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Reincarnation and Karma

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Reincarnation and Karma

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<B>Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma </B><I> </I>, POWELL, ROBERT AND DANN, KEVIN
1 Astrological Revolution: Unveiling the Science of the Stars as a Science of Reincarnation and Karma
1584200839 / 9781584200833 Paperback 

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Price: 34.95 AUD
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<B>Barefoot through the Burning Lava </B><I> On Sicily, the Island of Cain – An Esoteric Travelogue</I>, MERYER, T H
2 Barefoot through the Burning Lava On Sicily, the Island of Cain – An Esoteric Travelogue
1906999945 / 9781906999940 
Drawn by the mysterious mount Etna, Thomas Meyer sets off on a quest to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Stromboli. The Sicilian region is not only famous for the drama of its live volcanoes, but also for its associations with numerous cultural figures – ranging from Cain, Empedocles, Klingsor and the much maligned Cagliostro, through to Goethe and Rudolf Steiner. The author ponders their lives, work and karmic connections, whilst unexpected meetings with cryptic strangers result in discussions that are filled with spiritual insights and pearls of wisdom.

Meyer’s travelogue is at once engaging, poetic and deeply esoteric, drawing parallels between the burning lava of Etna and Stromboli and the soul lava through which our spiritual feet must wade in the present day. In meditations on the Guardian of the Threshold and the explosive popularity of football, we are led to the conclusion that today human beings need to develop ‘spiritual feet’ to cross the boundary to higher worlds. The author’s final trip coincides with the recent natural catastrophe in Nepal, which prompts him to ask whether humanity can begin to take inner responsibility for the many such disasters – particularly earthquakes and volcanic eruptions – that take place around the world. For these natural calamities, says Meyer, are intimately related to our untamed passions and emotions.

T.H. MEYER was born in Switzerland in 1950. He is the founder and publisher of Perseus Verlag, Basel, and editor of the monthly journals Der Europäer and The Present Age. He is the author of several books including Milestones; In the Sign of Five; Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz, A Biography; D.N. Dunlop, A Biography; Rudolf Steiner’s Core Mission; The Bodhisattva Question; Clairvoyance and Consciousness and Reality, Truth and Evil. He is also the editor of Light for the New Millennium. Meyer has written numerous articles and gives seminars and lectures around the world.
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Price: 24.95 AUD
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<B>Elijah Come Again </B><I> A Prophet for Our Time - A Scientific Approach to Reincarnation</I>, POWELL, ROBERT
3 Elijah Come Again A Prophet for Our Time - A Scientific Approach to Reincarnation
1584200707 / 9781584200703 2009 Paperback 
The research presented by Robert Powell in this book shows that a new science of the stars is possible, based on a study of reincarnation and karma. Willi Sucher did much to pioneer the development of a new star wisdom, or astrosophy, as a scientific tool for the investigation of karma. Powell has discovered that applying the science of astrosophy to the findings of karma research reveals-through the discovery of astrological reincarnation rules-the foundations underlying star wisdom. Once these foundational findings relating to astrological reincarnation research have been assimilated, a reformation of traditional astrology will inevitably take place. Once the new astrology is established, there will be a similar feeling in looking back upon traditional Western astrology that modern astronomers have when looking back upon the old geocentric astronomy. The purpose of this book is to contemplate the incarnations of the prophet Elijah, with the goal of laying the foundation for a new "science of the stars" as the "science of karma." At the close of his last lecture, after discussing the sequence of incarnations of Elijah-John the Baptist-Raphael-Novalis, Rudolf Steiner spoke of this individuality as "a radiant and splendid forerunner.
..with whom you are to prepare the work that shall be accomplished at the end of the [twentieth] century, and will lead humankind past the great crisis in which it is involved." These words indicate that, from the end of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first century (that is, now), the Elijah-John individuality is to be a "radiant forerunner" for humanity in the next step underlying our spiritual evolution. ELIJAH COME AGAIN presents a scientific approach toward unveiling the mystery of human destiny. This theme is timeless in nature-yet timely, nevertheless, in the recounting of the unfolding destiny and mission of the Old Testament prophet Elijah. This individuality, whose various incarnations are explored in this book, is of such spiritual weight and stature as to call forth both rain and fire from heaven in the service of humanity's evolution toward communion with the spiritual forces of love and morality that live in the human heart as the abiding presence of the living Word. "Elijah does come first to restore all things" (Mark 9:12).
These words of Christ apply now-in relation to the ongoing fulfillment of Elijah's mission in the world at the present time toward the peoples of the Earth.
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Price: 48.95 AUD
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<B>Soul's Long Journey </B><I> How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation</I>, SMITH, EDWARD REAUGH
4 Soul's Long Journey How the Bible Reveals Reincarnation
0880105356 / 9780880105354 2003 Paperback 
Here are amazing insights showing reincarnation to be deeply and powerfully revealed in the Bible's most fundamental aspects. How and why have these insights escaped attention for so long? At last, they are uncovered here by a confluence of conventional Bible study and the epochal spiritual discoveries of Rudolf Steiner. With particular emphasis on the organic provisions of the Old Testament, Smith shows both what the assumptions of the Master's hearers were and how the New Testament confirms the ancient heritage. Arising from the fullness of the canon is an exciting story of the long journey of humanity and every human soul, each a ?beloved sheep? whom the Creator is unwilling to lose.
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Price: 29.90 AUD
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<B>Thank goodness, there's more than one life to live! </B><I> </I>, SURKAMP, J. MICHAEL
5 Thank goodness, there's more than one life to live!
0956926606 / 9780956926609 
A very readable introduction by a retired Camphill teacher and parent to the idea of reincarnation and karma, drawing on accounts of personal experiences of past lives. It is intended for those who may be unfamiliar with the concepts, and includeds excerpts from various writers including Rudolf Steiner, T. H. Meyer and A. P. Shepherd. Readers are invited to make up their own minds about the material presented.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13363] 
Price: 24.50 AUD
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