a bird, a butterfly, a mouse. Someone must be kind and look after them. Someone must make a sacrifice and see that all these things are buried.' 'Who must?' I asked. 'We must,' she said. Esther was very brave. I was little and scared...One summer's day we started a business called Funerals Ltd, to help all the poor dead little animals in the world. Esther did the digging, I wrote the poems, and Esther's little brother, Puttie, cried.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 2129] 
Price: 27.95 AUD
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<B>Alphabet, The </B><I> An Expression of the Mystery of Man</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
17 Alphabet, The An Expression of the Mystery of Man
0936132558 / 9780936132556 
The divine spiritual mystery of one’s being is brought to expression through the larynx and speech organs in the physical body’s resounding of vowels and consonants, formations of the Zodiac, and the music of the spheres.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7594] 
Price: 11.50 AUD
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<B>America's Global Responsibility </B><I> Individuation, Initiation and Threefolding</I>, BEN-AHARON, JESAIAH
18 America's Global Responsibility Individuation, Initiation and Threefolding
1584200189 / 9781584200185 2003 Paperback 
In a summary of present day social and economic conditions, Beh-Aharon points out the dire consequences of America ignoring its obligations as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. He goes on to explain how the destructive effects of globalisation can be stopped, and progressive social structures introduced. Using a concept developed by Rudolf Steiner -- the actualization of the individual -- he explains how the world arrived at its current state and how an understanding of America's role in the globalisation process will help achieve cultural and spiritual freedom, political equality and economic cooperation in the world.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1586] 
Price: 23.95 AUD
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<B>Ancient English Cathedrals </B><I> </I>, MILLS, MARK
19 Ancient English Cathedrals
1904263410 / 9781904263418 
Now $8.25 (RRP $16.50)
Perhaps the most awe-inspiring structures ever built in these isles, ancient catherdrals continue to exude spiritual force and architectural magic many centuries after their incredible design and construction.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12928] 
Price: 8.25 AUD
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<B>Ancient Greece </B><I> </I>, KOVACS, CHARLES
20 Ancient Greece
0863154298 / 9780863154294 2004 Paperback 
This is a retelling of Greek mythology and ancient history as recommended for Steiner-Waldorf curriculum Class 5-6 (age 10-12). This welcome new addition to Charles Kovacs' work contains legendary stories of mythical heroes and historic figures from the dawn of western civilization. Through the fearless deeds of Heracles, Theseus and Odysseus to the Golden Age of Athens and the conquests of Alexander the Great, the narrative vividly portrays the journey from the mysteries of antiquity to the birth of modern medicine, science and philosophy.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 754] 
Price: 25.95 AUD
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