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<B>Between Form and Freedom </B><I> Being a Teenager</I>, STALEY, BETTY
1 Between Form and Freedom Being a Teenager
1903458897 / 9781903458891 2009 2 Paperback 
Here is a wealth of insights about teenagers, providing a compassionate and intuitive look into the minds of children and adolescents. She explores the nature of adolescence - the search for the self, the birth of the intellect, the release of feeling, male-female differences and character. Teenagers' growth needs are explored in relation to family, friends, the media, education, the arts and love. Issues concerning stress, depression, drug and alcohol abuse and eating disorders are tackled, clarifying the options.

Parents find this book to help as a special spiritual and practical guide to the teenage years, that has really made a difference to their families. Since first publication in 1988, Between Form and Freedom has been reprinted many times, and will be available in a second edition in Spring 2009.

''In this excellent book, Betty Staley has given us a compassionate, intelligent and intuitive look into the minds of adolescents ... I can only hope it will be read by a significant number of significant people-namely, parents, teachers, and, indeed, adolescents themselves.''
- Joseph Chilton Pearce
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<B>Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color </B><I> </I>, BERNARD, CHANTEL AND MAGER, JANNY
2 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color
0945803966 / 9780945803966 2008 
The goal of this publication is to show how Light-Darkness-Color therapy, for which Liane Collot d'Herbois gave the creative impulse, provides the basis for precise, complete and reliable diagnosis of a patient's condition with regard to different symptoms and their interrelationships. From there it is possible, in collaboration with a doctor, to offer a therapeutic plan adapted to this individual's particular needs.
Part 1 of this book is dedicated to the study of a key lecture by Rudolf Steiner, which allows us first to lay some basis essential to understanding the human constitution in relation to its different spiritual, soul, etheric, and physical constituents and the different currents that stream through them. We will also find there a conception of pathology from two essential notions-formation of foreign bodies and tendency to an illness similar to congenital consumption-and some general elements of how to conduct a therapy.
Part 2 shows how these elements correspond directly to the conceptions of the human being in health or illness according to the Light-Darkness-Color approach.
Part 3 demonstrates, through analysis of free pictures by the patients in charcoal and in color, how we can begin to establish a diagnosis in relation to the two pathological tendencies described. Then we assemble the elements of diagnosis and therapy for the different types of depression related to the cardinal organs: liver, kidney, lung, and heart.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color is for art therapists, medical professionals, artists, and anyone interested in the relationship of light, darkness, and color to the human organism.
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<B>Healing Plants </B><I> Herbal Remedies from Traditional to Anthroposophical Medicine</I>, SOMMER, MARKUS
3 Healing Plants Herbal Remedies from Traditional to Anthroposophical Medicine
178250057X / 9781782500575 
Rosemary, mint and onions are commonly found in kitchens, but physician Markus Sommer argues that cooking only makes use of one aspect of plants like these. In this illustrated, readable book he vividly describes their full characteristics, helping the reader to understand their true nature.He discusses the properties of over thirty plants. For example, did you know that St John's Wort is not only good for depression, but also heals wounds? Plantain is good for coughs, but is also effective in treating strokes and multiple sclerosis. Dr Sommer demonstrates the deep connection between the character of the plant and the nature of the conditions they can cure or alleviate. More than just a simple guide to herbal remedies, this book lifts the lid on the powerful secrets of the plant world.
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4 Lessons for Middle School Issues for 13 & 14 year olds Grades 8 - 9
1934733113 / 9781934733110 Perfect bound 
Fifteen 2-hour lesson plans. Completely Re-edited Third Edition 2012.
Lessons for Middle School Issues grew out of the Human Fertility teacher's guide developed for the seventh grade. It strives to provide some of the life skills and knowledge needed by eighth graders looking toward high school. It is clear to me that many students in middle school have a lot of misconceptions about the facts of sex, harassment, peer pressure and a host of topics tackled in this curriculum. I work in the classroom with these themes and believe our youth need knowledge and life skills that build self-awareness, self esteem and social skills. The book contains detailed instructions for preparation and delivery of fifteen lessons. The individual lessons are attended by resources, interview questionnaires and role playing scenarios. Carefully crafted, all the material in this book could be presented as faculty and parent education.

The first four lessons bring the students to some facts and experiences that encompass the threshold of truly becoming an individual. We look at the elements of an individual and that individual’s relationship to the other. The lessons show that success and self esteem is more likely if one works consciously. We sequentially dive deeper into the building of moral character and decision- making through real life scenarios played out by the students in modern day culture. We acknowledge the earthly life, the inner life and the spiritual life. The curriculum brings them to an understanding that maturity develops through experience and education and that adults have wisdom and experience valuable to them. During this first week a series of interviews take place between the students and adults to bring this evidence to the student.

The next six days are quite intimate. We explore self image, peer pressure, levels of human relationship, intimacy, and personal boundaries. Together, we define love, romanticism, sensuality, sexuality, sex, choices, boundaries, and commitment.

.The third week we develop an understanding of want constitutes sexual harassment, addiction, eating disorders, & depression. The students share research of different legal and illegal drugs & alcohol including chemical makeup and the physical, social & emotional effects of their use. Finally, students discuss their points of view concerning the etiquette of telephone, cell phone and computer.
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<B>Light Beyond the Darkness </B><I> The Healing of a Suicide Across the Threshold of Death</I>, DEVERELL, DORé
5 Light Beyond the Darkness The Healing of a Suicide Across the Threshold of Death
1902636198 / 9781902636191 
Doré Deverell's son Richard had a difficult life of physical and mental illness and depression. When he committed suicide at the age of thirty-six, Doré suffered the intense anguish of a mother's loss. But she was determined to find healing and reconciliation.

This is her account of how she contacted Richard after his death. Through the work of Rudolf Steiner, she discovered ways to communicate with her son's spirit. She learned that those who commit suicide tend to experience great suffering and regret as a result of premature death. Doré was taught how to alleviate Richard's pain, and finally to transform it. These steps are described in an accessible way to help those who find themselves in a similar tragic situation. A gripping account of love, despair, death and resurrection. This a heartwarming confirmation of a spiritual reality-that, through the spirit, light overcomes dark.
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<B>Quiet Heart </B><I> Putting Stress in Its Place</I>, GRUNEWALD, PETER,  HALE, TERESA
6 Quiet Heart Putting Stress in Its Place
0863156096 / 9780863156090 2007 Paperback 
This book describes a highly effective approach to stress management and personal development, and has been updated since the first printing. Using heart-based exercises that help manage and transform extreme emotions, it is possible to deal with many forms of stress, anxiety and depression, without resorting to drugs or psychotherapy. The benefits of these unique, easily practised exercises can be felt within days. This updated printing contains new relaxation and self-motivation exercises, and a wider variety of case studies demonstrating real results. There is also a useful Question and Answer section which addresses common queries which have arisen since the publication of the first edition. This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to take their physical and emotional health into their own hands.
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Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>Slow Counseling </B><I> Emphasize the Healing Power of Relationships</I>, TRESEMER, DAVID, ED.
7 Slow Counseling Emphasize the Healing Power of Relationships
1584209755 / 9781584209751 2017 Paperback 
Our modern world is speeding up. It has become fast in so many ways. Yet the important things take time. The Slow Food Movement was begun by an Italian who insisted that a good meal was meant to be enjoyed—in the preparation and in the eating and in the cleaning up. In the world of counseling, fast therapies and one-pill fix-its skip past the soul work. Heart and soul prefer slow. “Fast” skips the enjoyment—and the healing.

This book gathers counselors of many kinds—licensed psychologists, other professionals, as well as lawyers, wedding planners, physiotherapists, school administrators...and good friends—to comment on what are the most enjoyable and effectively healing ways of relating between human beings.


Slow Counseling: An Introduction by David Tresemer
Anthropos Sophia Psyche Logos by David Tresemer
Counseling—in India by Parimal Pandit
Anthroposophic Psychotherapy by Inés María Iturralde
It Takes Time by Heidi Rose Robbins
Beatrice Birch on Slow Counseling by Beatrice Birch
The Role of the Counselor in the School Setting by Cynthia Taylor
The Gift by Susan Lanier
One Day at a Time: John’s Long Journey by Claudia McLaren Lainson
Meeting the Young Person Authentically by Gabriel Cannon
Relationship as a Pathway to Growth by Lila Sophia Tresemer
A Drinking Problem by David Tresemer
Slowly Following the Leads by Jennifer Stickley
The Soul’s Longings Are like Seeds by Rudolf Steiner
The Art of Living: Slow Counseling and Art Converge by Micheal Hooker
A Physiotherapist Goes Slow by Dave Heap
Depression: Seen through an Anthroposophic Lens by Margit Ilgen
Finger Pointing at the Moon by David Tresemer
About the Authors
Selected Resources for Further Study
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<B>Sphagni Hyperici 50mls </B><I> </I>, SOUTHERN SWAN
8 Sphagni Hyperici 50mls

Sphagni Hyperici has a beautiful rich colour, filled with the light of the sun.
It brings warmth and movement where there is an abundance of nerve activity.
The effects of Hypericum (St John's Wort) with anxiety and depression have been well demonstrated, and it can be used for more physical ailments as well.
Sphagni Hyperici is indicated anywhere there is nerve pain and can be rubbed into the lower back, across the buttocks and down the leg when sciatica causes discomfort.
Ingredients: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Aqua Sphagni, Lanolin, Wool Alcohol, Ethanol, Sea Weed Extract, Lavender Oil, Hypericum Flowers
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9 Treating Depression Naturally: How Flower Essences Can Help Rebalance Your Life
1782504273 / 9781782504276 
Feelings of depression are as unique as you are. Whether you find yourself overcome by the strain of day-to-day life, experience extreme anxiety or are dealing with a loss or other traumatic life change, flower essences can effectively help you to manage and overcome depressive thoughts.

Readily found in pharmacies, health-food shops and online, as part of a considered treatment programme, flower essences help to restore balance between mind, body and spirit by tackling the emotional and mental blockages that often lie at the root of illness.

First popularised as a holistic treatment by Dr Edward Bach, creator of the popular Rescue Remedy, flower remedies are used by millions of people daily. Chris Phillips, a flower essence therapist with over thirty years experience, incorporates Bach's and other flower essence systems in this helpful handbook, allowing you to tailor treatments to your unique needs and circumstances.

Packed with insight, inspiration and real-life stories, Treating Depression Naturally offers a new way of thinking about and managing your anxiety and depression.

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<B>Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs </B><I> Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviors in Children</I>
10 Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviors in Children

158420950X / 9781584209508 
"We have to work to feel at home in our physical body. This is not a sure thing. In fact, it is always a challenging task to fully penetrate the physical body. That penetration is the main developmental mandate of the first seven years of life." (from the book)

How do we best help a child who is struggling?
By learning to look carefully.

Enlivening our observation skills allows us to see consistent behavioral patterns and dynamics that show up in children’s movement, learning, sensing, and memory. Within those activities we can learn to see archetypal pathways of development. Watching the way a child moves, listens, eats, or sleeps others use insights into a child’s experience of the world. Those gestures help tell the child’s story. We learn to think in living processes, not checklists.

Constitutional, or fundamental, polarities—as introduced by Rudolf Steiner—allow for individualized, therapeutic approaches to challenges such as aggressive behaviors, attention problems, anxiety, autistic behaviors, and depression.

Teachers, counselors, and medical doctors will find tools here that can enriching their work with children. These constitutional pictures are accompanied by diverse therapeutic indications that will encourage children to unfold new growth and maturation, from the inside out.

Adam Blanning, MD, attended the University of Colorado, both as an undergraduate studying English literature and for his medical degree. In 2003 he founded the Denver Center for Anthroposophic Therapies. Dr. Blanning also works as an educational and developmental consultant for area Waldorf schools (Denver, Boulder, and Carbondale) and has lectured on anthroposophic medicine and child development throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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<B>Working with Anxious, Nervous and Depressed Children </B><I> A Spiritual Perspective to Guide Parents</I>, HENNING KOHLER
11 Working with Anxious, Nervous and Depressed Children A Spiritual Perspective to Guide Parents
1888365285 / 9781888365283 2001 
Increasingly, children in our society with issues such as anxiety and depression are treated with drugs and labels. This book proposes that an alternative, more radical approach is needed, which involves spiritual dimensions, such as calling on the child's angel. The book includes explorations of children's life senses, with particular focus on the sense of touch and the senses of motion and balance. Henning Kohler is an experienced therapist, and his love and enthusiasm for the children he works with shines through these pages, bringing life and immediacy to a challenging subject. Parents and teachers alike with appreciate his refreshing and readable approach.
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