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<B>Archetypal Cosmos </B><I> Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology.  Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology</I>, GRICE, KEIRON LE
1 Archetypal Cosmos Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology. Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology
0863157750 / 9780863157752 2010 Paperback 
The modern world is passing through a time of critical change on many levels: cultural, political, ecological and spiritual. We are witnessing the decline and dissolution of the old order, the tumult and uncertainty of a new birth. Against this background, there is an urgent need for a coherent framework of meaning to guide and to lead us beyond the growing fragmentation of culture, belief and personal identity.

Keiron Le Grice argues that the developing insights of a new cosmology could provide this framework, helping us to discover an underlying order shaping our life experiences. In a compelling synthesis of the ideas of seminal thinkers from depth psychology and the new paradigm sciences, Le Grice positions the new discipline of archetypal astrology at the centre of an emerging world view that reunifies psyche and cosmos, spirituality and science, mythology and metaphysics, and enables us to see mythic gods, heroes and themes in a fresh light. He draws especially on the work of C. G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, Richard Tarnas, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm and Brian Swimme.
Heralding a 'rediscovery of the gods' and the passage into a new spiritual era, The Archetypal Cosmos presents a new understanding of the role of myth and archetypal principles in our lives, one that could give a cosmic perspective and deeper meaning to our personal experiences.
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Price: 44.95 AUD
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2 Cosmic and Human Evolution
0929979869 / 9780929979861 
Connections among planets, astrological constellations, and eurythmy are presented. The Twelve Moods are explored as a way of deepening the reader’s understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone meditation.
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Price: 59.90 AUD
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<B>Living Universe and the New Millennium </B><I> Lectures</I>, SUCHER, WILLI,  STRAKER, HAZEL
3 Living Universe and the New Millennium Lectures
0952440342 / 9780952440345 1997 Paperback 
The five lectures reproduced here for the first time in book form were given by WiIIi Sucher (1902-1985.) in 1958 and 1969. The first, a single lecture, deals with the phenomena and history of the Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn, with special reference to the one at the turn of the century in June-July 2000 ad.
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Price: 44.30 AUD
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Journal for Star Wisdom 2013, POWELL, ROBERT
4 Journal for Star Wisdom 2013
1584201355 / 9781584201359 2012 Paperback 
b/w illustrations and charts Journal for Star Wisdom 2013 includes articles of interest concerning star wisdom (Astrosophy), as well as a guide to the correspondences between stellar configurations during the life of Christ and those of today. This guide comprises a complete sidereal ephemeris and aspectarian, geocentric and heliocentric, for each day throughout the year. In this year's journal there are articles by Brian Gray and Robert Powell on the new science of Astrogeographia, concerning the one-to-one correspondence between the celestial sphere and the earthly globe. David Tresemer examines the significance of Neptune in world events, and William Bento offers important perspectives on the dark shadows of Neptune. There are also articles by Wain Farrants, Kevin Dann, Lacquanna Paul and Claudia McLaren Lainson, as well as Sally Nurney's monthly astronomical previews. 
Price: 34.95 AUD
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5 Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner
0880105747 / 9780880105743 2007 Paperback 
illustrations "We are each meant to discover the connection from our individual soul to spiritual realities not encompassed by the normal senses, requiring supersensible perception. Images can offer powerful assistance...However, we have forgotten about our own imagination, the creation of our own images. What was meant to be a balance between self-created imaginations and the enjoyment of others' imaginations has become seriously lopsided...We have become gluttons, even if unwilling gluttons, of images. The energetic body becomes fat while the soul starves. We are meant to feed the soul with our own realizations of its gifts. The personality and the soul feed each other, constantly." A gift was given you at your first breath - have you opened it? It came from the stars and impressed itself into you at your most vulnerable moment. In this introduction to astrosophy, or star wisdom, a science with ancient roots and modern relevance, David Tresemer shows how the patterns written in the heavens influence a person's life.
Taking as an example the remarkable life of Rudolf Steiner, Tresemer demonstrates the Oracle of the Solar Cross, whose four points interact throughout each of our lives to shape opportunities and challenges that our souls must face. Steiner spoke often of the "starry script" and hinted that, whereas its patterns impress themselves upon the human psyche, we can also influence this heavenly text, altering it in service of the continued development of humanity. Through stories from the life and examples from the work of Steiner as well as the Star Brothers and Sisters who share aspects of his Solar Cross, Tresemer illuminates this truth. Rich in art and anecdote, this groundbreaking book gives insight into the foundations of anthroposophy and shows how great acts, feelings, and thoughts by human beings on Earth shine out and impress their patterns into the cosmos. 
Price: 39.95 AUD
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