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<B>Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology, A </B><I> </I>, ALLEN, PAUL M.
1 Christian Rosenkreutz Anthology, A
089345009X / 9780893450090 Hardback 
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This unique anthology presents the life and work of Christian Rosenkreutz and his importance for our time. Included are the 'true Rosicrucian writings' -- The Chymical Wedding; The Fame and Confession of the Fraternity of the Rosie Cross; The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians. Also included are important writings by Robert Fludd, Thomas Vaughan, Hinricus Madathanus, Daniel Stolcius, Heinrich Khunrath, several lectures by Rudolf Steiner, and a list of references to Christian Rosenkreutz by Steiner. Contains extensive editorial and reference notes and an annotated bibliography.
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Price: 170.00 AUD
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<B>Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz </B><I> A Commentary on a Christian Path of Initiation</I>, ANDRAE, JOHANN VALENTIN AND BAAN,, BASTIAAN, TRANS PHILIP MEES
2 Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz A Commentary on a Christian Path of Initiation
178250317X / 9781782503170 
The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz is one of the most important writings of esoteric Christianity, first published anonymously in German in 1616. It is an allegorical story divided into seven journeys about how Christian Rosenkreutz was invited to a castle to assist the 'chymical wedding' of the king and queen. 'Chymical' is an old form of the word chemical and refers to alchemy, whose aim is the uniting of opposites - hence, the sacred wedding.

It is a book concerned with the inner transformation of the soul. Bastiaan Baan's interpretation and commentary makes this work accessible to readers of today, and shows the special language Andreae used to express the meditative content of his text. He delves deep to uncover the original significance, combining images and concepts from alchemy with insights from Rudolf Steiner's teachings. He concludes that the content is as valuable today as it was hundreds of years ago.

The book contains the complete text of the Chymical Wedding.

Johann Valetin Andreae (1586-1654) was a German theologian who was probably the author of The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, one of the three founding works of Rosicrucianism.

Bastiaan Baan worked as a teacher in the Netherlands before being ordained in 1981. He was a Christian Community priest in the Netherlands and is currently director of the priests' seminary in Spring Valley, NY. He lectures widely, and has written many books.
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Price: 44.99 AUD
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<B>Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz </B><I> </I>, SELG, PETER,  SAAR, M.
3 Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz
0880106603 / 9780880106603 2012 Paperback 
"Only in our time has it become possible once again to unlock the sources of Rosicrucian wisdom and allow them to flow into the whole of culture... Christian Rosenkreutz has always lived among us and he is with us today too as the guide of spiritual life.... "The spiritual stream related to Christian Rosenkreutz offers the most potent assistance to those who strive to understand the Christ impulse." -Rudolf Steiner Rudolf Steiner spoke often of the relationship of Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science to Rosicrucianism, but he spoke less of the being of Christian Rosenkreutz himself. As he said, "To speak of Christian Rosenkreutz presumes a profound trust in the mysteries of the life of the spirit-a trust or faith not in the person of Christian Rosenkreutz, but in the mysteries of spiritual life." For Steiner, Christian Rosenkreutz was active in at least three ways. First, as one of the "great leaders of humanity," he worked to bring esoteric spirituality into the modern world and to lead it into the future. Second, as "the greatest teacher of Christianity" he worked to bring to humanity true "heart knowledge" of Christ through the continued unveiling of the Mystery of Golgotha in the etheric. Third, as a concrete, particular individual being, Steiner had a living, actual, personal relationship with him. As such, because of our failure to understand, Steiner called him "a noble martyr...who, through his way of working, endured, and will in future endure, more than any other person. I say 'person, ' for the suffering of Christ was the suffering of a god." In the first part of this inspiring book-a work of devotion both to Rudolf Steiner and to Christian Rosenkreutz-Peter Selg, as "The Great Servant of Christ Jesus," gives a detailed, chronological, and fascinating account of Steiner's portrayal and, as much as possible, experiences of Christian Rosenkreutz. He shows how Steiner had essentially two teachers: the Master Jesus (Zoroaster) and Christian Rosenkreutz. Moreover, Selg shows how these two, with Rudolf Steiner, unfolded spiritual science for our time. In the second part, he shows how all this culminates, astonishingly and miraculously, in the Michael School as it manifested in the First Class. Rudolf Steiner and Christian Rosenkreutz concludes with an appendix containing the text of the original (1614) Fama, or "Announcement of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood." Anyone interested in the esoteric foundations of Anthroposophy or in the true meaning of Rosicrucianism will be find this book of great value.
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Price: 32.99 AUD
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<B>Shakespeare's Secret Booke </B><I> Deciphering Magical and Rosicrucian Codes</I>, OVASON, DAVID
4 Shakespeare's Secret Booke Deciphering Magical and Rosicrucian Codes
1905570260 / 9781905570263 2010 Paperback 
Numerous half tones
And now I will unclaspe a Secret booke, And to your quicke conceyving Discontents, Ille reade you Matter, deepe and dangerous As full of peril and adventurous Spirit...- William Shakespeare, "King Henry IV", Part I. Whilst Shakespeare's genius is universally recognized, there is a hidden, secretive side to his work that is little known: the fact that he made use of a mysterious code that figures widely in the esoteric literature of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods. The Bard of Avon was a master of such encoding, and his methods were continued, in the Folio of 1623 and in his various memorials, by those who had known him. However, Shakespeare was not the inventor of this code. Among the many arcane authors who made use of it before him was Michel Nostradamus, the famous French prophet and savant. As David Ovason reveals, many leading esoteric writers - alchemists, occultists and Rosicrucians - contributed to this 'Secret booke'.
Among the more outstanding English literary figures who used the code were the mysterious adviser to Elizabeth I, John Dee, the turbulent author of "The Alchemist, Ben Jonson", and the more classically-minded Edmund Spenser, whose poem "The Faerie Queene" is the best-known esoteric work of the period. "Shakespeare's Secret Booke" reveals many other literary figures who together form a remarkable underground literary movement, including the most influential esotericist of the period, Jacob Boehme, and alchemists such as the English polymath Robert Fludd. Another was Shakespeare's contemporary, the youthful Johann Valentin Andreae, credited as author of "The Chymical Wedding" - a Rosicrucian work replete with sophisticated examples of encoding. The fact that all these writers used the same or similar encoding points to a secret teaching designed to be recognized by initiates. Ovason explores and, for the first time, reveals what Shakespeare alluded to as 'a Secret booke'.
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Price: 33.95 AUD
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Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited, WHITE, RALPH
5 Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited
0940262843 / 9780940262843 1999 Paperback 
Illustrations It's nearly 30 years since historian Dame Frances Yates published her groundbreaking study The Rosicrucian Enlightement, and so brought academic rigour back to a subject which had for too long been almost the sole province of occultists who often confused fact and fancy. Yates placed the three main Rosicrucian manifestos, which first appeared in 1614-1616, in the context of their time and place--the marriage of Elizabeth, dauthter of James VI & I, to Fredrick, Elector Palatine, head of the German Protestant princes--and identified many of the key players in 17th-century hermetic thought. The Rosicrucian Enlightenment Revisited is a collection of papers given in Yates's honour at two conferences in the Czech Republic in 1995 and 1997, at which some of today's leading writers and academics in this field presented their latest research findings. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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