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<B>A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales </B><I> From Angy Ant to Zestless Zebra</I>, PERROW, SUSAN
1 A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales From Angy Ant to Zestless Zebra
1907359869 / 9781907359866 
Each story in this collection begins with an undesirable or out-of-balance situation and, through the use of metaphor and an imaginative story journey, leads to a more desirable resolution. In this way, the stories also have the potential for nurturing positive values.

The stories cover many kinds of universal behaviour. Following the alphabet from A to Z, the behaviour is identified in the story title e.g. anxious, bossy, cranky … greedy … jealous … lazy … swearing … uncooperative ... and more. The stories can be told directly, or adapted. They can be turned into home-made picture books and puppet shows, or used as springboards for the creation of new tales for particular behaviour challenges and situations.

AUDIENCE: Educators, storytellers, therapists, school counsellors, nursery and primary teachers, play leaders, education and childcare students, parents and grandparents.  

Susan Perrow runs therapeutic storytelling seminars from China to Africa, Europe to America and across her own sun-drenched land of Australia.  She is a storyteller, teacher trainer, parent educator and counsellor. She is author of Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour and Therapeutic Storytelling. A-Z Behaviour Tales offers new stories from her research and workshops.
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Price: 47.95 AUD
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<B>About 'The Four Skillful Brothers' </B><I> </I>, GEIGER, RUDOLF
2 About 'The Four Skillful Brothers'
0929979117 / 9780929979113 
Where would a person learn how to tell a fairy tale in a way that does not simply present a meaning, but awakens meaning in the child’s very heart? This contemplation reveals, in profound depth, a rare view of the storyteller’s art. Any parent or teacher of young children will benefit immensely from traveling along with this master storyteller.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7647] 
Price: 6.70 AUD
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<B>Aesop's Fables </B><I> </I>, HANDFORD, S.A., TRANS
3 Aesop's Fables
0140369848 / 9780140369847 
This title contains over two hundred familiar tales from 'The Dog in the Manger' and 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' to much less familiar tales, each with its own sharply pointed moral.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10484] 
Price: 9.95 AUD
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<B>Ancient Greece Revisited </B><I> a reader for middle primary</I>
4 Ancient Greece Revisited a reader for middle primary

A retelling in simple language of some of the ancient tales of Greece. Beautifully illustrated by students of the Newcastle Waldorf School
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12364] 
Price: 20.00 AUD
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<B>Bedtime Storytelling </B><I> A Collection for Parents</I>, LOCKIE, BEATRYS
5 Bedtime Storytelling A Collection for Parents
086315736X / 9780863157363 Paperback 
What is so special about telling stories? Unlike when reading from a book, you have your arms free to make gestures, use props -- or give a tickle. And above all, you have eye contact, so you can observe and respond to your child’s reactions. This collection of classic tales includes advice on how to tell stories to children: how to establish a routine and create a mood; how to involve children and personalise your stories.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 981] 
Price: 24.99 AUD
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<B>Blue Forest, The </B><I> </I>, FISCHER, LUKE
6 Blue Forest, The
1584201479 / 9781584201472 2015 Hardback 
The Blue Forest is a collection of seven highly imaginative bedtime stories - one story for each night of the week, and each story featuring one of seven colours. The stories, set in a magical blue forest, tell of mysterious night-time events and relationships involving humans and animals and nature.
In the first story, a small girl, wearing a dress as white as the stars and embroidered with fine golden thread, walks a path through the forest of blue trees. While making her way through the silent woods, she discovers a casket of jewels from which she selects a silver ring. As she places it on her finger it twinkles in unison with a star, which just at that moment peers through the foliage of a nearby tree. In the last story an old woman tends a garden where the flowers unfold at nightfall to greet the stars. While the old woman sings and plants blue seedlings, a pink butterfly alights on her head. When she turns back to the garden path to her house, the pink butterfly flutters off into the dark woods, arriving at a simple hut where a girl in a white dress with golden embroidery sleeps. The seventh story thus joins the tales into a circle.
Other characters in The Blue Forest include: a red bird whose mellifluous song inspires dreams, a boy who is led by a blue bird to a murky pond where an enormous golden flower blossoms before his eyes, an astrologer who paints stars from his purple tower, a fish family that transports raindrop-jewels to a secret subterranean sea cave, a mother and baby possum who chance on a mysterious emerald-green sanctuary while seeking refuge from a sudden storm.
The tales of The Blue Forest have an innovative and artistic character that explores the genre of bedtime stories in a new way. They were conceived and composed as bedtime stories in the most emphatic sense: their vivid painterly depictions, enigmatic occurrences, and archetypal imagery make the tales resemble the non-discursive and ethereal dreamscape of sleep. The stories enliven the imagination in a way that leads the reader and listener seamlessly from the clear outlines of the waking world into the elusive realm of dreams.
The luminous illustrations by Stephanie Young and Tim Smith beautifully serve the soothing and magical qualities of the stories.
(Ages 6-9)
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13883] 
Price: 27.99 AUD
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<B>Book of Greek and Roman Folktales, Legends and Myths </B><I> </I>, HANSEN, WILLIAM
7 Book of Greek and Roman Folktales, Legends and Myths
0691170150 / 9780691170152 
Captured centaurs and satyrs, talking animals, people who suddenly change sex, men who give birth, the temporarily insane and the permanently thick-witted, delicate sensualists, incompetent seers, a woman who remembers too much, a man who cannot laugh--these are just some of the colorful characters who feature in the unforgettable stories that ancient Greeks and Romans told in their daily lives. Together they created an incredibly rich body of popular oral stories that include, but range well beyond, mythology--from heroic legends, fairy tales, and fables to ghost stories, urban legends, and jokes. This unique anthology presents the largest collection of these tales ever assembled. Featuring nearly four hundred stories in authoritative and highly readable translations, this is the first book to offer a representative selection of the entire range of traditional classical storytelling.  

Set mostly in the world of humans, not gods, these stories focus on figures such as lovers, tricksters, philosophers, merchants, rulers, athletes, artists, and soldiers. The narratives range from the well-known--for example, Cupid and Psyche, Diogenes and his lantern, and the tortoise and the hare--to lesser-known tales that deserve wider attention. Entertaining and fascinating, they offer a unique window into the fantasies, anxieties, humor, and passions of the people who told them.  

Complete with beautiful illustrations by Glynnis Fawkes, a comprehensive introduction, notes, and more, this one-of-a-kind anthology will delight general readers as well as students of classics, fairy tales, and folklore.

William Hansen, Professor Emeritus of classical studies and folklore at Indiana University, Bloomington, is one of the world's leading authorities on classical folklore. His books include Classical Mythology: A Guide to the Mythical World of the Greeks and Romans, Ariadne's Thread: A Guide to International Tales Found in Classical Literature, and Anthology of Ancient Greek Popular Literature. He lives in Bloomington.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 14688] 
Price: 78.00 AUD
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<B>Bremen Town Musicians </B><I> Grimm's Fairy Tale</I>, HSIN-SHIH, LAI
8 Bremen Town Musicians Grimm's Fairy Tale
0880105836 / 9780880105835 2008 Hardback 
Lisbeth Zwerger is one of the preeminent interpreters of classic fairy tales, and now she brings her brush to The Grimm Brothers Bremen Town Musicians, the tale of four beleaguered animals who outwit some frightful robbers. In this lesser-known but equally important tale, theres a donkey who can no longer work, a hound who can no longer hunt, a cat who is too old to chase mice, and a rooster who is scheduled to become dinner. They decide to band together to seek their fortune as musicians in the town of Bremen.

But they get more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a gang of robbers. Can they find a clever way to turn their dreadful singing to their advantage? In a book sure to appeal to her many fans, Lisbeth Zwerger wittily brings this unique story to life.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1175] 
Price: 29.95 AUD

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9 Christ Legends
0863159818 / 9780863159817 2013 Paperback 
12 b/w illustrations
The stories of Jesus' birth and childhood are well known, but Selma Lagerlof brings them truly to life in this wonderful collection of tales for children. Her storytelling draws vividly on the colourful history and landscape of the Holy Land. She weaves in a cast of lively characters whose experiences and points of view are not usually represented: a war-hardened soldier at Herod's feast, a grumpy shepherd, Emperor Tiberius himself. Together they proclaim the human drama and divine mystery of the events of Christ's life.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12652] 
Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>Cinderella </B><I> A Grimm's Fairy Tale</I>, GRIMM, JACOB,  GRIMM, WILHELM,  HASELOFF, ULRIKE
10 Cinderella A Grimm's Fairy Tale
0863159486 / 9780863159480 2013 Hardback 
colour illustrations
When her widowed father remarries, beautiful Cinderella is left to cook and clean for her cruel stepmother and jealous stepsisters. On the day of the King's ball, Cinderella weeps when she is left behind. Hearing her sobs, her friends the birds bring her a glittering gown and silk slippers so she too can go to the ball. Will Cinderella be recognised? And will the Prince find his true bride? This beautifully imagined adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale is brought to life with Ulrike Haseloff's soft, colourful illustrations. Children will love the extra sparkle!
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12537] 
Price: 23.95 AUD
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<B>Come Gather CD </B><I> Tales and songs to warm young hearts</I>, BRYANT, ANNIE
11 Come Gather CD Tales and songs to warm young hearts
Tales & Songs is about nourishing young hearts through the seasons of life. Courage, gratitude, beauty and wonder are just some of the qualities we aim to nurture and inspire through the power of story and music.
The natural world around us embodies the perfect metaphor for children and adults alike to reflect upon our own inner journeys through the storms and sunshine of life.

Come Gather: Tales & songs to warm young hearts is the first of a 4 part seasonal recordings of songs and stories based in the elements of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13645] 
Price: 17.50 AUD
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<B>Coming of the Unicorn </B><I> Scottish Folk Tales for Children</I>, WILLIAMSON, DUNCAN,  WILLIAMSON, LINDA
12 Coming of the Unicorn Scottish Folk Tales for Children
0863158684 / 9780863158681 2012 Paperback 
Scottish Folk Tales For Children
'Stories are something you carry with you, something to last your entire life, to be passed on to your children, and their children for evermore.' Duncan Williamson.

Duncan Williamson came from a family of Travelling People, who told stories around the campfire for entertainment and for teaching. As a child, Duncan learnt the ways of the world through stories: 'My father's knowledge told us how to live in this world as natural human beings -- not to be greedy, not to be foolish, not to be daft or selfish -- by stories.' In this collection, he passes on some of these wonderful children's folk and fairy tales. For over sixty years Duncan travelled around Scotland -- on foot, then in a horse and cart, and later an old van -- collecting tales, which not only come from the Travelling People but from the crofters, farmers and shepherds he met along the way. This collection includes tales about cunning foxes and storytelling cats, hunchbacked ogres and beautiful unicorns, helpful broonies and mysterious fairies, rich kings and fearsome warriors, as well as those about ordinary folk trying to make their way in the world.
The stories have been written down as faithfully as possible to Duncan's unique storytelling voice, full of colour, humour and life.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12346] 
Price: 22.99 AUD
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<B>Complete Adventures of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie </B><I> </I>, GIBBS, MAY
13 Complete Adventures of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie
0732284287 / 9780732284282 Hardback 
The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie combines in one edition May Gibbs' much loved classics, the tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (first published in 1918) and its two sequels, Little Ragged Blossom (1920) and Little Obelia (1921). Quintessentially Australian, these delightful tales have never been out of print; indeed the fantasy world of May Gibbs has been a source of continual fascination for generations of children. May's is a world filled with fears and excitement and adventures both extraordinary and everyday. A world peopled with small creatures, where the real mixes tantalizingly with the imaginary and provides a window to the magic we all believe exists in the bush. In this new edition, all of May's original artwork has been sourced and re-scanned and the illustrations look as exquisite as the day May put down her paintbrush all those years ago. A fresh new design in full colour that is true to the original editions of these three stories makes this new edition a delight to rediscover - or read for the very first time. Ages 8+
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 15101] 
Price: 42.00 AUD
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14 Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
0394709306 / 9780394709307 1990 Paperback 
One of the most beloved collections of fairy tales in a splendid new paperback edition. For almost 200 years, these stories of magic and myth gathered by the Brothers Grimm have been part of the way children - and adults - learn about the vagaries of the real world. Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty are only a few of more than 200 enchanting tales included in this collection. Lyrically translated and beautifully illustrated, these stories are presented just as the Brothers Grimm originally set them down.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7880] 
Price: 34.95 AUD
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1620553198 / 9781620553190 
Drawing on the original Sanskrit words of the great poet Valmiki, enhanced with tales from the oral tradition, Vanamali retells the complete Ramayana, the ancient Indian tale of love, duty, and sacrifice, for a modern audience. Detailing the life and dharma of the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Ramachandra, she explains how Rama became divine through strict adherence to dharma, the law of cosmic righteousness. Considered one of the greatest love stories of all time, the Ramayana most famously recounts Rama’s heroic journey, with the help of his loyal friend the monkey god Hanuman and his devoted brother Lakshmana, to rescue his beloved wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Rama’s battle with the forces of evil provides powerful examples of heroic strength and loyalty, the dangers of spiritual delusion and false attachment, and the power of love, both human and divine. Capturing the mystical spirit and transcendental wisdom of this immortal story, Vanamali explains how the character of Rama has captivated devotees through the millennia because his story depicts eternal truths that appeal to the best in human nature. She reveals how even though Rama is an avatar of Vishnu, he still possesses many human weaknesses, such as attachments, desires, and anger. His greatness lies in the fact that he rose above these traits, put his spiritual duty above all personal considerations, and perfected himself to become a super human capable of saving those he loved most. Rama’s life shows that however weak we may be, each of us is capable of amazing feats through devotion, loyalty, perseverance, and love.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 15077] 
Price: 25.00 AUD
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<B>D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths </B><I> </I>, D'AULAIRE
16 D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths
159017125X / 9781590171257 
This beautifully illustrated introduction to Norse legends tells the stories of Odin the All-father, Thor the Thunder-god and the theft of his hammer, Loki the mischievous god of the Jotun Race, and many other tales. Full color.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 11152] 
Price: 49.99 AUD
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<B>D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls </B><I> </I>, D'AULAIRE, EDGAR PARIN
17 D'Aulaires' Book of Trolls
1590172175 / 9781590172179 2006 Hardback 
colour illustrations
In this spectacular follow-up to their beloved "Book of Norse Myths, "the husband-and-wife team of Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire explore the uncanny reaches of Norse mythology, an enchanted night-world populated by trolls of all kinds--mountain trolls, forest trolls, trolls who live underwater and trolls who live under bridges, uncouth, unkempt, unbreakable, unforgettable, and invariably unbelievably ugly trolls--who work their wiles and carry on in the most bizarre and entertaining fashions.
With their matchless talent as storytellers and illustrators, the d'Aulaires bring to life the weird and wonderful world of Norse mythology.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 11603] 
Price: 32.95 AUD
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<B>Das Sind Wir! </B><I> Eine Deutsche Leseheft</I>, ORAM, PETER,  FORDER, PHIL
18 Das Sind Wir! Eine Deutsche Leseheft
1899530126 / 9781899530120 2003 Paperback 
Now $9.95 (RRP $19.90)
Produced in association with the Steiner-Waldorf Schools Fellowship, the first of a pair of books forming a course of thirty chapters, that span a school year for German learners with little or no German reading experience. Chapters in which a German boy and girl talk of their daily life alternate with tales and legends of the area in which they live. Produced in association with the Steiner-Waldorf Schools Fellowship, this is the first of a pair of books forming together a course of thirty chapters, intended to span a complete school year for German learners with little or no previous reading experience of the language. Chapters in which a German boy and girl talk of their daily life alternate with tales and legends of the area in which they live.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10672] 
Price: 9.95 AUD
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<B>Did Jesus Come to Britain? </B><I> An Investigation into the Traditions That Christ Visited Cornwall and Somerset</I>, LEWIS, GLYN S.
19 Did Jesus Come to Britain? An Investigation into the Traditions That Christ Visited Cornwall and Somerset
1905570155 / 9781905570157 2008 Paperback 
50% off!!
RRP $29.95
8 pages b/w plates
'And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England's mountains green? And was the holy Lamb of God on England's pleasant pastures seen?'- William Blake. The many traditions and legends of Jesus' travels to Britain are deeply impressed into our culture, thanks particularly to the famous allusion by William Blake. These tales tell that, while still a boy, Jesus accompanied his uncle Joseph of Arimathea - an importer of metals - on expeditions to Cornwall to engage in the tin trade. Later, it is said, Jesus made additional trips in which he visited the location of the Druid's school of learning, Glastonbury.These are charming and romantic stories, but do they have any historical foundation. Using the work of fellow researchers as his starting point, Glyn Lewis studies the locations that Jesus is said to have visited - from Cornwall to Somerset - and produces some striking evidence, presented here in combination with his own fine photography and some useful maps. Lewis' original research is combined with broad and insightful analysis of the exisiting material, making a convincing case for Jesus indeed having walked 'upon England's mountains green'.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10699] 
Price: 14.95 AUD
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<B>Eggs for the Hunting </B><I> </I>, DOWN, REG
20 Eggs for the Hunting
1470030012 / 9781470030018 
6x9 inches, illustrated
Starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and the illimitable Tiptoes Lightly.
Spring is full of life and life is full of eggs, all sorts of eggs: great cosmic eggs and tiny butterfly eggs, salmon eggs and bird eggs, rabbit eggs and special eggs being gilded and painted by two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. They have been told (gossiped, to be correct) that Farmer John’s children, Tom and June, are going to give them special eggs for Easter, and they decide to reciprocate. However, if you are a gnome, a small gnome—even if you are two small gnomes—then the simplest of tasks (such as finding a bird who does not mind giving you a couple of their eggs) can be a problem!!!
Woven into the fabric of the book are many tales, myths and legends: Pepper Pot reads the history of King Karnac and the Turning of Time, Madam Two-Pecks tells her chicks how the universe was created from the World Egg, and the Wise Salmon in Running River tells the fingerlings about the great cycle, the Egg of Life. ‘Eggs for the Hunting’ is a spring tale, a wonder tale, affirming the joy, humor and mystery of life.
Suitable for reading to children (kindergarten to grade 3 or 4) or for young children to read (grades 2 – 4).
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12075] 
Price: 27.50 AUD
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