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<B>Active Arithmetic </B><I> Movement and Mathematics Teaching in the Lower Grades of a Waldorf School</I>, ANDERSEN, HENNING
1 Active Arithmetic Movement and Mathematics Teaching in the Lower Grades of a Waldorf School
1936367505 / 9781936367504 
5.5 x 7.5 inches, illustrated.
Is it possible to teach arithmetic in the first years of schooling in such a way that the majority of pupils do not experience the lesson as a strain? Are there ways of practicing arithmetic that do not adversely affect the child’s zest for life?

Active Arithmetic! Describes the very special way in which arithmetic is taught in a Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf school. Rather than attempting to give a complete account of this teaching method, the book concentrates upon the many different aspects of movement and drawing exercises. These exercises satisfy both the children’s great need for physical activity and their innate curiosity about the world of numbers.

The book is directed not only to teachers of arithmetic in the younger classes, but also to people who work with the same age group outside of school using games and movement. Parents with children requiring special support at home and teachers working with children with special needs will find in the book a wealthy source of helpful ideas.

Written by an experienced Waldorf teacher in Denmark, Active Arithmetic tells how to make math come alive through movement, games, and rhythm in the early grades. Making math a meaningful and memorable event in a young child's life is all important. Active Arithmetic will help you to do it! All recent brain development illustrates that movement is the key to a rich and fully developed skill set in children. Music and rhythm have been shown to light up the whole brain and to help children understand and apply complex math concepts. The many ideas, imaginative games and activities described by this experienced Waldorf teacher hold the key to "Aha!" moments for comprehending important math ideas.
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<B>Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech </B><I> </I>, DENJEAN-VON STRYK, BARBARA,  VON BONIN, DIETRICH,  KRAMPE, MARIANNE
2 Anthroposophical Therapeutic Speech
0863154182 / 9780863154188 2003 Paperback 
15 diagrams and illustrations
Written for speech therapists and doctors, this book gives a precise, practical summary of anthroposophical therapeutic speech. Speech formation, or creative speech, is based on the ancient art of recitation and drama, and was revived and fundamentally redeveloped by Rudolf and Marie Steiner in the early 1920s. The therapeutic work is based on speech exercises and indications on how to use them, which were given by Rudolf Steiner.
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<B>Anthroposophy in Everyday Life </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  ASTEN, DIETRICH V.,  ETC.
3 Anthroposophy in Everyday Life
0880104279 / 9780880104272 1995 Paperback 
Four of Rudolf Steiner's best-loved lectures are collected in this book. They are some of the most accessible presentations of the anthroposophic approach to life available in English. Included are:
Practical Training in Thought
Overcoming Nervousness
Facing Karma
The Four Temperaments
The first lecture concerns the fundamental human activity of thinking. Everything we do, we do through thinking. The first task, then, is to realize the reality of thinking. To help us do this, Steiner gives exercises that will allow us to experience the cognitive, even clairvoyant, power of thinking.
In "Overcoming Nervousness," Steiner shows us how exercises in thinking also give us the calm centered sense needed to lead purposeful, healthy lives.
"Facing Karma" takes us to the heart of life, where we experience suffering and happiness. The law of karma that determines life's experiences and encounters also helps us develop the self-knowledge required for self-transformation.
Finally, "The Four Temperaments" show us how the union of hereditary factors and our own inner spiritual nature shape our psychology. The guide here is the ancient classifications of sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic. Renewed understanding of these allows us to develop a truly modern spiritual psychology, which is the basis of all real inner development.
With its many practical exercises, mantras, and meditations, this book is a fundamental introduction for anyone beginning or needing encouragement along the path of inner development.
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<B>Art of Speech, The </B><I> A Practical and Spiritual Guide</I>, LANGMAN, DAWN
4 Art of Speech, The A Practical and Spiritual Guide
1906999651 / 9781906999650 
‘The Art of Speech offers to the English language a systematic, in-depth and thoroughly readable exploration of Rudolf Steiner’s original exercises. Langman’s contribution, developed over decades of research, performance and teaching, is filled with relevance for today’s speech artists. The powerful spiritual inspirations that stand behind the spoken word are infused throughout, giving this book its wings.’ – Dr Diane Caracciolo, Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, Adelphi University
‘Langman’s seminal work leads the artist through a portal to an experience of the heart and the genius of speech as “the activity of divine creative beings”.’ – Dr Jane Gilmer, Assistant Professor of Drama, VPA, National Institute of Education, Singapore
‘A prodigious work, intriguing, enlightening and passionate – and the co-ordination with Chekhov invaluable… Those fortunate enough to see Dawn’s solo performances of King Lear and Kaspar Hauser know that this book is the fruit of living and loving experience.’ – Sophia Walsh, pioneer teacher and artist of Speech Formation in the English language, Dornach, Switzerland
The Art of Speech presents a dynamic path of practice leading to an experience of the Word as a living, healing and creative power. Helping to deliver Western intellectual speech from what Artaud described as ‘shrivelled throats’ and ‘monstrous talking abstractions’, Langman brings to life the spiritual realities out of which a true Art of Speech arises. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner and pioneered initially in the German language by Marie Steiner, this artform is illuminated here through the genius of the English language.
Langman builds a bridge between mainstream research into the intrinsic nature of Speech, and the levels of spiritual cognition that led to Rudolf Steiner’s insights. Speech and language can no longer be reduced to an arbitrary collection of abstract symbols, she asserts. This book will inspire those working with these disciplines as practitioners (both artistic and therapeutic) as well as those who wish to understand their significance in human evolution, both past and future.
Following her first book The Art of Acting, this volume completes a foundation of understanding for an exploration – in the conclusion of Langman’s trilogy – of an integrated art of speech and acting. Grounded in the spiritual reality of the human being, Langman presents a systematic methodology with which to explore Rudolf Steiner’s Speech and Drama Course.
DAWN LANGMAN undertook a mainstream speech and acting training in Australia, followed by seven years of performing and teaching at secondary and tertiary levels. Her quest for an integrated approach that includes the spiritual dimension led her to train with Maisie Jones at the London School of Speech Formation in the method developed by Rudolf and Marie Steiner. She then taught for ten years at Emerson College in Sussex. Following this, Dawn trained in Michael Chekhov’s acting technique with Ted Pugh and Fern Sloan of the Actors Ensemble in New York. Returning to Australia, she founded the School of the Living Word, where for eight years she continued to research the integration of Speech Formation with Chekhov’s technique. She currently teaches this methodology at the Drama Centre, Flinders University, South Australia. Dawn is the author of The Art of Acting (2014).
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<B>At Home in the Universe: Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature </B><I> Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  COLLISON, H.
5 At Home in the Universe: Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature Exploring Our Suprasensory Nature
0880104732 / 9780880104739 2000 Paperback 
Modern science tells us that we are an insignificant accident in a vast, indifferent universe. Rudolf Steiner maintains instead that we are intimately enmeshed with the whole cosmos, right down to the physical structure of our bodies. In these talks, he explores our relationship as individuals to the spiritual cosmos, in which we will all become cosmonauts, eventually. The key to being at home in the universe is to understand the significance of our individual, physical lives on earth and what happens when we leave our physical bodies behind.

Steiner encapsulates his view of our journey after death and our return to earth and a new life. He describes the "planetary" spheres through which we each pass and their effects on our future. He shows us how our character and actions on earth affect us after we die and how those experiences shape our next physical life.

This is not merely information to be added to our already over-abundant store of abstract concepts: Steiner gives us imaginative exercises that help us explore our suprasensory, or spiritual, human nature. We can begin now to act more consciously by recognizing the concrete nature of morality and the real consequences of our present lives.

The introduction and comprehensive afterword by Paul Margulies explain and contextualize Steiner's text, revealing a message that is more vital and relevant than ever in our frenzied, materialistic times. This book can help us experience more meaning in life and become more at home as spiritual citizens of the universe.
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<B>Clear the Clutter </B><I> Make Space for Your Life</I>, PLOEG, INGE VEN DER,  PERLZWEIG, NAOMI
6 Clear the Clutter Make Space for Your Life
086315428X / 9780863154287 2004 Paperback 
- Why do you never have clean clothes when you need them? - Why do you never know where you put something for safekeeping? - And why does your life feel so out of control? Whether you need to know how to organize your laundry, weekly shopping, office computer files or your 10-year backlog of family photographs, this book can help. Full of no-nonsense advice, practical exercises, handy tips and checklists, it can be used to address a specific problem or as an overview for clearing up your life. Sorting out your surroundings has other benefits too: the practical experience of ordering a home or work space leads on naturally to rethinking other aspects of life. Clearing out the clutter really can make space for your life, and offer greater emotional and personal stability.
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Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>Color Its Relationship to Soul and Spirit </B><I> </I>, SCHROFF LOIS
7 Color Its Relationship to Soul and Spirit
0945803613 / 9780945803614 2003 
For painters and anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the nature of color.

This book highlights the amazing depth of knowing that lies behind the beautiful paintings of watercolorist Liane Collot d'Herbois, whose application of the color theories of Rudolf Steiner and J. W. von Goethe, together with her overall understanding of anthroposophical principles, are very much in evidence in her paintings. Schroff delves into the mysteries of color, light, and darkness from artistic, scientific, and esoteric perspectives. With a detailed 'how to' section on the specifics of the Collot watercolor technique, this edition, expanded from her earlier book, contains illustrations in color of paintings by both Collot and Schroff and an extensive bibliography to encourage further research.

Topics discussed include: Soul and Spirit; Light, Color, and Darkness; Philosophy and the Painter's Art; Laws of Color; Atmosphere and the Movement of Color; Prism Exercises; Rainbows, Refractions, and Reversals; Intervals and After-Images; Collot Painting Therapy; and Meditations.

Lois Schroff has been teaching and painting in this method since 1977, following extensive studies with Liane Collot d'Herbois.
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<B>Come Unto these Yellow Sands </B><I> </I>, MOLLY VON HEIDER
8 Come Unto these Yellow Sands
0945803303 / 9780945803300 1998 
Come Unto These Yellow Sands is more than a guide to teachers and Eurythmists. Molly von Heider describes in an imaginative and observant way the growth and development of children throughout their school life from their entry into the preschool to their last year in grade 12.

For the early years, outlines of lessons are given in great detail. These are full of creative activity, stimulating not only Eurythmists but all who deal with young children. The themes of the poems, stories, and plays are in harmony with the changing seasons of the year, and the moods alternate from wonder and devotion to humor and gaiety, so that the religious feelings-of which children are in so much need today-never become too pious or gloomy. The suggestions to teachers provide support for the subject matter of the main lessons. As well as traditional legends and poems by famous authors, there are many verses and exercises created by teachers out of the needs of the moment. These are given not as stereotyped patterns but as an encouragement to those dealing with children to create their own themes. Helpful quotations are included both from Rudolf Steiner's works and from those of leading Eurythmists.

Molly von Heider makes us realize what new life Eurythmy can give to every subject, so that what is taught extends beyond 'head knowledge' to a deep inner experience giving birth to actual capacities. Eileen Hutchins, Elmfield School, Stourbridge, England

Molly von Heider (1913?2005) taught eurythmy in England for over 25 years to children in Waldorf schools, children with learning disabilities, factory workers, industrially injured people, and trainee teachers.
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<B>Confronting Conflict </B><I> A First-aid Kit for Handling Conflict</I>, GLASL, FRIEDRICH
9 Confronting Conflict A First-aid Kit for Handling Conflict
186989071X / 9781869890711 1999 Paperback 
Conflict costs! When tensions and differences are ignored they grow into conflict, injuring relationships, groups and organisations. So, how can we tackle conflict successfully? Dr Friedrich Glasl has worked with conflict resolution in companies, schools and communities for over 30 years, earning him and his techniques enormous respect. Confronting Conflict is authoritative and up to date, containing new examples, exercises theory and techniques. You can start by assessing the symptoms and causes of conflict, and ask, 'Am I fanning the flames?' And then consider, 'How can I behave constructively rather than attack or avoid others?'

Here are tools to: Analyse symptoms, types, causes of conflict, hot or cold, personal chemistry, structure or environment: understand how temperaments affect conflicts, what can you do?: acknowledge when you have a conflict, understand conflict escalation, how to lessen conflict through changing behaviour, attitudes and perceptions: practise developing considerate confrontation, seizing golden moments, strengthening empathy and much, much more.

Dr Friedrich Glasl is a recognised authority on conflict. His PhD was on conflict prevention and peace building. He worked for the Dutch NPI for Organisational Development from 1967, and has lectured in conflict at Salzburg University since 1985. He has written many books, including Enterprise of the Future.
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<B>Creative Form Drawing 2 </B><I> Workbook 2</I>, KUTZLI, RUDOLF,  SPENCE, R.
10 Creative Form Drawing 2 Workbook 2
1869890140 / 9781869890148 1989 Paperback 
Anyone wanting to develop their drawing skills, as well as artists, teachers and students, will enjoy the creative challenge of form drawing. Regular practise can help discover what the art of line can mean. Drawing skills are developed through systematic exercises, and can develop self-confidence, balance and tranquillity. Simple form drawing is used in Steiner–Waldorf schools as a companion discipline to handwriting and drawing skills. It offers a healthy antidote to screen culture.

Anyone wanting to develop their drawing skills, as well as artists, teachers and students, will enjoy the creative challenge of form drawing. Regular practice can help discover what the art of line can mean. Drawing skills are developed through systematic exercises, and can develop self-confidence, balance and tranquillity. Simple form drawing is used in Steiner–Waldorf schools as a companion discipline to handwriting and drawing skills. It offers a healthy antidote to screen culture.
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<B>Creative Form Drawing 3 </B><I> </I>, KUTZLI, RUDOLF,  SPENCE, ROSWITHA
11 Creative Form Drawing 3
1869890388 / 9781869890384 1992 Paperback 
Form drawing is an artistic activity using the art of the line. Through a systematic series of exercises, not only is skill for drawing developed, but also a growing awareness of quite other faculties and capacities within us, such as self-confidence and equilibrium.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 2005] 
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<B>Creative Speech </B><I> The Formative Process of the Spoken Word: A Selection of Lectures, Exercises and Articles</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF AND STEINER, MARIE VON SIEVERS
12 Creative Speech The Formative Process of the Spoken Word: A Selection of Lectures, Exercises and Articles
1855843862 / 9781855843868 2013 
In this seminal work on a new art of speech, Rudolf and Marie Steiner demonstrate how the Word can truly be brought to life. From the authors’ perspective, the audible sound of speech is only the end result of a much greater process that begins inwardly. In contrast to the belief that speaking is entirely a matter of correct placement in the mouth, Rudolf Steiner advises speakers to concentrate on what takes place before the mechanical production of sound is made in the physical organism.
Relevant to actors, teachers, therapists and anybody seeking to reinvigorate the art of the Word, this book will be an invaluable friend and guide to improving clarity and restoring beauty to communication.

RUDOLF STEINER (1861-1925) called his spiritual philosophy ‘anthroposophy’, meaning ‘wisdom of the human being’. As a highly developed seer, he based his work on direct knowledge and perception of spiritual dimensions. He initiated a modern and universal ‘science of spirit’, accessible to anyone willing to exercise clear and unprejudiced thinking.

From his spiritual investigations Steiner provided suggestions for the renewal of many activities, including education (both general and special), agriculture, medicine, economics, architecture, science, philosophy, religion and the arts. Today there are thousands of schools, clinics, farms and other organizations involved in practical work based on his principles. His many published works feature his research into the spiritual nature of the human being, the evolution of the world and humanity, and methods of personal development. Steiner wrote some 30 books and delivered over 6000 lectures across Europe. In 1924 he founded the General Anthroposophical Society, which today has branches throughout the world.

MARIE STEINER-VON SIVERS (1867-1948) was the second wife of Rudolf Steiner and one of his closest colleagues. She made a major contribution to the development of anthroposophy, particularly in her work on the renewal of the performing arts (eurythmy, speech and drama), and the editing and publishing of Rudolf Steiner’s literary estate.
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<B>Creative Spiritual Research </B><I> Awakening the Individual Human Spirit</I>, HOUTEN, COENRAAD VAN
13 Creative Spiritual Research Awakening the Individual Human Spirit
1906999287 / 9781906999285 2011 Paperback 
This book... will appeal to those who are in touch with their inner creative impulses, or are motivated but do not know how to begin. The aim is to make this spiritual path possible for every person. It can change the way one relates to life and work - at first simply by an attitude shift, as a questioning, caring human being, taking seriously the spiritual forces that manifest in all outer phenomena.'
How do adults learn and develop? How can adult learning become a living, growing process?
Based on the application of the 'seven life processes', Coenraad van Houten has successfully developed the methods of 'Vocational Learning' (Awakening the Will, 1999) and 'Destiny Learning' (Practising Destiny, 2000). Here, in the culmination of his research trilogy, he presents a new path of adult learning which he calls 'Creative Spiritual Research'. Based on the inner spiritual path of the individual, this is a method that relates to esoteric schooling, thresholds of consciousness and human creativity.
Part One of Creative Spiritual Research features guidelines and exercises for individual practice, whilst Part Two focuses on the general schooling path as a preparation or precondition, opening the inner space needed for research as well as a questioning attitude.
COENRAAD VAN HOUTEN was born in the Netherlands in 1922. After studying Chemistry, Economics and Social Pedagogy, he lived and worked in Holland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Britain as a manager in business, as a consultant, and as the director of the Centre for Social Development (which he co-founded). He has developed specialist programmes and seminars for educating adults, and presently advises organizations on training programmes. He is the author of Awakening the Will, Practising Destiny, The Threefold Nature of Destiny Learning, and is the co-founder of the New Adult Learning Movement.
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<B>Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality </B><I> </I>, POWELL, ROBERT
14 Cultivating Inner Radiance and the Body of Immortality
1584201177 / 9781584201175 2012 Paperback / softback 
Celebrating a century of eurythmy, a modern art of etheric movement
In the beginning was the Word . . .and the Word was with God . . .and nothing that was made was made without the Word.

The human being is an expression of the ever-unfolding wisdom of the creative Logos, the Word. The whole of creation bears the imprint of the cosmic sounding. This book describes a way, through movement and gesture, to work with the creative, sounding principle that manifests in the Earth's enveloping life sphere. Today, the increasingly binding and hardening conditions of modern life now threatens the divine seed of life here on Earth, which has been fructified and developed over the millennia. Creation - coming to expression through the flowering of the cosmic breath - is losing its natural connection with humanity and with Mother Earth, which are increasingly given over to anti-life forces, comprising destruction, inversions, and lifeless replicas of creation's gifts.

The sacred movements described in this book arise from the modern art of movement known as eurythmy (Greek: "good movement"), which came into the world in 1912. These sacred gestures, when practiced with the words gifted to humanity by the incarnated Logos two thousand years ago, lead us back to our connection with the fullness of creation and toward the goal of developing the body of immortality, the resurrection body. In 2012, we celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of eurythmy. This book invites us to partake of the richness of the sacred through life-enhancing movement and gesture as a path to reconnect with the cosmic formative forces that sound the call of resurrection.

The wealth of material included in this book educates the soul toward awaking to a conscious understanding of humanity's divine heritage and true calling. The exercises in this work provide a training that ennobles and refines the qualities of the human soul. By awaking, the soul gradually learns to respond to the call of the World Soul that invites us to partake of divine wisdom and to participate, through right action, in creation's unfolding toward the ultimate goal: resurrection.
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<B>Developing the Self </B><I> Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy</I>, ROMERO, LISA
15 Developing the Self Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy
1621481239 / 9781621481232 
“Through taking hold of all that lives in us, we participate consciously in the transformation of our particular personal self — which is often closed to higher insights — toward a greater possibility of experiencing a living, dynamic spiritual life that awakens our being and serves the progression of the world in which we live.” — Lisa Romero
At the foundation of Western esoteric studies is an understanding of the evolution of consciousness. Anthroposophically based esoteric training focuses on strengthening the human soul. Ancient and modern practices are reenlivened to meet humanity’s evolving needs and to fulfill our present task of cultivating freedom and love to its highest degree.

Individual effort toward developing the higher self is essential for genuine progress on the inner work path. The clear insights and exercises outlined in this book reveal the meaning and necessity of this essential effort in the present age of the consciousness soul, contributing to simultaneously enlivening both our inner and outer work. The path of developing the self and our work in the world are not separated but united through our practices and their results.
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<B>Digital Inferno </B><I> Using technology consciously in your life and work <br>101 ways to survive and thrive in a hyperconnected world</I>, LEVY, PAUL
16 Digital Inferno Using technology consciously in your life and work
101 ways to survive and thrive in a hyperconnected world

1905570740 / 9781905570744 
How many times do you check something on the internet but find you are drifting aimlessly from one link to another? If you can’t not answer the phone when it rings, and you spend hours a week on social media, and you read your texts instead of kissing your loved one goodnight, and you don’t give your kids proper attention because you just have to prioritize new responses to your tweet... then this book is for you.

The digital world is spreading like an inferno – a swirling, hot storm of change, possibility, addiction, passion, manipulation, creativity and abuse. It demands our attention and encourages us to be always on, with its constant updates and feedback. It is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. And it’s developing faster than our ability to deal with it.

To adherents of digital living and working, any criticism is uncool, a sign of being out of touch. Refreshingly, Digital Inferno is neither simple indictment nor unqualified endorsement. Rather, it’s about holding your own in the digital realm – adapting in a healthy way to the new reality. It offers a conscious path that allows you to derive the benefits you need but also to manage the dangers. Packed with a wealth of practical advice, Digital Inferno describes numerous methods to enable you to step back from constant digital activity and virtual living, and to pay more attention to the real world. You’ll find exercises to overcome tiredness from digital contact and to develop skills to enable you to remain awake and aware. Crucially, you will be master of the digital realm: to abstain from contact when you need to, but also freely to immerse yourself when you choose to.

We don’t need to shun new technology, but we do need to be armed with an understanding of its challenges, problems and limitations. This book provides the tools you will need to meet the future consciously.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13899] 
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<B>Discussions with Teachers </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  FOX, H.,  CREEGER, C.E.
17 Discussions with Teachers
0880104082 / 9780880104081 1997 Paperback 
For two weeks, prior to the opening of the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Rudolf Steiner intensively prepared the individuals he had chosen to become the first Waldorf teachers. At 9:00 a.m. he gave the course now translated as Foundations of Human Experience; at 11:00 a.m., Practical Advice to Teachers; and then, after lunch, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., he held the informal "discussions" published in this book. The tone is spontaneous and relaxed. Steiner does not prescribe specific methods but introduces topics and situations, giving guidelines and allocating practical assignments that are taken up and discussed in the next session. In this way, the discussions are filled with insights and indications in many different areas of teaching - history, geography, botany, zoology, form drawing, mathematics. Speech exercises are included. This edition also includes, for the first time in English, three very important lectures on the curriculum given on the day before the school opened. These fifteen discussions constitute an essential part of the basic training material for Waldorf teachers.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 886] 
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<B>Drama at the Heart </B><I> Teaching Drama in Steiner-Waldorf Schools</I>, SMYTH, NELL
18 Drama at the Heart Teaching Drama in Steiner-Waldorf Schools
1782502696 / 9781782502692 Paperback 
Drama, well-integrated into a curriculum, can bring empathy, excitement, expression and engagement into any lesson. This book will help teachers to work successfully with drama in their classroom in a rewarding, holistic way.

Beginning with a consideration of what it means to be a drama teacher -- whether for one lesson or a whole touring production -- this comprehensive book guides teachers through the challenges and the details, starting from breathing exercises and ice-breaker games to finding the right play for your age group and all aspects of rehearsal and staging. Packed full of sensible, down-to-earth advice, helpful tips and funny stories based on Nell Smyth's extensive experience, this is an invaluable one-stop handbook.

Throughout, this warm and practical book never forgets what truly makes a successful production -- a joyful, thriving child or teenager at the heart of it.

Nell Smyth has been a Steiner-Waldorf teacher and trainer for over twenty-five years in Europe and America. She has taught at primary, secondary and tertiary level and is involved in national education reform in Ireland, spearheading a cross-curricular active learning-based approach with drama at its heart. She has written many plays for children which have been included in the Irish National Association of Youth Drama repertoire. She currently teaches at ALFA (Raheen Wood Steiner Secondary School) in East Clare, Ireland.
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<B>Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart </B><I> A Natural approach to Learning the Art of Drawing.</I>, JAMES, VAN
19 Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart A Natural approach to Learning the Art of Drawing.
1621480100 / 9781621480105 2012 Paperback / softback 
"What if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the fountainhead of human experience?" Rollo May, existential psychologist and author of Love and Will.

Drawing requires effort and will through our hands, sensitivity and passion from our heart, and the thoughtful direction and reflection of our head. Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart is a practical, hands-on guide to the art of drawing and to the process of visual thinking as a part of our full, rich human intelligence. Collected and developed over many years of classroom experience, the exercises show teachers, parents, and students of all ages how to learn to draw simply and naturally, as a child would learn to draw. Many of the ideas in this book have grown out of the educational methodology of Waldorf education, resulting in a complete drawing curriculum that is in harmony with the stages of learning the child and young adult naturally go through.

In the introduction, Van James - author of Spirit and Art: Pictures of the Transformation of Consciousness - examines contemporary research on brain development and its relationship to learning: How does the process of making pictures contribute to the development of visual thinking? James offers an overview of how young children learn to draw and how to engage their visual intelligence through practical drawing exercises. He then offers examples of form drawing, portraiture, and the art and science of drawing for all ages and ability levels. The author also provides practical examples of geometric and perspective drawing for teachers and adult students. Finally, he summarizes the importance of art and drawing in education and human development, and adds an appendix on therapeutic drawing, a bibliography of resources, and an index. Includes 576 color and black and white illustrations.

Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart is an invaluable resource for teachers, parents, and visual artists.
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<B>Educating the Will </B><I> </I>, HOWARD, MICHAEL
20 Educating the Will
1936367785 / 9781936367788 
Michael Howard penetrates the depth of Waldorf education’s unique process of educating the “will” in children. He takes the reader on a thought-filled journey into the qualities and training of the “thinking-will” the “feeling will,” and the “comprehensive or common will.” The final chapter offers practical exercises for application along with photo examples of projects. The projects include: indoor sandbox, form modeling, seed drawing, sand modeling, modeling human and animal forms, stone carving, wooden spoons and bowls, and platonic solids.
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