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<B>Alpha Beta Book ,The </B><I> An Introduction to Anceint Greek</I>, MC CRARY, KEITH U.
1 Alpha Beta Book ,The An Introduction to Anceint Greek
1936367416 / 9781936367412 2013 Softbound 
Includes CD
Can Ancient Greek be introduced with levity and whimsy? Author Keith McCrary has introduced hundreds of children and adults to Ancient Greek for over thirty years at Waldorf schools in the United States, Japan and Mexico. Follow the directions for learning to say the Greek alphabet, and he will have you speaking it it in different rhythms, in a series of accents, including Texan! – and even singing it.

Included are pictographs for the letters of the Greek alphabet and ample opportunities to learn about many Greek words that have English “cousins.” Besides learning to count to twenty, you can recite the first lines of Homer’s Odyssey, some well-known philosophical sayings, and much more, plus learn a little history along the way.

You can be amused while learning some Ancient Greek and, perhaps if you pay close attention, you’ll even be amazed. After reading this little book, you may well understand a good bit more than you had before because it IS Greek to you.

This is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in learning about language. The illustrations lift the words off the page and into the imagination. I recommend it for classrooms, homes and a place on your bookshelf.
-- Paul R. Brown, Maui District School Superintendent, ret.

CD is included:
Audio lessons to accompany the material in the book:
Introduction: “Go with me to a distant land…”
Learning the Greek alphabet (and singing it to the traditional alphabet song)
Counting from 1 to 20
Philosophical sayings and excerpts from literature: Homer’s The Odyssey, the Prayer to Zeus (recited at the opening of the fifth grade pentathlon), first lines of The Gospel of John
with musical interludes and a farewell
Run time: approx 40 minutes
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12845] 
Price: 33.00 AUD
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<B>For the Love of Literature </B><I> A Celebration of Language and Imagination</I>, BARNES, C.MACKAYE-,  ETC.,  GERWIN, D.,  ET AL
2 For the Love of Literature A Celebration of Language and Imagination
0880104163 / 9780880104166 1996 Paperback 
A largely unnoticed component of the current educational, social, and even ecological, crisis lies hidden in the decline in the value accorded to what we rightly call the "humanities". The study of the living words of great literature -- Homer, Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, the Romantic poets, the Russian novelists -- no longer forms the basis of the curriculum of the human soul. Marginalized, politicized, and devalued, the imagination is disparaged and young people are fed instead a monotonous diet of information, scientism, and technological know-how. These things are certainly useful, and perhaps even necessary to our survival, but when they become the foundation of education, the result is an assault on what it means to be a human being.

The present collection of essays seeks to address this situation from the point of view of Waldorf education. Built around the work of Christy MacKaye Barnes, a master teacher of English, For the Love of Literature focuses on general themes -- such as the training of imagination, speech and poetry through the study of great authors -- as well as on particular authors and texts. The writers include many of the great first-generation English teachers in the Waldorf movement: Adam Bittleston, L. Francis Edmunds, A. C. Harwood, Isabel Wyatt, and Hugh Hetherington.

This is an exciting book: a living testament to its subject and essential reading for anyone interested in the Waldorf curriculum. For the Love of Literature should also find a place in the library of anyone interested in fine writing and the deeper meaning of great literature.
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Price: 35.95 AUD

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<B>Mesonyms </B><I> From words that polarize to words that mediate</I>, HOWARD, MICHAEL
3 Mesonyms From words that polarize to words that mediate
1935136089 / 9781935136088 
Michael Howard reminds us that polarization is ubiquitous in our time. In the realm of language, this polarization comes to expression through synonyms and antonyms. But the world is not as black-and-white as it appears. Fortunately, language is rich in words that bridge and mediate between polar extremes. However, these words are not as prominent in our speaking and thinking as synonyms and antonyms, and for this reason, we do not apply them in our practical affairs as fully as we might. By its very title this booklet proposes 'Mesonym' as the name for ‘words in the middle, words that mediate’. A thesaurus of Mesonyms would be a resource for becoming more conscious of this dimension of language, and perhaps open us to less polarized ways of thinking and acting. This booklet offers examples that clarify the nature and practical value of Mesonyms. In itself it is a modest introduction to a larger enterprise but the hope is that it may inspire others to develop it further.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12670] 
Price: 17.90 AUD
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<B>Power of Grammar, The </B><I> A phenomenological approach</I>, GREER, ANNE
4 Power of Grammar, The A phenomenological approach

Produced by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and distributed by AWSNA Publications this spiral bound book contains the proceedings of a recent colloquium where Anne Greer presented her novel approach to the subject. There are also contributions made by the illustrious participants.

There are 2 parts to the book:
Part 1: Background Research Chapters:
The Current Situation in NA W Schools
The Current Situations in NA Public Schools
What Does Rudolf Steiner Say About Teaching Grammar?
What's Wrong with What We're Already Doing?
The Linguisitic Revolution and the Teaching of Grammar
"Correcting" Student Errors
What's Useful in the New Approach to Grammar?
What is Standard English?
What Might Work in a WHS

Part 2: Additional Contributions:
Meg Gorman: Bringing Traditional Grammar to Life
Wendy Bruneau: Using Image Grammar in the Classroom
Jason Gross: Seeing Grammar
Jason Gross: Serious Fun with Commas
Patrice Pinette: Grammar and Poetry
Jane Wulsin: "Study of Man"
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 4089] 
Price: 47.00 AUD
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