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<B>Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts </B><I> Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
1 Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge
1855840960 / 9781855840966 
This volume contains a collection of short essays by Steiner for the members of the Anthroposophical Society. They were written near the end of Steiner's life and in a way summarize, in highly concentrated form, the whole of anthroposophy. Each essay ends with a short summary of its contents and these are known as the “leading thoughts.” The leading thoughts are mantras and can be used quite fruitfully for meditation.
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<B>Anthroposophical Society as a Michael Community, The </B><I> On the Word ‘We’ in the Foundation Stone Meditation</I>, MACKAY, PAUL
2 Anthroposophical Society as a Michael Community, The On the Word ‘We’ in the Foundation Stone Meditation
1906999546 / 9781906999544 2013 
What lies spiritually and cosmically at the foundation of a community like the Anthroposophical Society? In wrestling with this question, I have come to the inner conviction that it is justified to speak of the Anthroposophical Society as a Michael community.’ - Paul Mackay
How can one understand Rudolf Steiner’s use of the word ‘we’ in the last part of the Foundation Stone Meditation (‘What we found from our hearts and direct from our heads with focused will’)? What characterizes this ‘we’?
In the first part of this original and inspiring work, Paul Mackay takes this question as a point of departure, developing a unique approach to working with the seven rhythms of the Meditation. Based on personal experiences, he comes to the conclusion that the rhythms are an expression of the members of the human constitution, with the ‘we’ in the fifth rhythm having the quality of ‘Spirit-self’. The second part of the book considers the same ‘we’ from a karmic perspective, with reference to Rudolf Steiner’s karma lectures, events in the fourth and ninth centuries, the mystery of death and evil, and the restoration of karmic truth.

PAUL MACKAY, born 1946 in Hong Kong, studied economics in the Netherlands and business administration in France. After working in international finance, he met and studied Anthroposophy in England and Germany between 1974 and 1977. From 1977 until 2012 he was active in anthroposophical banking, as co-founder and Executive Director of Triodos Bank in the Netherlands, and then Executive Director of GLS Bank in Germany, and later Chairman of its supervisory Board. As of March 2012 he is President of the Board of Directors of Weleda AG in Switzerland. In 1996 Paul Mackay joined the Executive Council of the General Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. In 2000 he additionally became leader of the Section for Social Sciences of the School of Spiritual Science.
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<B>Art of Being Human </B><I> Life, Family, and Creativity</I>, RAVETZ, DEBORAH
3 Art of Being Human Life, Family, and Creativity
1908363150 / 9781908363152 Paperback 
An in-depth approach to personal development through self-reflection and expression. Through endearing stories of personal challenges and successes, the author guides us on a journey to learn to embrace every aspect of ourselves.

Deborah Ravetz has studied art, philosophy, and literature as part of her quest to understand what it means to be human. She sees the whole realm of art and ideas in this light; they embody our attempt to live deeply.
She works as a lecturer specialising in Art and the Development of Consciousness, and also as a painter and a Social Sculpture practitioner. Deborah is married and lives with her husband in East Sussex.
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4 Aurum Comp - Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh Cream/Ointment 30gms

Our favourite...Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh in a cream base to apply to your heart area and wear as a shield whenever you feel the need. If you find yourself overwhelmed, exhausted or having difficulty staying focused, then this is the remedy for you... Ideal for busy times. Nurturing during the silly seasons.
Gold represents wisdom, love and goodness.  Often associated with the heart and heart chakra, promoting balance in this region
Frankincense in aromatherapy is used to relieve anxiety, promote a sense of well-being and reputed to alleviate depression
Frankincense and Myrrh are often associated with love, faith and gratefulness. Said to affect the crown chakra and as such help with meditation and with bringing the body and mind into a more receptive state. Said to assist in the development of the "inner light" thereby helping to promote spiritual focus and well being.

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Price: 22.50 AUD
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<B>Awakening Beauty </B><I> The Dr. Hauschka Way</I>, KURZ, SUSAN WEST,  MONTE, TOM
5 Awakening Beauty The Dr. Hauschka Way
1905570163 / 9781905570164 2008 Paperback 
full colour throughout
In a culture that idealizes, youthful looks and encourages elaborate makeovers or even surgery to achieve them, the idea of natural beauty is often all but ignored. But, true beauty is within reach for women of any age, without submitting to needles or knives. The secret is nurturing beauty from the inside as well as on the surface, caring for both body and soul in a way that will naturally result in the smooth skin and radiant glow of good health, whether one is eighteen or eighty. A-list celebrities, professional makeup artists, and Hollywood stylists have long embraced Dr. Hauschka's botanical products, attracted by their extraordinary results and the company's thirty-five-year commitment to purity, therapy and luxury. Now the same extraordinary results are available to the rest of us through a rejuvenating prescription for healing.In "Awakening Beauty", Susan West Kurz, president of Dr. Hauschka, Inc., USA, and a long-time devotee of the company's products, offers readers a transformative programme grounded in Dr. Hauschka's key principles of natural ingredients and working with the body's rhythms.
Her suggestions, when followed, naturally restore healthy, radiant skin and a sense of peace and well-being, and can even result in weight loss. "Awakening Beauty" outlines a series of achievable lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve appearance in a single month. First and foremost, Kurz describes how using organically grown and mindfully harvested products can have a positive impact on the body and skin. While simple dietary changes begin to repair and renew the body, the complementary use of meditation, massage, and exercise enhances good health inside and out.Kurz's holistic approach is founded on an understanding of the body's own natural rhythms, using them to direct the way each of us receives and responds to subtle cravings for nutrition and care. By recognizing exactly how skin behaves and how it responds to other parts of the body, we can use specific practices to improve the way we care for our skin and improve our overall health. "Awakening Beauty" includes detailed advice on the most effective ways to wash, tone and moisturize skin using home-made products, as well as tips on how to critically assess skin care claims and break unhealthy habits.
Meal plans, meditation techniques, advice on addressing specific skin conditions and an extensive collection of recipes complete this remarkable story. In just thirty days you can transform your skin and bring forth a natural, glowing beauty that is truly your own.
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Price: 46.95 AUD
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<B>Becoming Aware of the Logos </B><I> The Way of St. John the Evangelist</I>, KUHLEWIND, GEORG
6 Becoming Aware of the Logos The Way of St. John the Evangelist
0940262096 / 9780940262096 Paperback 
“A single human being has no reality; the existence of ‘man’ begins with the word that floats between I and you. The Logos connects human beings through the Word; all else is temptation or a temporary connection.” — Georg Kühlewind
“To become aware of the Logos is to become aware of the Logos in oneself.... The world speaks. Before all else, it utters speaking itself. Or does speaking utter the world.” So begin the first two chapters of this inspired, existential meditation on the contemporary meaning of the message of St. John: “In the beginning was the Word.”

Through this Word—Logos—all things became. In it was life, the light of human beings. It shown I the darkness, and the darkness received it not. It was in the world, and the world did not know it. It entered individual being, and, to those who received it, it gave the ability to become the children of God. Its radiance was seen, full of grace and truth.

The fruit of many years of study and meditation, Becoming Aware of the Logos places the reader in the world of living thinking and cognitive love. It teaches the way of grace and truth in a radical, original manner. For the Logos, although it is the ground of any true logic, is beyond ordinary dialectic. The author does not approach his subject conventionally, but penetrates and communicates it by unfolding central themes such as: the Logos in the beginning; the light in the darkness; the speaker; life; spirit; grace; and truth.
Georg Kühlewind (1924–2006) was a Hungarian philosopher, writer, lecturer, and meditation teacher who worked from the tradition of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science. Setting aside his early interest in music and psychology, he pursued a successful professional career as a physical chemist. Meanwhile, he continued to deepen his spiritual practice and insights. A prolific author (most of whose works are still only in German), Georg Kühlewind spent much time traveling the world, lecturing and leading workshops and seminars in meditation, psychology, epistemology, child development, anthroposophy, and esoteric Christianity. He was the author of numerous books. Kühlewind died January 15, 2006 at the age of 83.
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<B>Beholding the Nature of Reality </B><I> Possibility of Spiritual Community</I>, SCHWARZKOPF, FRIEDEMANN
7 Beholding the Nature of Reality Possibility of Spiritual Community
094580329X / 9780945803294 
Contemplation, meditation and healing.

The central theme of these essays is: that we can creatively participate in what can be called 'reality-in-becoming.' But to do so requires using our will and strength to sustain and embrace a certain kind of inner tension which surfaces when we find ourselves within the activity of reconciling and integrating the contradictions between the poles of the soul-spiritual and the empirical-sensorial, between idealism and dogmatism, between the arrogance that 'it all depends on us' and a passive belief that our destiny is predetermined-by divine powers or a calculable physical-material course of events. We can witness the sphere in which the manifesting events prepare themselves, we can experience our own witnessing, and within this witnessing we can experience our freedom to change perspectives-with the consequence that different options are offered for our manifesting will, the choice of which can in turn change the quality and direction of the course of events. ?from the Preface

Friedemann Schwarzkopf (1947?2003) was a longtime student of the work of Rudolf Steiner, especially Biodynamic agriculture, the Goethean approach to science, and Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom.
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<B>Breathing the Spirit </B><I> Meditations for Times of Day and Seasons of the Year.  Meditations for Times of Day and Seasons of the Year</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  BARTON, M.
8 Breathing the Spirit Meditations for Times of Day and Seasons of the Year. Meditations for Times of Day and Seasons of the Year
1855841444 / 9781855841444 2007 Paperback 
As a spiritual teacher Rudolf Steiner wrote many beautifully formed and inspired verses. Often they were given in relation to specific situations or in response to individual requests; sometimes they were created for general use in assisting the process of meditation. Regardless of their origins, they are uniformly powerful in their ability to connect the meditant with spiritual archetypes and realities, and are valuable tools for developing experience and knowledge of other dimensions. In this collection of meditations for times of day and seasons of the year, Rudolf Steiner delves into the rhythms of nature and their relation to human beings. The verses in the first part relate to the cycle of waking and sleeping, echoing the greater rhythms of birth and death. They provide an accompaniment for each day, gently reminding us where we have come from and where we are going. The second section focuses on the human being's passage through nature's changing seasons - a greater cycle of sleeping and waking. Together they offer us a spiritual light for our journey through life.
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<B>Calendar of the Soul </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
9 Calendar of the Soul
1869890256 / 9781869890254 Hardback 
The translators lived with the verses of The Calendar of the Soul for years, until this version emerged as an inspiring wellspring for daily reflection. There is a verse for each week so that you can experience the subtle unfolding of the year's soul journey. The verses invite the soul to participate in the world, encouraging a meaningful feeling of unity with the world of Nature.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 2001] 
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<B>Calendar of the Soul </B><I> </I>, STEINER, RUDOLF,  PUSCH, RUTH,  PUSCH, HANS
10 Calendar of the Soul
0880102632 / 9780880102636 2007 Hardback 
Steiner's collection of 52 meditative verses, given in English and German, will enable the soul to participate actively in the progressing life of the year as it unfolds from week to week.
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<B>Calm Kids </B><I> Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities</I>, MURRAY, LORRAINE E.
11 Calm Kids Help Children Relax with Mindful Activities
0863158625 / 9780863158629 2012 
At school, we believe education should touch the whole child. This includes the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and cognitive aspects of the child's life. We teach children quietness as a skill to reflect and recharge their inner lives. Lorraine Murray helped us on this journey.'
-- Sheila Laing, Head Teacher

Stress and behavioural disorders are common in children, who are increasingly bombarded by marketing campaigns, faced with school and peer pressure, and able to sense the stress of adults around them.

Mindfulness and meditation can help children recognise and cope with these pressures, releasing bad feelings gently and giving them simple tools to deal with tension and stress throughout their lives. In this practical and inspiring book, Lorraine Murray shows parents, teachers and youth workers how to lead fun and peaceful meditation sessions with children.

Lorraine explains a variety of different approaches, from meditations around daily activities for busy families, to ideas for group 'quietness' sessions in schools. She provides fun, tactile rhymes for toddlers to help them calm down before bedtime, and suggests ways to help teenagers reduce anxiety. She goes on to explain how these methods can help children with ADHD and those on the autistic spectrum, giving a range of case studies.

This book is suitable for complete beginners, or those with some experience of relaxation and meditation techniques. It offers all the advice needed to lead sessions with children, whilst encouraging the reader to adapt and develop their own ways of helping children to feel calmer, happier and more peaceful.
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<B>Christian Creed, The </B><I> A Meditative Path</I>, SCHROEDER, HANS-WERNER,  HINDES, JAMES H.
12 Christian Creed, The A Meditative Path
0863156797 / 9780863156793 2009 Paperback 
In the Eucharist service of the Christian Community, the Act of the Consecration of Man, a new form of the Creed is read. Paradoxically, it does not begin with 'I believe', but rather is something which can become a source of faith through understanding. Hans-Werner Schroeder takes us step by step through the Creed, explaining it as a spiritual path which can truly transform us. This is an essential book for members of the Christian Community, and will also be of interest to all those searching for spiritual foundations.
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<B>Clear the Clutter </B><I> Make Space for Your Life</I>, PLOEG, INGE VEN DER,  PERLZWEIG, NAOMI
13 Clear the Clutter Make Space for Your Life
086315428X / 9780863154287 2004 Paperback 
- Why do you never have clean clothes when you need them? - Why do you never know where you put something for safekeeping? - And why does your life feel so out of control? Whether you need to know how to organize your laundry, weekly shopping, office computer files or your 10-year backlog of family photographs, this book can help. Full of no-nonsense advice, practical exercises, handy tips and checklists, it can be used to address a specific problem or as an overview for clearing up your life. Sorting out your surroundings has other benefits too: the practical experience of ordering a home or work space leads on naturally to rethinking other aspects of life. Clearing out the clutter really can make space for your life, and offer greater emotional and personal stability.
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<B>Colors of the Soul </B><I> Physiological and Spiritual Qualities of Light and Dark</I>, KLOCEK, DENNIS
14 Colors of the Soul Physiological and Spiritual Qualities of Light and Dark
1584209607 / 9781584209607 Paperback 
Illustrated: 48 in colour
The subject of color is a very important aspect of life and healing, especially healing what we could call the split in the world created by ordinary dualistic human perception. Rudolf Steiner speaks about this split in various different ways with a kind of “hidden” language, making it sometimes difficult to understand the fundamental idea. In this book, Dennis Klocek presents a kind of meditation on many different aspects of color and how we can work with the alchemical principles of Jachin and Boaz—the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple, representing the red and blue in the blood—to understand the Rosicrucian path in terms of color and healing.

Using many examples from natural- and spiritual-scientific research into color and the rise of various color theories through history, Klocek zeros in on the real essence of colors and how they relate to us as human beings in our physical body and soul. From Newton to Rudolf Steiner, as well as several centuries of artistic development of color and pigments, we learn to perceive in new ways that can both heal and help us work and play with color in new ways. The author also connects what we learn about color to healing with artistic therapies, homeopathy, and flower essences.

Colors of the Soul is illustrated in color, featuring numerous helpful diagrams and examples of art from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Like the author’s books on physiology, climate, and agriculture, this book brings knowledge and surprising insights to the nature of color, a topic that is integral to our everyday life and development.

DENNIS KLOCEK is a teacher, researcher, artist, gardener, and alchemist. He received an MFA in 1975 from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. He taught for seven years at a community college before joining Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, where he has been the director of their Consciousness Studies Program (“Goethean Studies??) since 1992. Dennis is engaged in research, teaching, and writing in many fields, including weather, gardening, meditation, the human organism, and self-transformation. He founded the Coros Institute to teach and promote dialogue experiences based on esoteric wisdom. Dennis Klocek’s books include Climate: Soul of the Earth (2011); The Seer’s Handbook (2004); Sacred Agriculture (2013); Knowledge,Teaching and the Death of the Mysterious (2000); Drawing from the Book of Nature (2000); and Seeking Spirit Vision (2004). Visit him online at dennisklocek.com.
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15 Cosmic and Human Evolution
0929979869 / 9780929979861 
Connections among planets, astrological constellations, and eurythmy are presented. The Twelve Moods are explored as a way of deepening the reader’s understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone meditation.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7705] 
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<B>Course for Young Doctors </B><I> GA 316, GA 202</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF
16 Course for Young Doctors GA 316, GA 202
0929979370 / 9780929979373 
Meditative contemplations and instructions for deepening the art of healing were given in this program for medical students and young physicians. The cycle consists of eight lectures given at Christmas, 1923, and five lectures given at Easter, 1924. For Rudolf Steiner, it was to be a course on the humanizing of medicine. As such it is completely different in content and spirit from all other lectures on medicine. Nowhere else does Rudolf Steiner give the kind and amount of meditative material to deepen a professional activity as he does in this work. Also included are “The Bridge Lectures,” three lectures given Dec. 17-19, 1920, which were recommended by Rudolf Steiner as preparation for this course.
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<B>Creative Spiritual Research </B><I> Awakening the Individual Human Spirit</I>, HOUTEN, COENRAAD VAN
17 Creative Spiritual Research Awakening the Individual Human Spirit
1906999287 / 9781906999285 2011 Paperback 
This book... will appeal to those who are in touch with their inner creative impulses, or are motivated but do not know how to begin. The aim is to make this spiritual path possible for every person. It can change the way one relates to life and work - at first simply by an attitude shift, as a questioning, caring human being, taking seriously the spiritual forces that manifest in all outer phenomena.'
How do adults learn and develop? How can adult learning become a living, growing process?
Based on the application of the 'seven life processes', Coenraad van Houten has successfully developed the methods of 'Vocational Learning' (Awakening the Will, 1999) and 'Destiny Learning' (Practising Destiny, 2000). Here, in the culmination of his research trilogy, he presents a new path of adult learning which he calls 'Creative Spiritual Research'. Based on the inner spiritual path of the individual, this is a method that relates to esoteric schooling, thresholds of consciousness and human creativity.
Part One of Creative Spiritual Research features guidelines and exercises for individual practice, whilst Part Two focuses on the general schooling path as a preparation or precondition, opening the inner space needed for research as well as a questioning attitude.
COENRAAD VAN HOUTEN was born in the Netherlands in 1922. After studying Chemistry, Economics and Social Pedagogy, he lived and worked in Holland, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Britain as a manager in business, as a consultant, and as the director of the Centre for Social Development (which he co-founded). He has developed specialist programmes and seminars for educating adults, and presently advises organizations on training programmes. He is the author of Awakening the Will, Practising Destiny, The Threefold Nature of Destiny Learning, and is the co-founder of the New Adult Learning Movement.
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<B>Destiny of the Michael Community, The </B><I> Foundation Stone for the Future</I>, SELG, PETER, MILLER, MARGUERITE V.AND DOUGLAS E. (TRANS)
18 Destiny of the Michael Community, The Foundation Stone for the Future
1621480682 / 9781621480686 
In two related studies, Peter Selg tracks the groundbreaking of the first Goetheanum on September 20, 1913, in the context of what is known as the "Michael movement," the primary active impulse brought by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, which explicitly indicates the anthroposophic movement and its official society.

The author shows the fundamental importance of this beginning in Dornach. He illuminates the fateful goal of the “School for Spiritual Science” through Rudolf Steiner’s karma lectures, not only providentially in the sense that it involved individualities, but also with regard to the future development of human civilization.

This monograph builds on Peter Selg's book Rudolf Steiner's Foundation Stone Meditation: And the Destruction of the Twentieth Century and Sergei O. Prokofieff's Rudolf Steiner's Sculptural Group: A Revelation of the Spiritual Purpose of Humanity and the Earth.
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<B>Developing the Self </B><I> Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy</I>, ROMERO, LISA
19 Developing the Self Through the Inner Work Path in the Light of Anthroposophy
1621481239 / 9781621481232 
“Through taking hold of all that lives in us, we participate consciously in the transformation of our particular personal self — which is often closed to higher insights — toward a greater possibility of experiencing a living, dynamic spiritual life that awakens our being and serves the progression of the world in which we live.” — Lisa Romero
At the foundation of Western esoteric studies is an understanding of the evolution of consciousness. Anthroposophically based esoteric training focuses on strengthening the human soul. Ancient and modern practices are reenlivened to meet humanity’s evolving needs and to fulfill our present task of cultivating freedom and love to its highest degree.

Individual effort toward developing the higher self is essential for genuine progress on the inner work path. The clear insights and exercises outlined in this book reveal the meaning and necessity of this essential effort in the present age of the consciousness soul, contributing to simultaneously enlivening both our inner and outer work. The path of developing the self and our work in the world are not separated but united through our practices and their results.
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<B>Discovering the Zodiac in the Raphael Madonna Series </B><I> </I>, GRAY, BRIAN
20 Discovering the Zodiac in the Raphael Madonna Series
0946206759 / 9780946206759 Paperback 
"In the different arts ... we are presented with different languages that give expression to certain truths living in the human soul. They are often the most secret truths, the most secret knowledge, which cannot readily be reduced to rigid concepts nor clothed in abstract formula, but seek artistic expression." Rudolf Steiner, 29th April 1909.

Raphael’s paintings of the Madonna express secret truths. Rudolf Steiner described the healing effects of Raphael’s Madonnas in August 1908, and between 1908 and 1911 he directed Dr. Felix Peipers to arrange fifteen images as a therapeutic meditation for patients suffering from emotional disturbances. Sometimes called the Raphael Madonna Series, these fifteen pictures invite our active contemplation. Each image can awaken inner pictures that lift us into communion with realms beyond the physical world, stirring our feelings of wonder and reverence and opening our souls to divine mysteries.

The 15 images of the Madonna Series as illustrated in this book, are also available as a set of either postcards or prints, reproduced in colour.
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Price: 19.00 AUD
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