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<B>Acts of the Heart </B><I> Culture-building, Soul-researching</I>, SARDELLO, ROBERT, ED.
1 Acts of the Heart Culture-building, Soul-researching
1584201126 / 9781584201120 2012 Paperback 
Robert Sardello is an extremely prolific writer and has contributed an astonishing number of forewords, introductions and prefaces to other authors' books over the years. Many of the introductions are inspirational essays in their own right, outlining and giving background to a wide variety of important concepts and ideas from consciousness and psychotherapy to imagination, healing and spirituality. This book is a collection of Sardello's many insightful contributions, and includes some introductions and forewords by other authors, discussing aspects of Sardello's own work.
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<B>Consciousness in Action </B><I> The Power of Beauty, Love, and Courage in a Violent Time</I>, BEATH, ANDREW
2 Consciousness in Action The Power of Beauty, Love, and Courage in a Violent Time
1590560795 / 9781590560792 Paperback 
Consciousness in Action features the thoughts of Julia Butterfly Hill, Deena Metzger, Joanna Macy, Ralph Metzner, John Mack, and many others in an inspiring dialogue between environmental and spiritual activists. Their subject is the seven attributes of consciousness that they have employed in their activism and that have demonstrated their viability across time and cultures to bring about change.

The seven attributes discussed are:
-Nonviolence amid passion
-Introspection and self-discovery
-Not knowing and spontaneity in the moment
-Eros, the way of loving-kindness
-No enemies and co-creating a healthier world
-Vision free of reaction to others
-Joy in opening of the heart

Andrew Beath writes: ''Our actions reveal our depth of connection. I define conscious activism as engagement in the world that expresses our most profound understanding of the nature of reality. It is imbued with appreciation and reverence and encourages compassionate connection�the basis for lasting social change.'' Consciousness in Action is a vital contribution to ongoing efforts toward a peaceful, habitable earth.
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<B>Gentle Will, The </B><I> Meditative Guidelines for Creative Consciousness</I>, KUHLEWIND, GEORG,  LIPSON, MICHAEL
3 Gentle Will, The Meditative Guidelines for Creative Consciousness
1584200936 / 9781584200932 2011 Paperback 
Every spiritual practice, every exercise of consciousness, all meditation -- indeed, every moment of true awareness -- we do with the 'gentle will', even if we are unaware of it initially and cannot fully activate it yet. Through practice, however, the gentle will begins to shine, and we gradually gain the ability to access it in our ordinary, daily activities, allowing our lives to become infinitely richer, meaningful and creative. The gentle will is relaxed, receptive, expressive, creative, soft, light and playful. It is not rigid or cramped. We use the gentle will in artistic activities such as playing a musical instrument, writing a poem, or painting a picture. In today's world, however, life is governed by the principles of usefulness, utility, comfort, and efficiency -- the hard will of egoism. Georg Kuhlewind writes in this book that the only hope he sees of avoiding global destruction is a change in human consciousness; the 'hard will' must become the 'gentle will'. To this end, he provides exercises through which we may transform the hard will into the gentle will.
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<B>Global Brain </B><I> The Awakening Earth in a New Century</I>, RUSSELL, PETER
4 Global Brain The Awakening Earth in a New Century
0863156169 / 9780863156168 2007 Paperback 
15 b/w line drawings
We've seen the power of the internet to connect people around the world in ways never before known. This remarkable book argues that the billions of messages and pieces of information flying back and forth are linking the minds of humanity together into a single, global brain: a brain with astonishing potential for the Earth. Peter Russell, an acclaimed author and speaker, weaves together modern technology and ancient mysticism to present a startling vision of the world to come, where humanity is a fully conscious superorganism in an awakening universe. The human potential movement, he shows, is growing fast and influencing business, politics and medicine. This new edition is fully updated for the challenges we face in the twenty-first century.
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Price: 39.95 AUD
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<B>I Connecting </B><I> The Soul's Quest</I>, KAINE, KRISTINA
5 I Connecting The Soul's Quest
097798253X / 9780977982530 
Kristina Kaine invites the reader into the riches of becoming a participant-observer in the life of soul and spirit. Her book goes beyond describing "the way it is" and encourages the reader to discover how the gaps in meaning that we all experience are caused by a lack of contact with the inner life. Nevertheless, this is not a book of meditative practices that one does in the confines of one's room, only to find that such practices don't seem to measure up to the requirements of real life. Rather, her book helps us sense the inner qualitative nature of subjective experiences at the center of our busy and practical lives—though they frequently go unnoticed.
By gaining an abiding interest in the rich texture of inner life, one begins to notice that something—some presence like wisdom—illuminates that inner life, individualizing it so that one feels personally, though not egoistically, connected with the inner mysteries. This more permanent core of our being gives us our sense of destiny and purpose in life, directing us toward a more meaningful future. I Connecting and the clear practices suggested help the reader make a shift toward being more present, more available, and more open.
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<B>Inner Rainbow, The </B><I> An illustrated history of human consciousness from Ancient India to the present day</I>, VAN OORT, HENK
6 Inner Rainbow, The An illustrated history of human consciousness from Ancient India to the present day
1906999600 / 9781906999605 2014 
Colour illustrations
Featuring more than 50 colour images, The Inner Rainbow takes the reader on an journey through time, from Ancient India to the present day. This is the journey of human consciousness – the story of an eternal, metamorphic process. As the author suggests, consciousness is not a self-contained, unchangeable faculty. The way we perceive the surrounding world today – with the potential for sophisticated and exact observation of natural phenomena – has evolved over thousands of years. What was once a blurred and fragmentary perception in the time of Ancient India has evolved to a clear awareness of everyday reality.
Using pictures as his starting point, Henk van Oort outlines a remarkable narrative, beginning with the age-old myth of Noah’s Ark, in which a rainbow is presented to the survivors of the Biblical flood. This rainbow in nature, with its seven colours, is mirrored in the ancient teaching of the seven human chakras, also with seven colours. Through a gradual process of change over centuries, this outer rainbow has been internalised into an inner rainbow, shaping a bridge between body, soul and spirit.
With its ever-changing consciousness, this inner rainbow is a wonderful sense organ, in process of reaching a new peak of development. Understanding our past – the progressive stages we have passed through – is a prerequisite for optimal use of our consciousness now. Ultimately, then, this book can be seen as a guide for working with your own inner rainbow: to expand, deepen and enliven your picture of the world and your true self.
HENK VAN OORT, born in 1943, trained as a primary teacher before taking a Masters degree in English at the Amsterdam University. He has taught for more than 40 years in primary and secondary education, including class teaching in a Steiner school, teaching English, and running educational courses and seminars for teachers and parents. His interest in literature and poetry has led to his appearance at storytelling and poetry seminars, and his introductory courses to anthroposophy are highly successful. Based in Bergen N.H. in the Netherlands, Henk van Oort is married and the father of three grown-up children. He is the author of Anthroposophy, A Concise Introduction and A-Z Anthroposophy.
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<B>Inside an Autistic World </B><I> Spiritual Experiences of People with Autism</I>, OSIKA, HILKE,  OSIKA, ANDREAS,  OSIKA, ERIK,  WEIRAUCH, WOLFGANG
7 Inside an Autistic World Spiritual Experiences of People with Autism
1906999511 / 9781906999513 2013 Paperback 
Many individuals with autism are highly intelligent and gifted, but some are effectively imprisoned in their bodies and unable to communicate verbally. However, developments in technology have enabled autistic people to transmit their thoughts directly. In this true account, three autistic people, two of them brothers, speak via the method of 'facilitated communication', with the aid of a computer keypad. What is conveyed are not just everyday thoughts and experiences, but surprising and sometimes shattering spiritual and metaphysical perceptions. The conversations reveal remarkable clairvoyant gifts, such as the ability to read other people's thoughts, to see past lives, and to communicate with supernatural entities. Erik speaks of a past life during the Second World War, and the horrendous experience of being killed at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. As a result of this, his soul had no desire to reincarnate on earth - although he also describes encounters with Christ, and how these eventually led to his present life.
Andreas speaks of his perceptions of elemental beings - nature spirits - and how we can develop more intimate contact with such entities, for example through special kinds of music. He also describes Christ's workings in nature as well as his Second Coming. Each of the interviewees discuss meditation and how it can engender vital spiritual processes and perceptions. Together, their insights provide an astonishing glimpse into the way some people with autism appear to experience the world, and how their knowledge can enrich our own. Additional interviews with educators and therapists, working with people with disabilities in the autistic spectrum, give a broad view of progressive and inspirational educational methods.
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Price: 37.95 AUD
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<B>Jung and Steiner </B><I> The Birth of a New Psychology</I>, WEHR, GERHARD,  LAUER, HANS ERHARD
8 Jung and Steiner The Birth of a New Psychology
0880104961 / 9780880104968 2003 Paperback 
What is the difference between soul and spiritual consciousness? Or the process of individuation and the development of individuality? What are Jung's and Steiner's views on the Grail, dreams, life after death, alchemy, and sexuality? The different approaches of C.G. Jung, the explorer of soul, and Rudolf Steiner, the explorer of spirit, have never been fully brought together. How, putting these together, can a more holistic understanding of the human being be reached? Gerhard Wehr, who is both an Anthroposophist and a biographer of Jung, answers these questions and explores what a psychology that comprehends both soul and spirit would begin to look like. With a profound and original introduction by Robert Sardello and an extensive appendix with essays on depth psychology and Anthroposophy by Hans Erhard Lauer, this book bears witness to the birth of a new psychology. As Sardello writes: "Jung and Steiner does not merely offer a comparison of two creative individuals each of whom has brought something decidedly new to the world... This book goes much further, and its reach has to do with the method employed, which Wehr calls 'synoptic.' Rather than setting the externals of two systems side by side and looking at each for similarities and differences, Wehr sets the core meaning of each beside the other. Out of the tension something new comes into being."
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<B>Secret History of Consciousness </B><I> </I>, GARY LACHMAN
9 Secret History of Consciousness
1584200111 / 9781584200116 
For the last four centuries, science has tried to account for everything in terms of atoms and molecules and the physical laws they adhere to. Recently, this effort was extended to try to include the inner world of human beings. Gary Lachman argues that this view of consciousness is misguided and unfounded. He points to another approach to the study and exploration of consciousness that erupted into public awareness in the late 1800s. In this “secret history of consciousness,” consciousness is seen not as a result of neurons and molecules, but as responsible for them; meaning is not imported from the outer world, but rather creates it. In this view, consciousness is a living, evolving presence whose development can be traced through different historical periods, and which evolves along a path to a broader, more expansive state. What that consciousness may be like and how it may be achieved is a major concern of this book .

Lachman concentrates on the period since the late 1800s, when Madame Blavatsky first brought the secret history out into the open. As this history unfolds, we encounter the ideas of many modern thinkers, from esotericists like P. D. Ouspensky, Rudolf Steiner, and Colin Wilson to more mainstream philosophers like Henri Bergson, William James, Owen Barfield and the psychologist Andreas Mavromatis. Two little known but important thinkers play a major role in his synthesis—Jurij Moskvitin, who showed how our consciousness relates to the mechanisms of perception and to the external world, and Jean Gebser, who presented perhaps the most impressive case for the evolution of consciousness.

An important contribution to the study of consciousness ... a must-read.
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<B>Sky and Psyche: The Relationship Between Cosmos and Consciousness </B><I> </I>, CAMPION, NICHOLAS AND CURRY, PATRICK
10 Sky and Psyche: The Relationship Between Cosmos and Consciousness
0863155669 / 9780863155666 Paperback 
The relationship between the human soul and the stars has been central to the spiritual and esoteric traditions of Western thought, and many other cultures, for thousands of years. Medieval Christians thought that heaven was located above the earth, beyond the stars. Our modern society, however, has largely severed the relationship between the human spirit and the sky. This book explores ideas, beliefs and practices which meet at the boundary of psychology and cosmology, the universe and human imagination. This book addresses this special relationship from a variety of challenging and inspiring approaches. The contributors include James Hillman, the founder of archetypal psychology and Jungian analyst; astrologer Liz Greene; Professor Neville Brown of Mansfield College, Oxford; Nicholas Pearson of the Temenos Academy; Professor Jarita Holbrook of the University of Arizona; Dr Angela Vos of the University of Kent; Bernadette Brady; Jules Cashford; Noel Cobb, the former editor of Sphinx; Cherry Gilchrist; Robert Hand; and Professor Richard Tarnas of the California Institute of Integral Studies. About the Author: Dr Nicholas Campion is Principal Lecturer in History and Director of the Sophia Centre at Bath Spa University, and course director of the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He also lectures on the history of astrology for the Seattle-based Kepler College. His other books include The Great Year and What do Astrologers Believe?
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<B>Songs and Dreams </B><I> By seeking we are found</I>, REILLY, NEIL
11 Songs and Dreams By seeking we are found
1584209623 / 9781584209621 
“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” (Psalm 95:7–8)
There is a correlation between waking experiences in a sleep state and inner experiences in a waking state. Both involve awakened consciousness. The hundred-plus songs and thirteen dreams in this volume are halting attempts to put into words inner events that are experienced in a waking consciousness. Inner experiences are filtered into images, ideas, and feelings, which are then translated into words. This derivative process condenses activity into words.
The polar opposite process must happen for you, the reader. If these words resonate when read, they then recreate images, ideas, and feelings. In this way, it is possible for the writer and the reader to experience a very similar inner activity. The creative process of each reader has a life of its own. Ironically, as individuals we create our own unique inner activity, which can lead to a universal experience.
Neill Reilly was born and raised on Long Island, New York. He graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Philosophy and from The Waldorf Institute at Adelphi University with an M.A. in Waldorf Pedagogy. Neill taught high school English for seven years at the Kimberton and Garden City Waldorf schools and at a Catholic high school and coached basketball, track, and lacrosse. He also directed plays. After teaching, he worked as a salesperson at Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Jefferies and Company, and numerous financial technology firms including EJV, NEON, and TIBCO. Neill is married with two children.
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<B>Thinking Beyond the Brain </B><I> A Wider Science of Consciousness</I>, LORIMER, DAVID
12 Thinking Beyond the Brain A Wider Science of Consciousness
0863153577 / 9780863153570 2001 Paperback 
Consciousness is a cutting-edge topic in scientific circles, its precise nature holding huge implications for the future of science itself. With so many recent advances in brain studies, questions of mind and consciousness have become of critical importance for scientists and theorists alike. Are we 'nothing but a pack of neurons' that will in due course reveal their secrets in the laboratory? Or do our conscious mind and self-awareness stem from some dimension beyond material investigation? How, too, are we to account for 'parapsychological' phenomena in which consciousness seems to defy space and time boundaries? These recent contributions to the debate, selected from the annual 'Beyond the Brain' conferences, show that it is time for radical rethinking of our theories and methods in investigating phenomena of the human mind.

David Lorimer is director of the Scientific and Medical Network, an international group of academics and professionals dedicated to an open-minded exploration of boundaries in science.

Contributors: Willis Harman; Peter Fenwick; Mark Woodhouse; Brian Josephson; Stanislav Grof; Charles Tart; David Fontana; Kenneth Ring; Erlendur Haraldsson; John Beloff; Michael Grosso; Marilyn Schlitz; Ravi Ravindra; Andrew Powell; Anne Baring; Roger Woolger.
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