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<B>Adam Bittleston: His Life, Work and Thought </B><I> </I>, GIBSON, KENNETH
1 Adam Bittleston: His Life, Work and Thought
0863157823 / 9780863157820 Paperback 
Adam Bittleston (1911-89) was an ordained priest of The Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal founded in 1922 with the help of the philosopher and founder of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner. This book is the first biography of a fascinating and influential individual.

From his student days in Oxford Bittleston was a close friend of William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, and this book draws on Golding's unpublished journal. Bittleton was also very gifted with the written word, as well as being a much sought after spiritual counsellor. His wife, Gisela, once wrote that his 'main interest was to help people sort out their destiny.' His knowledge of Shakespeare was equal to that of any academic or writer of his time and most of his books and articles draw deeply on Shakespeare's work.He was also recognized as one of the foremost theologians of the Christian Community in Britain.

He was able to translate spiritual ideas into modern life and in keeping with modern times, and was the author of several books, including and Meditative Prayers for Today (1953), The Spirit of the Circling Stars (1975), Our Spiritual Companions (1983), The Seven Planets (1985), Loneliness (1987) and Counselling and Spiritual Development (1988).
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<B>And There Was Light </B><I> The Autobiography of a Blind Hero in the French Resistance</I>, LUSSEYRAN, JACQUES,  CAMERON, ELIZABETH R.
2 And There Was Light The Autobiography of a Blind Hero in the French Resistance
0863155073 / 9780863155079 1985 2 Paperback 
'Light is in us even if we have no eyes.' It is a rare man who can maintain a love of life through the infirmity of blindness, the terrors of war, and the horrors of a Nazi concentration camp. Such a man was Jacques Lusseyran, a French underground resistance leader during the Second World War. This book is his compelling and moving autobiography. Jacques Lusseyran lost his sight in an accident when he was eight years old. At the age of sixteen, he formed a resistance group with his schoolfriends in Nazi-occupied France. Gradually the small resistance circle of boys widened, cell by cell. In a fascinating scene, the author tells of interviewing prospective underground recruits, 'seeing' them by means of their voices, and in this way weeding out early the weak and the traitorous. Eventually Jacques and his comrades were betrayed to the Germans and interrogated by the Gestapo. After a fifteen month incarceration in Buchenwald, the author was one of thirty to survive from an initial shipment of two thousand.
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<B>At the Threshold of the Modern Age </B><I> Biographies Around the Year 1861</I>, KONIG, KARL,  BLAXLAND-DE LANGE, SIMON
3 At the Threshold of the Modern Age Biographies Around the Year 1861
0863158455 / 9780863158452 2011 Paperback 
The late nineteenth-century was an era of contrasts. On the one hand, philosophical materialism was increasing its influence over science. On the other, there was a growing social awareness and quest for spiritual values. Karl Konig explores the personal stories of twenty-nine pioneers whose work and experiences helped shape that era. They include artists and writers, social reformers, philosophers and political activists, and scientists. He considers how they responded as individuals to the challenges of the changing world around them. His insights and conclusions are relevant for us today, as we face our own time of change and upheaval. The biographies include Helen Keller (1880-1968), Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), Lou Salome (1861-1937), Gustav Mahler (1860-1911), Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and Adolf von Hildebrand (1847-1921).
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Price: 46.95 AUD
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<B>Camphill Villages </B><I> </I>, WEIHS, ANKE AND TALLO, JOAN
4 Camphill Villages

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Price: 10.00 AUD
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<B>Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul </B><I> An Illustrated Biography</I>, DUNNE, CLAIRE
5 Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul An Illustrated Biography
1780281145 / 9781780281148 2012 Hardback 
Illustrations (some col.), ports. (some col.)
This beautifully illustrated biography tells the story of one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Carl Jung continues to be revered today as a true revolutionary who changed our views of psychology, introduced the West to Eastern spirituality and brought into general awareness such important concepts as archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity. In this book lecturer, author and broadcaster Claire Dunne chronicles Jung's journey of self-discovery from his childhood, filled with visions both terrifying and profound, through to his early adulthood when he pursued more material goals, to his rediscovery of spirituality at mid-life. Special attention is paid to the tumultuous relationship between Jung and his one-time mentor Sigmund Freud, the unconventional yet vital role performed by his student Toni Wolff, and the revelatory visions Jung experienced following a close brush with death.
The words of Jung himself and those who shared his work and private life are presented verbatim, interspersed with Claire Dunne's lively and accessible commentary and an evocative array of illustrations including photos of Jung, his associates and the environments in which he lived and worked, as well as art images both ancient and contemporary that reflect Jung's teachings. Jung emerges as a healer whose skills arose from having first attended to the wounds in his own soul. This is an essential book for everyone interested in psychology, spirituality and personal development.
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Price: 35.00 AUD
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<B>D.N. Dunlop </B><I> A Man of Our Time</I>, MEYER, T. H.
6 D.N. Dunlop A Man of Our Time
190699966X / 9781906999667 2014 
18 plates
D.N. Dunlop (1868-1935) combined remarkable practical and organizational abilities in industry and commerce with gifted spiritual and esoteric capacities. A personal friend of W.B. Yeats and Rudolf Steiner, Dunlop was responsible for founding the World Power Conference (today the World Energy Council), and played leading roles in the Theosophical Society and later the Anthroposophical Society. In his business life he pioneered a cooperative approach towards the emerging global economy.
Meyer’s compelling narrative of Dunlop’s life begins on the Isle of Arran, where the motherless boy is brought up by his grandfather. In a landscape rich with prehistoric standing stones, the young Dunlop has formative spiritual experiences. When his grandfather dies, he struggles for material survival, but devotedly studies occult literature. The scene moves to Dublin, where Dunlop becomes a friend of W.B. Yeats and the poet-seer A.E., and develops an active interest in Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy. Arriving in London via New York, Dunlop is now a lecturer, writer and the editor of a monthly journal – but alongside his esoteric interests he rises to a foremost position in the British electrical industry, masterminding the first World Power Conference.
Dunlop’s life is to change forever through his meeting with Rudolf Steiner, which ‘...brought instant recognition’. He was immediately convinced that Steiner was ‘...the Knower, the Initiate, the bearer of the Spirit to his age’. Dunlop’s close involvement with anthroposophy, leading to his eventual position as Chair of the British Society, is described in detail: from the momentous conferences in Penmaenmawr and Torquay to his transformative relationships with Eleanor Merry, W.J. Stein, Ita Wegman and Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz. Meyer features important material on the Anthroposophical Society’s tragic split, that allows for a true evaluation of this difficult period in the organization’s history.
This second, enlarged edition features substantial additions of new material and an Afterword by Owen Barfield.
T.H. MEYER was born in Switzerland in 1950. He is the founder and publisher of Perseus Verlag, Basel, and editor of the monthly journal Der Europaer. He is the author of several books including D.N. Dunlop, A Biography; Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission; The Bodhisattva Question; Clairvoyance and Consciousness and Reality, Truth and Evil, and editor of Light for the New Millennium. He has written numerous articles and gives seminars and lectures around the world.
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<B>Death of Merlin, The </B><I> Arthurian Myth and Alchemy</I>, STEIN, WALTER JOHANNES
7 Death of Merlin, The Arthurian Myth and Alchemy
086315641X / 9780863156410 Paperback 
The Death of Merlin collects Stein’s essays and lectures from the 1920s and 1930s. The first section contains Stein’s memoirs, which provide context for his research within the culture of the era.
The story of King Arthur and the Grail still holds a remarkable fascination for many people. In this classic work, Walter Johannes Stein traces its origins in early Christianity and classical and Nordic mythology, and follows its development in medieval and modern times. In particular, Stein explores the parallels between the quest for the Grail and the medieval alchemists search for the Philosopher’s Stone.
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<B>Eternal Individuality </B><I> Towards a Karmic Biography of Novalis</I>, PROKOFIEFF SERGEI O.,  BLAXLAND-DE LANGE, SIMON
8 Eternal Individuality Towards a Karmic Biography of Novalis
0904693392 / 9780904693393 2005 Hardback 
16 colour plates
Prokofieff develops and expands Rudolf Steiner's occult research, leading the reader to an understanding of Novalis's crucial future mission amongst humanity, and indicating how this mission receives its form from the roots of its rich karmic past.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7992] 
Price: 75.00 AUD
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<B>Europa </B><I> A Spiritual Biography</I>, SEDDON, RICHARD
9 Europa A Spiritual Biography
0904693724 / 9780904693720 1995 Paperback 
Rudolf Steiner spoke of history not only as the outcome of mere cause and effect on the physical plane, but also as the result of influences from spiritual beings. Europa, A Spiritual Biography offers a unique view of history that considers Europe from the point of view of the rulerships of the various Archangels of Time -- from Michael's regency between the mid-sixth and the third century B.C., up to his present rulership between 1879 and the twenty-second century. Richard Seddon gives a clear overview of Steiner's extensive research, set against an outline of outer events extended to the present day.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10221] 
Price: 29.90 AUD
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<B>Footprints of an Angel </B><I> With Scenes from a Joint Autobiography</I>, FINSER, SIEGFRIED E
10 Footprints of an Angel With Scenes from a Joint Autobiography
1584201231 / 9781584201236 2012 Paperback / softback 
“The angel does not deal with space, only time. Time is as far down from duration as an angel can penetrate. Therefore, the footprints of all angels resemble bookmarks and can be found in every single biography and in the cumulative story of humankind, the multitude of human biographies we know as history.” —Siegfried Finser

Footprints of an Angel is the story of a man in search of his angel. His search begins with various events in his life that he finds difficult to explain. The fact that they happened is incontrovertible, but how did they happen? On close inspection, the most obvious causes are indefensible. Again and again, he discovers that major turning points in his life were not well thought out or carefully planned. Indeed, they seemed to happen largely by accident, the results of coincidence or even a series of miracles.

The author uncovered a startling number of such “accidents.” They seemed to occur in a meaningful sequence, too purposeful to ignore. Following this story, the reader witnesses how the evidence grows and offers increasing conviction that an angel is functioning and acting in his life, revealing a relationship between angels and human life on Earth. The author offers each piece of information taken from direct inquiry into his life story—“footprints” that reveal the presence of an angel.

Footprints of an Angel will encourage readers to look with fresh eyes at their own lives—not superficially, but with special attention to turning points and the intricate details leading to actual events. People often say, “The devil is in the details.” This book shows that the angel is also present in the details of our lives.
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<B>From Gurs to Auschwitz </B><I> </I>, SELG, PETER BARTON,MATTHEW, TRANS
11 From Gurs to Auschwitz
1621480429 / 9781621480426 2013 
Maria Krehbiel-Darmstädter (1892–1943), who was killed at Auschwitz, was a highly gifted pupil of Rudolf Steiner and a member of The Christian Community. Born into a Jewish family in Mannheim, she was deported to Gurs camp in the Pyrénées on October 22, 1940, where she survived harsh conditions and helped many of her fellow inmates. Following temporary sick-leave (under police supervision) in Limonest near Lyon, and a failed attempt to flee to Switzerland, she was brought to Drancy transit camp near Paris before being taken to Auschwitz.

This book offers unique testimony of an individual rooted in esoteric Christianity and Spiritual Science who found sources of inner resistance during one of history’s darkest periods. As the portrait of a highly ethical and sorely tried woman amid catastrophic conditions, it describes her existential efforts to summon powers of concentration, meditation, and dedication to others, showing how these continued to inform her outlook and actions to the very end.

Polish Jews in Drancy referred to Maria Krehbiel-Darmstädter as Mère Maria. They experienced her distinctive spirituality and personal qualities and a profound religiosity that retained an inner connection with the Christian sacramental world, even in the most desolate circumstances.

From Gurs to Auschwitz adds an important voice to literature on the Holocaust and shines a light on the nature of spiritual, inner resistance during the dark years of World War II in Europe.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12858] 
Price: 42.95 AUD
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12 Golgonooza City of Imagination Last Studies in William Blake
0940262428 / 9780940262423 Paperback 

[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1388] 
Price: 25.95 AUD
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<B>Green Snake, The </B><I> An Autobiography</I>, WOLOSCHIN, MARGARITA,  STEBBING, PETER
13 Green Snake, The An Autobiography
0863157610 / 9780863157615 2010 Paperback 
10 colour illustrations
Told from the perspective of the anthroposophical artist, Margarita Woloschin, this is a first-hand account of her privileged upbringing in Russia and subsequent life. Her vivid recollections of Moscow and rural Russia at the end of the nineteenth century are related in a lyrical, evocative timbre that echoes throughout the book. It records, in lavish detail, Woloschin's meetings with the Russian intellectual elite, including Tolstoy, the impressions they made upon her, her extensive travels throughout Europe and her marriage to the journalist-poet Max Voloshin. Instrumental in the introduction of anthroposophy into Russia, Woloschin recounts the construction of the original Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, in which she was involved, and its ultimate destruction. The narrative is interspersed with the artist's personal memories and insights of Rudolf Steiner and the struggle for meaning in her own turbulent life. As the First World War spreads through Europe, she details the harsh deprivations of the Russian Revolution and its effects on her family and friends, which stand in brutal contrast to the earlier bucolic aspect of her testimony.
Set against the extremes of tsarist Russia and the Bolshevik Revolution, this haunting, historical memoir is testament to a fascinating and inspirational life.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1003] 
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14 Human Life, The
092997901X / 9780929979014 Softbound 
This long awaited contribution to biography work explores the various chapters of a human lifetime in the context of an anthroposophical world view. Cosmic evolution, destiny, and karma are discussed as they relate to one’s life and to the lives of others. The Human Life is a helpful guide to have as one travels the path of self-knowledge and tries to understand the encounters one meets — and possibly gets tripped up by — along the way. The enclosed life-chart lets one see aspects of the physical, life, soul, and ego — as well as the patterns — that show themselves in this incarnation. The Human Life has previously been described as being an accessible introduction to anthroposophy. (329pp, plus a removable Life-Chart poster)
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12667] 
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<B>In the Image of Orpheus </B><I> Rilke: A Soul History</I>, POLIKOFF, DANIEL JOSEPH
15 In the Image of Orpheus Rilke: A Soul History
188860252X / 9781888602524 2011 Paperback / softback 
In the Image of Orpheus tells the inner story of Rilke's literary career, tracing—step by step—the mythopoetic journey inscribed in the interweaving lines of the poet's life and art. Blending biography with in-depth analyses of Rilke's poetry and prose (from his little-known Visions of Christ through the Sonnets to Orpheus), the lively narrative draws upon Hillman and Jung, Plato and Petrarch, Apuleius, Ibn Arabi and Lou Andreas-Salomé as it unfolds the poet-seer’s vision of the nature and destiny of the human soul—a vision as timely as it is timeless.
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<B>Ita Wegman and Karl Konig </B><I> Letters and Documents</I>, SELG, PETER AND KONIG, KARL AND WEGMAN, ITA
16 Ita Wegman and Karl Konig Letters and Documents
0863156614 / 9780863156618 Paperback 
Ita Wegman, born in 1876 to a Dutch family living in Indonesia, first met Rudolf Steiner in Berlin in 1902 when she was 26 years old. She studied medicine at the University of Zurich and in 1917, following Steiner's indications, developed a treatment for cancer using mistletoe. In 1921 she founded the first anthroposophical medical clinic, in Arlesheim, Switzerland, followed in 1922 by the Sonnenhof home for children with special needs.
Karl König first met Wegman in 1927, and she quickly recognized his great potential, as well as his weaknesses. She invited him to work at the Arlesheim clinic as her assistant, and encouraged and advised him in his medical work.
This book includes the complete correspondence between König and Wegman.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 921] 
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<B>Kaethe Wolf Gumpold; Priest Artist Writer </B><I> An illustrated biography: connected with the life of William Blake</I>, FLETCHER, JOHN & RATHGEBER, ERNEST & JOHANNA
17 Kaethe Wolf Gumpold; Priest Artist Writer An illustrated biography: connected with the life of William Blake

[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10812] 
Price: 39.90 AUD
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<B>Karl Konig: My Task </B><I> Autobiography and Biography</I>, KONIG, KARL,  SELG, PETER
18 Karl Konig: My Task Autobiography and Biography
0863156282 / 9780863156281 2008 Paperback 
31 b/w illustrations
Born in 1902 into a Jewish family, Karl Konig grew up in Vienna in the last years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He studied medicine and during this time came across the work of Rudolf Steiner. Soon after graduating he worked with Ita Wegman in Switzerland, where he also met his wife, Tilla. He was a pioneer in the early days of Pilgramshain, a home for children with special needs in Silesia, Germany. However, in 1936 under political pressure he left Germany for Austria. Here he had a large medical practice as well as being the focus of a group of young people interested in Steiner's work. Following the annexation of Austria by the Nazis, Konig and many of the young people around him came to Britain as refugees. The ideal of working together as a community was put into practice with the founding of Camphill in 1939. Konig was the driving force behind the expansion of the Camphill movement across the British Isles, into Europe, South Africa and North America. He died in 1966.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 668] 
Price: 21.95 AUD
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<B>Karl Konig`s Path to Anthroposophy </B><I> Reflections from His Diaries</I>, SELG, PETER,  KONIG, KARL
19 Karl Konig`s Path to Anthroposophy Reflections from His Diaries
0863156290 / 9780863156298 2008 Paperback 
8 b/w illustrations
This book follows Karl Konig's spiritual journey from his early years to the end of his life. Through the words of his diaries, in which his battles with health and his impatient temperament are recorded with merciless honesty, we can follow his inner path that led to profound insights into the nature of children with special needs. His personal wrestlings and innate spirituality laid the foundation for his work in the Camphill Schools and Villages. This book includes facsimile reproductions of some of Konig's original diary pages. About the Karl Konig Archive: Karl Konig, the founder of Camphill, was a prolific lecturer and writer on a wide range of subjects from anthroposophy and Christology through social questions and curative education to science and history. The Karl Konig Archive are working on a programme of publishing these works over the coming years.
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<B>Kaspar Hauser </B><I> The Holy Fool and the Path of Sacrifice</I>, STEUCK, JOHANNES
20 Kaspar Hauser The Holy Fool and the Path of Sacrifice
0954287312 / 9780954287313 2006 Hardback 
48 full colour paintings with coloured drop caps & friezes with the text
This inspired collection of over forty original paintings by Greg Tricker portrays the extraordinary life of Kaspar Hauser. The paintings have a visionary quality which presents a fresh, contemporary image of Kaspar Hauser, portrayed as the Holy Fool, on a path of sacrifice akin to the suffering of Christ.

The mysterious life of Kaspar Hauser is explored by the writer and artist Johannes Steuck with a foreword by Jonathan Stedall.

"Not since the paintings of Cecil Collins have I seen work that captures so poignantly the essential purity and innocence of the human being. The Holy Fool is, thank heaven, alive and well in the hands of Greg Tricker." Jonathan Stedall.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 7798] 
Price: 65.00 AUD
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