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<B>Appearance of Christ in the Etheric </B><I> Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of the Second Coming</I>, PROKOFIEFF SERGEI O.
1 Appearance of Christ in the Etheric Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of the Second Coming
1906999325 / 9781906999322 
Dedicated to the one hundredth anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s first proclamation of Christ’s appearance in the etheric realm of the Earth, this book refers to various aspects of that Event that have so far not been adequately addressed. Sergei O. Prokofieff points to three themes of primary importance, all of which are connected directly with the tasks of the Society which Rudolf Steiner founded:
• The preparation of mankind for the Second Coming;
• Working together with Christ as the Lord of Karma;
• Recognising in anthroposophy the spiritual language in which questions can be posed to the etheric Christ today.

Prokofieff describes these and other critical undertakings, such as forging a strong relationship to Michael and the importance of recognising the adversarial forces that attempt to falsify Christ’s Second Coming. The Appearance of Christ in the Etheric is of relevance to every individual who wishes to take an active part in fulfilling the needs of our time.

SERGEI O. PROKOFIEFF, born in Moscow in 1954, studied painting and art history at the Moscow School of Art. He encountered anthroposophy in his youth, and soon made the decision to devote his life to it. He has been active as an author and lecturer since 1982, and in 1991 he co-founded the Anthroposophical Society in Russia. In Easter 2001 he became a member of the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach. He is the author of many books, of which this is the 25th to be published in English translation.
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<B>Battle for the Etheric Realm </B><I> Moral Technique and Etheric Technology - Apocalyptic Symptoms</I>, THOMAS, NICK,  COLLIS, JOHANNA
2 Battle for the Etheric Realm Moral Technique and Etheric Technology - Apocalyptic Symptoms
1906999465 / 9781906999469 2013 Paperback 
Using an accessible question-and-answer format, this short but focused book tackles themes relating to the etheric - or life - realm. What is etheric technology? What are the impacts of radioactivity and atomic energy? How should we read apocalyptic symptoms in science and society? In a fascinating series of discussions Nick Thomas examines a range of concepts, including: the right and wrong ways to develop an etheric technology; spiritual events in the etheric realm; how the physical world works into the etheric world and vice versa; Rudolf Steiner's 'Strader machine'; the nature of truth and lies; attacks by the adversaries on forces of vitality; and humanity's crossing of the threshold to the spiritual world. His explanations and ideas help to evoke a living picture of a great struggle between forces of good and evil, with the future of humanity and the Earth at stake.
NICK THOMAS trained as an electrical engineer in the Royal Air Force, serving as an officer for 16 years, and later worked in data communications for Nortel. He was General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain for 21 years, and researched the practical application of projective geometry with colleagues Lawrence Edwards and John Wilkes. His major research interest is the development and application of Steiner’s discovery of negative space, with the aim of building a bridge between conventional and spiritual science. He lectures widely on this and other subjects, and is the author of Science Between Space and Counterspace and Space and Counterspace.
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<B>Christ and the Disciples </B><I> The Destiny of an Inner Community</I>, SELG, PETER,  CREEGER, CATHERINE E
3 Christ and the Disciples The Destiny of an Inner Community
0880107456 / 9780880107457 2011 Paperback / softback 
"Occult events that took place between the Christ and the community of his disciples form a significant part not only of the four Gospels but also of the Christ Mystery or Golgotha Mystery itself. Today, many human souls are still moved by this apostolic community, by how the disciples accompanied Christ Jesus, by their place in history (as an esoteric circle charged with an exoteric task), by their failures, and by the great new dawn that showed them the way after Pentecost...For three years, they were close to Christ, shared his life, and received a great deal of instruction from him, often in their own intimate circle away from public view. They were there when Christ performed healings and even when he prayed...."Rudolf Steiner once said that we in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries must live with the 'etheric Christ' in the Earth's aura in the same way that 'the disciples once lived with Christ Jesus on the physical plane.' If this is so, it is essential for us to focus on the community of Christ's disciples. Rudolf Steiner himself made major contributions to illuminating the depths of the disciples' relationship and life with the Christ, both during the three years of his earthly life and after the Resurrection. An essential element of Steiner's life work was to apply 'anthroposophically oriented cognition' to events of the beginning of the Christian era in order to 'bring the Gospels' deeper content to the light of day.' He spoke in detail about the Christ's community of disciples in many lecture cycles, and, in his lectures on the Fifth Gospel, he shed light on this community from the perspective of the processes of human consciousness that were intimately involved in events at the beginning of the new era and inscribed in the chronicle of evolution...."In his lectures on the Fifth Gospel and elsewhere, Rudolf Steiner opened up many perspectives that help us understand what took place between Christ and his disciples. This book's purpose is to make those perspectives available and accessible. Although all of Steiner's statements have been published, they are widely scattered among his lectures and remain unknown to many individuals deeply committed to the community of Christ's disciples and to anthroposophical Christology. In view of the challenges to consciousness we face in modern times-including those that deal with Christianity and the Christ Event itself-it seems urgently important to present details of the positive and often illuminating results of Rudolf Steiner's research."As is true of other works by Peter Selg, Christ and the Disciples is one of those books that sharpens the reader's mind to cut through the myriad of representation (and misrepresentations) of Rudolf Steiner's teachings, clarifying many otherwise-knotty issues.
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<B>Christ Impulse, The </B><I> and the Development of Ego-consciousness CW116 <br>and the Development of Ego-Consciousness</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
4 Christ Impulse, The and the Development of Ego-consciousness CW116
and the Development of Ego-Consciousness

1855844060 / 9781855844063 1st Edition Paperback 
(7 lectures, Berlin, Oct.–May 1909, CW 116)
Christ will reappear but in a higher reality than the physical one – in a reality which we will only see if we have first acquired a sense and understanding of spiritual life. Inscribe in your hearts what anthroposophy should be: a preparation for the great epoch of humanity which lies ahead of us.’
Rudolf Steiner’s teachings of Christ – and in particular what he refers to as the ‘Christ impulse’ – are unique. Christ, he says, is an objective universal force, existing independently of Christian churches and confessions, and working for the whole of humanity. The impulse that Christ brought to earth acts for the advancement of all people, irrespective of religion, creed or race.
Speaking in Berlin whilst still a representative of the largely eastern-oriented Theosophical Society, Rudolf Steiner presents multifaceted perspectives on the Christ impulse, based on his independent spiritual research: from the vast cycles of time preceding Christ’s incarnation and the preparation for his coming, to the actual physical embodiment of Christ in Palestine, in Jesus of Nazareth, some two thousand years ago. Steiner also describes how Christ will influence the future development of the earth and humanity.
In his opening lecture, Rudolf Steiner discusses the nature of the Bodhisattvas and their role in relation to Christ and human evolution. The Bodhisattvas are the great teachers of humanity, incarnating in human form during their passage through the various cycles of cultural development, and are intimately involved in preparing the work of the Christ impulse. In other lectures Steiner addresses subjects as diverse as the Sermon on the Mount in relation to the development of the faculty of conscience, and the current duality of male and female (microcosm) and its correspondence in the cosmos (macrocosm). The latter phenomenon is related to initiation within the Germanic and Egyptian mysteries, which reach their higher unity in Christian initiation.
Among the myriad other themes that emerge here are: the introduction of the ‘I’ (or self) in human development and its essential connection to Christ; the preparation of the Christ impulse through the Jahveh religion and the law of Moses; the meaning of the Ten Commandments; and the new clairvoyance in relation to the appearance of Christ in the etheric.
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<B>Christianity in Human Evolution </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
5 Christianity in Human Evolution
0880100958 / 9780880100953 Paperback 
In this lecture, Steiner describes how the incarnation of the greatest avatar ever to live on earth, Christ, gave his etheric and astral bodies, and his I, to cosmic-human evolution. Knowing this allows us to understand the history of the universe and the history of Christianity in a new way.
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<B>Cognitive Yoga </B><I> Making Yourself a New Etheric Body and Individuality</I>, BEN-AHARON, YESHAYAHU (JOSIAH)
6 Cognitive Yoga Making Yourself a New Etheric Body and Individuality
1906999953 / 9781906999957 
Are you ready to begin the process of making yourself a new etheric body and individuality?
In the last century, Rudolf Steiner issued a challenge for practitioners of western spiritual science. Would it be possible to develop a new form of cognitive, or Michaelic, yoga? In contrast to the eastern yogis of old – who practiced the spiritualization of inhalation and exhalation – such contemporary yogic practice would involve a spiritualization of thinking as well as a transformation of perceptions and sensations.
In Cognitive Yoga, Dr Ben-Aharon responds to that call, developing the entire modern yogic process and describing it in remarkable detail. Through the methods presented, committed practitioners of anthroposophy can create a living framework for spiritual research through a fully spiritualized thinking accompanied by a complete renewal of the experiences of perception and sensation as well as of the human body itself.
Included in the contents of this extraordinary book is a comprehensive guide to the spiritualization of the senses and how this leads to a transmutation of the deepest and most unconscious bodily processes and functions. Cognitive Yoga culminates in a pioneering description of a completely individualized meeting with the etheric Christ in the etheric world – the most important spiritual and human experience that people can have in our time and over the millennia to come.
This seminal work, built on decades of first-hand research, provides tangible evidence that western spiritual schooling is not only alive and well, but also full of potential for future development. Ben-Aharon offers a fully formulated and practical guide to a knowledge of the present revelations of the spiritual world.
DR YESHAYAHU (JESAIAH) BEN-AHARON – spiritual scientist, philosopher and social activist – is founder of the anthroposophical community in Harduf, Israel, co-founder of the Global Network for Social Threefolding, director of Global Event College and contributor to the School of Spiritual Science. He is the author of The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century, The New Experience of the Supersensible, America’s Global Responsibility, The Event in Science, History, Philosophy & Art and Spiritual Science in the 21st Century.
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<B>Completing the Circle </B><I> </I>, POPLAWSKI, THOMAS
7 Completing the Circle
1888365722 / 9781888365726 2006 Paperback 
Parents and grandparents face new and increasing challenges in their roles as children's caregivers. This book explores how both school and home together can form a supporting, cooperative circle which holds children safe and warm in the world. Poplawski describes the developmental stages of children and explains the concepts behind many Steiner-Waldorf educational practices. This will be a useful and thought-provoking book for anyone working with or caring for children. Topics include: Taming the Media Monster The Power of Play Toys Are Not Us: Escaping from the Maw of Consumerism Children and Sports - Finding a Balance Etheric? Astral? Ego? An Esoteric View of the Human Being and Its Value in the Education of the Child Paradise Lost: The Nine-Year Change The Four Temperaments Watching Your Temper(ament)
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<B>Creative Power of Anthroposophical Christology </B><I> </I>, SELG, PETER,  PROKOFIEFF, SERGEI O
8 Creative Power of Anthroposophical Christology
0880107332 / 9780880107334 2011 Paperback / softback 
From 2009 to 2010, Sergei Prokofiev and Peter Selg — two leading authorities and spiritual researchers into the life and work of Rudolf Steiner — gave a series of conferences on the Christological foundations of Anthroposophy. Their aim was to show the power of anthroposophic Christology. Consequently, they focused on key turning points in Rudolf Steiner’s exposition: his major work, An Outline of Esoteric Science; the first Goetheanum; the Reappearance of Christ in the etheric realm and the relationship of this event to Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the Fifth Gospel; and the Christmas Conference (1923–24) and the founding of the New Mysteries. The lectures from the conferences (published as four booklets in German) are collected here in a single volume.

The Creative Power of Anthroposophical Christology is essential reading for all those who are interested in the true meaning and depth of Rudolf Steiner’s experience and understanding of Christ’s deed on Golgotha and his continuing presence among us and within Anthroposophy
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<B>Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality </B><I> </I>, POWELL, ROBERT
9 Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality
1584201177 / 9781584201175 2012 Paperback / softback 
Celebrating a century of eurythmy, a modern art of etheric movement
In the beginning was the Word . . .and the Word was with God . . .and nothing that was made was made without the Word.

The human being is an expression of the ever-unfolding wisdom of the creative Logos, the Word. The whole of creation bears the imprint of the cosmic sounding. This book describes a way, through movement and gesture, to work with the creative, sounding principle that manifests in the Earth's enveloping life sphere. Today, the increasingly binding and hardening conditions of modern life now threatens the divine seed of life here on Earth, which has been fructified and developed over the millennia. Creation - coming to expression through the flowering of the cosmic breath - is losing its natural connection with humanity and with Mother Earth, which are increasingly given over to anti-life forces, comprising destruction, inversions, and lifeless replicas of creation's gifts.

The sacred movements described in this book arise from the modern art of movement known as eurythmy (Greek: "good movement"), which came into the world in 1912. These sacred gestures, when practiced with the words gifted to humanity by the incarnated Logos two thousand years ago, lead us back to our connection with the fullness of creation and toward the goal of developing the body of immortality, the resurrection body. In 2012, we celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of eurythmy. This book invites us to partake of the richness of the sacred through life-enhancing movement and gesture as a path to reconnect with the cosmic formative forces that sound the call of resurrection.

The wealth of material included in this book educates the soul toward awaking to a conscious understanding of humanity's divine heritage and true calling. The exercises in this work provide a training that ennobles and refines the qualities of the human soul. By awaking, the soul gradually learns to respond to the call of the World Soul that invites us to partake of divine wisdom and to participate, through right action, in creation's unfolding toward the ultimate goal: resurrection.
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<B>Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color </B><I> </I>, BERNARD, CHANTEL AND MAGER, JANNY
10 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color
0945803966 / 9780945803966 2008 
The goal of this publication is to show how Light-Darkness-Color therapy, for which Liane Collot d'Herbois gave the creative impulse, provides the basis for precise, complete and reliable diagnosis of a patient's condition with regard to different symptoms and their interrelationships. From there it is possible, in collaboration with a doctor, to offer a therapeutic plan adapted to this individual's particular needs.
Part 1 of this book is dedicated to the study of a key lecture by Rudolf Steiner, which allows us first to lay some basis essential to understanding the human constitution in relation to its different spiritual, soul, etheric, and physical constituents and the different currents that stream through them. We will also find there a conception of pathology from two essential notions-formation of foreign bodies and tendency to an illness similar to congenital consumption-and some general elements of how to conduct a therapy.
Part 2 shows how these elements correspond directly to the conceptions of the human being in health or illness according to the Light-Darkness-Color approach.
Part 3 demonstrates, through analysis of free pictures by the patients in charcoal and in color, how we can begin to establish a diagnosis in relation to the two pathological tendencies described. Then we assemble the elements of diagnosis and therapy for the different types of depression related to the cardinal organs: liver, kidney, lung, and heart.
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Elements in Light-Darkness-Color is for art therapists, medical professionals, artists, and anyone interested in the relationship of light, darkness, and color to the human organism.
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<B>Disease, Karma and Healing </B><I> Spiritual-Scientific Enquiries into the Nature of the Human Being</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
11 Disease, Karma and Healing Spiritual-Scientific Enquiries into the Nature of the Human Being
1855843838 / 9781855843837 2013 
Today, illness is almost universally regarded as either a nuisance or a grave misfortune. In contrast to this conventional thinking, Rudolf Steiner places the suffering caused by disease in a broad vista that includes an understanding of karma and personal metamorphosis. Illness comes to expression in the physical body, but mostly does not originate in it, says Steiner, and thus a key part of the physician’s work involves gaining insight into the whole nature of an individual – his essential core being. From this perspective, illness offers us the opportunity for deeper healing.

Throughout this volume Rudolf Steiner draws our attention to the greater scope of the smallest phenomena – even a seemingly insignificant headache. He casts vivid light on things we normally take for granted, such as the human capacity to laugh or cry, and in the process broadens our vision of human existence. The apparently mundane human experiences of forgetting and remembering are intrinsic to our humanity, for example, and have unsuspected moral and spiritual dimensions. Steiner’s insights are never merely ‘lofty’ or nebulously ‘spiritual’ but time and again connect with the minutest realities of everyday life.

In these 18 lectures, delivered on a weekly basis as part of an ongoing course covering ‘the whole field of spiritual science’, Steiner elaborates in detail on the diverse interplay of the human being’s constituting aspects (physical body, etheric body, astral body and ego or ‘I’) in relation to rhythmic processes, developing consciousness, the history of human evolution, and our connection with the cosmos. Within this broad canvas, some of his themes acquire a very distinctive focus – such as vivid accounts of the ‘intimate history’ of Christianity, ‘creating out of nothing’, the interior of the earth, and health and illness. Other topics include: the nature of pain, suffering, pleasure and bliss; the four human group souls of lion, bull, eagle and man; the significance of the Ten Commandments; the nature of original sin; the deed of Christ and the adversary powers of Lucifer, Ahriman and the Asuras; evolution and involution; the Atlantean period – and even Friedrich Nietzsche’s madness!

The first 9 lectures in this book wre originally published under the title "Evolution and the Being of Man"
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<B>Educating Children Today </B><I> Single lecture from GA34</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF, TRANS. MATTHEW BARTON
12 Educating Children Today Single lecture from GA34
1855842068 / 9781855842069 
"Vague and general phrases... cannot provide the basis for a genuine art of education, which depends on real knowledge of the human being. It is not that such phrases are wrong, but that they are as useless as saying that all parts of a machine must be made to work together harmoniously. To make a machine work you have to apply real, detailed knowledge, not phrases and truisms. For the art of education likewise, what is important is specific insight into the way the human being is constituted, and how each aspect develops."
In his earliest and most succinct statement regarding education, Rudolf Steiner describes the stages of childhood development and explains why it is important to introduce aspects of the curriculum at specific times. He relates developmental steps in children to the "births" of the non-physical aspects of the human being: the etheric body that accompanies the change of teeth, the astral body that becomes apparent at puberty, and the birth of the "I" that heralds the individual's maturation to adulthood. Without this knowledge, says Steiner, well-meaning but misguided educational theory and practice can cause harm.
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<B>Eurythmy Therapy </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  STOTT, ALAN
13 Eurythmy Therapy
1855842246 / 9781855842243 2009 Paperback 
Steiner's comprehensive lecture course, republished here in a thoroughly revised translation, describes the principles of therapeutic eurythmy and provides many specific exercises. Intended primarily for practicing eurythmists, these lectures also contain much material of special interest. Steiner reveals the intricacies of rhythmic interplay between human physiology and the life-forces in the world around us. He describes the qualities of language and the dynamism contained in the individual vowels and consonants, elucidating their relationship with eurythmy movements and human experience. Through such movements, individuals are able to access the healing etheric forces.
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<B>Figure of Christ </B><I> Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention Behind the Goetheanum's Central Work of Art.  Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention Behind the Goetheanum's Central Work of Art</I>, SELG, PETER,  BARTON, MATTHEW
14 Figure of Christ Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention Behind the Goetheanum's Central Work of Art. Rudolf Steiner and the Spiritual Intention Behind the Goetheanum's Central Work of Art
1906999015 / 9781906999018 2009 Paperback 
'Yes, that is the Christ. This is how my spiritual eye perceived him in Palestine.' - Rudolf Steiner, speaking of his sculpted figure of Christ
Rudolf Steiner referred to the wooden 'group' sculpture of the figure of Christ surrounded by adversary spiritual beings as the centre of the first Goetheanum. Steiner even told the architect of the second Goetheanum that the sculpture he made with Edith Maryon should occupy the same central position 'as in the first building'.
What was Rudolf Steiner's essential aim for the sculptural group within the Mystery building he conceived, and why did he regard it as the crown of the building? What were Steiner's intentions - and, specifically, what were the spiritual aims behind this remarkable depiction of Christ?
Rudolf Steiner described the core task of anthroposophical spiritual science as preparing for Christ's reappearance in the etheric realm. The Christ he sculpted was not the possession of a specific community with a religious world view, but rather a being active throughout humanity, and thus 'a figure of the future'.
In this focused and powerful short book, Peter Selg engages with these highly-contemporary issues, providing thoughtful insights and answers that point to mysteries of the future involving humanity's further development and the transforming of evil.
PETER SELG was born in Stuttgart in 1963. He studied medicine in Witten-Herdecke, specializing in paediatric and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy. He is the Director of the Ita Wegman Institute for Anthroposophical Research in Arlesheim, Switzerland, and Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of Art and Society in Alfter, near Bonn. He is the author of numerous books on the humanities, anthropology, medicine, education and biographical history. Peter Selg is also involved in extensive teaching and training activities and the management of public archives, holding the post of Research Associate at the College of Humanities in Dornach.
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<B>Handbook for Rhythmical Einreibungen </B><I> According to Wegman/Hauschka.</I>, LAYER, MONICA
15 Handbook for Rhythmical Einreibungen According to Wegman/Hauschka.
1902636767 / 9781902636764 2006 Paperback 
8 pages of colour plates
Rhythmical Einreibungen are gentle, rhythmical forms of therapeutic massage used by nurses, carers and therapists working out of anthroposophy. (The word 'Einreibung' refers to the application of an oil or ointment to the body.) The methods - developed by Dr Ita Wegman and Dr Margarethe Hauschka at the beginning of the twentieth century - were first used exclusively in medicine and nursing, but have since been applied more widely in care and nursing homes, hospitals and clinics, as well as in curative education and social therapy. This clear and comprehensive manual - the first such to be published in English - is intended for anyone who: wishes to use Rhythmical Einreibungen in their professional work and to review, extend or deepen their knowledge; has attended introductory courses and would like to read up on specific subject areas or find suggestions for going deeper; teaches Rhythmical Einreibungen and is looking for suggestions or further ideas; and would like to learn about this effective healing discipline.
It is divided into 4 chapters: describes aspects of the anthroposophical image of the human being that are relevant within the context - concepts which are important for the application and effectiveness of Rhythmical Einreibungen are introduced and explained; distinguishes between Rhythmical Massage and Rhythmical Einreibungen - details are given of how the rhythmical quality is created for the Einreibungen; gives a description of the techniques of the 'part' and 'organ Einreibungen' which are most important in nursing; and offers specific exercises which can be used to develop the special skills required for the procedure.
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<B>Healing Madonnas </B><I> Exploring the Sequence of Madonna Images Created by Rudolf Steiner and Felix Peipers for Use in Therapy and Meditation</I>, BAMFORD, CHRISTOPHER
16 Healing Madonnas Exploring the Sequence of Madonna Images Created by Rudolf Steiner and Felix Peipers for Use in Therapy and Meditation
1584209895 / 9781584209898 
This book explores a little-known example of Rudolf Steiner’s efforts to bring into being, in a practical and future-oriented way, a contemporary embodiment of the wisdom that once lived in the ancient Mysteries—in this instance a sequence of fifteen images of the Madonna, intended originally for contemplation under supervision in a clinical setting as a new form of therapy for those suffering from wounds of the soul.

The idea first arose in 1908 in a conversation with Dr. Felix Peipers after a lecture in which Steiner, addressing the subterranean spiritual links connecting ancient Egypt and our own time, described certain healing functions that were part of the Mysteries of the Goddess Isis. Steiner drew a parallel between Isis and the Christian Madonna, Mary, as, in some sense, the evolutionary metamorphosis of Isis, focusing on Raphael’s visionary image of her in his Sistine Madonna.

The sequence itself was not fully formulated until 1911. Consisting of a series of fifteen images, predominantly by Raphael, and one sculpture, the first half begins and ends with the Sistine Madonna, which "frames" and contextualizes it. The second half is similarly framed, but this time by two details from The Transfiguration.

Patients in Dr. Peipers’ clinic would establish a calm, reverential meditative soul mood before being led into a deep contemplation of the images in sequence. In addition to its therapeutic use, the entire sequence of images is well suited for individual meditation and contemplation.

Topics covered include: the mystery of seeing; Beauty, Truth and Goodness; whether the images are sacred-religious or secular-spiritual; the centrality of devotion; Sophia, the divine feminine Wisdom; the once-and-future Holy Mother; Isis and Madonna; the origins of the Madonna sequence; the pentagram, the etheric body, and the organization of the sequence; working with the images; and Rudolf Steiner’s healing mission. Also included are sections on the Sistine Madonna and The Transfiguration.
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<B>Heart of the Matter, The </B><I> Discovering the Laws of Living Organisms</I>, WHICHER, OLIVE
17 Heart of the Matter, The Discovering the Laws of Living Organisms
190699983X / 9781906999834 2015 
In this concise and richly-illustrated work, Olive Whicher introduces a radical new science of living organisms, forms and processes, based on the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner and his pupil George Adams.

If we are to understand fully the laws of living nature, she argues, it is necessary to overcome the one-sided ideas of modern science – ideas that are only adequate to describe material forms and forces. We need to widen our thinking to include the ‘etheric formative forces’ – forces that are alive in ethereal space or ‘counterspace’. Such forces work in plants, for example, by drawing matter upwards in a suctional manner, in contrast to the forces of gravity, which draw downwards, and the forces of an explosion, which work upward and outward.

This easily-digestible introduction will be valuable to anybody seeking to comprehend the living world around us.

OLIVE MARY WHICHER (1910-2006) was born in Winchester, England, and became fluent in French and German. She joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1935 in London, where she met George Adams. She worked as his research assistant in the fields of science, mathematics and physics, and has authored several books, including Projective Geometry, The Plant Between Sun and Earth and Sunspace. Olive Whicher taught for many years at Emerson College, Sussex, and lectured widely throughout Europe and the United States.
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<B>How to Cure Nervousness CD </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  BRIDGMONT, PETER
18 How to Cure Nervousness CD
1855842211 / 9781855842212 2009 CD-Audio 
"It is not always right to send someone to the chemist for some medicine when he's ill. Instead we should organize our lives in a way that renders us less susceptible to illness, or alleviates its impact. Disorders will impinge on us less severely if we strengthen the ego's influence on the astral body, the astral body's influence on the etheric and the etheric on the physical."

Nervousness, anxiety and agitation are all common symptoms of our increasingly stressed and pressured society. They manifest in the everyday form that many people experience, or sometimes as serious mental or psychological disorders. In this classic lecture, Rudolf Steiner offers practical advice and spiritual insight for those who wish to heal these proliferating ailments of modern life. He describes simple exercises that strengthen the inner self, with the goal of achieving the calm and centredness necessary to lead a purposeful and healthy life.
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<B>Human Heart, The </B><I> A lecture by Rudolf Steiner <br>Dornach, May 26, 1922 (GA 212)</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
19 Human Heart, The A lecture by Rudolf Steiner
Dornach, May 26, 1922 (GA 212)

0936132736 / 9780936132730 
According to Rudolf Steiner, the human heart is the unique organ in forming karma. It is through the heart’s relationships to the physical, etheric, astral bodies, and “I” that future karma is created.
This lecture traces the evolution of the human heart organ from embryo through the different stages of human life. This is essential reading for those striving toward new therapies and education for the future of humankind.
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<B>Illness and Therapy </B><I> Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of Healing <br>ILLNESS AND THERAPY <br>spacer <br>spacer <br>Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of Healingtua</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
20 Illness and Therapy Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of Healing
Spiritual-Scientific Aspects of Healingtua

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Nine lectures given to physicians and medical students in Dornach between 11 and 18 April 1921, including Rudolf Steiner's notes for the lectures
‘An external view of states of health and sickness must be augmented by what we can also know about the inner, spiritual reality within the human being.’ – Rudolf Steiner

In a series of nine lectures to doctors, pharmacists and students, Rudolf Steiner presents a wealth of medical ideas with numerous therapeutic and diagnostic insights. As with his first series of lectures on medicine held a year previously (Introducing Anthroposophical Medicine), the range, depth and scope of Steiner’s subject-matter is breathtaking.

Speaking at the international centre of anthroposophy, the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, Rudolf Steiner begins by describing the interplay of physical and metaphysical aspects of the human being, presenting a paradigm in which the four bodies – physical, etheric, astral and ego or ‘I’ – interrelate in contrasting ways with the threefold human organism of head, thorax and metabolism, and with our capacities for thinking, feeling and will. These challenging but enlightening concepts unlock a wonderful diagnostic tool for the appraisal and understanding of patients. Steiner considers the medicinal actions of various substances – including silica, phosphorus, sulphur, arsenic, antimony and mercury.

Among numerous other subjects, Rudolf Steiner discusses the methodology of medical examination; the treatment of developmental irregularities; the four types of ether; raw food diets; the I and assimilation of food; metal therapy and the actions of lead, magnesium, tin, iron, copper, gold, mercury and silver; the use of root and herbaceous parts and flowers in medicine; the rhythmic balancing process between the action of salutogenic and pathological forces; and the nature of death.
This volume also features Rudolf Steiner’s answers to questions, an introductory lecture to eurythmy therapy, a comprehensive introduction, notes and index, colour plates of Steiner’s blackboard drawings, and facsimiles and translations of his notes for the lectures.
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