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<B>At Home in Harmony </B><I> Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song</I>, CHITTENDEN, MEG
1 At Home in Harmony Bringing Families and Communities Together in Song
Ever wonder when you see books from Waldorf Publications with titles like, Sing through the Day and Let’s Sing and Play, what you can do with books like these when you cannot carry a tune and you hope that your kindergarten child will learn enough in school to leave you out of singing?
Well, wonder no longer! Author Meg Chittenden has assembled a book filled with wonderful songs and descriptions on how to sing them, along with a CD of the songs with a link to a phrase-by-phrase listening loop on her web site to learn as methodically needed.
At Home in Harmony is a beautiful book, also illustrated by Meg, with a warm-hearted, “don’t-worry-about-it-just-keep-singing” soul to it. She knows how uncomfortable it can be if you feel as if you can’t sing. And she knows too how comforting a song can uplift or offer celebration for a day, a festival, a bedtime, a meal, or even a moment.
Be not afraid! Make sure you get this book as it is as extraordinary as its author. We all will sing along after all!
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Price: 53.00 AUD
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<B>Day Full of Song Companion, A - CD </B><I> </I>
2 Day Full of Song Companion, A - CD

A companion CD to the book of the same name. Karen Lonsky offers 42 original songs in the mood of the fifth created for a range of activities in the kindergarten day, from grinding grain and raking leaves, to washing hands and cleaning, to story time and birthday celebrations. They form a delightful and healing way to carry children through the day. Charmingly illustrated with pencil drawings by Victoria Sander.
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Price: 15.90 AUD
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<B>Earth Water Fire Air </B><I> A Waldorf Songbook</I>, PATTERSON, PETER
3 Earth Water Fire Air A Waldorf Songbook
0946206295 / 9780946206292 2014 Paperback 
The songs and pieces in the book are a selection from the author’s own work with young people over
a period of more than fifty years, from kindergarten to high school. They are not intended so much for
the specialised music lesson but for any of those times when five or ten minutes of music making can bring a joyful element into both classroom and home, into subjects as far apart as mythology and
mathematics. Peter Patterson studied music at Durham University in the north of England, and at the colleges of music in Freiburg, south west Germany, and Lucknow in northern India.
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Price: 38.95 AUD
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4 Giving Love, Bringing Joy CD Companion to the book
Includes the songs from Wilma Ellersiek's first volume of gesture games books.
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Price: 19.90 AUD
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<B>Lyre Tuning Wrench L Shaped </B><I> </I>, AURIS
5 Lyre Tuning Wrench L Shaped

Fits all our Lyres and Harps both Auris and Choroi.

L shaped Tuning Wrenches are easier for children to use. The T shaped Tuning Wrench is more suited to adults. The larger tuning wrenches whether L or T shapes give a very fine adjustment required by professionals. For Kindergarten and school environments the smaller size is more suited.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 15016] 
Price: 15.00 AUD
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<B>Magic Garden, The CD </B><I> </I>, TATUM, DIANE
6 Magic Garden, The CD
Magic indeed! Songs for children, sung by children, covering the magic moments in a child's life. beautifully produced and performed.
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Price: 24.90 AUD
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<B>Music </B><I> Mystery, Art and the Human Being</I>, STEINER, RUDOLF;  TRANS. M. BARTON; EDITED WITH INTRO. BY M. KURTZ
7 Music Mystery, Art and the Human Being
1855845261 / 9781855845268 
‘Our neurosensory system is inwardly configured music, and we experience music as an artistic quality to the degree that a piece of music is in tune with the mystery of our own musical structure.’ – Rudolf Steiner

What is music? Rudolf Steiner regards the essence of music as something spiritual, inaudible to the senses. The world of tones, borne on the vibrations of air, is not the essential element. ‘The true nature of music, the spiritual element in music’, he says, ‘is found between the tones, lies in the intervals as an inaudible quality.’

Rudolf Steiner spoke repeatedly about music as something inherent both in the cosmos and the human being. It played an important role in many forms of ritual and worship, and people once perceived a link between music and the world of stars, which was seen as the dwelling place of the gods. Nowadays our view of music is divorced from such religious outlooks, but research repeatedly demonstrates the profound effect it continues to have on us.

In this unique anthology of texts, compiled with a commentary and notes by Michael Kurtz, Steiner describes the realm of the spiritually-resonating harmonies of the spheres and our intrinsic connection to this cosmic music. He also explores the phenomenon of musical listening and experience, as well as Goethe’s approach to music.
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Price: 32.99 AUD
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<B>Recorder Ensemble </B><I> </I>, BERNSTEIN, STEVE
8 Recorder Ensemble
1936367467 / 9781936367467 
This collection provides interesting and rich selections for four-part recorder pieces that are tried and true for classrooms, having been tested in Waldorf classrooms by Steve Bernstein. This collection mixes classical pieces with original compositions of Mr. Bernstein, and traditional folk songs arranged for beautiful music middle school and high school recorder players can master. All the parts work well with the recorders for which they are arranged! Organized in a handy booklet that will lie flat on a music stand but will also keep pieces together. A little gem of a book is this! Inexpensive enough to order for a whole class. Try it. You will like it!

Steve is one of those rare teachers who knows music inside and out, appreciates what music does for young people and for the world, and develops his approach and repertoire always towards these goals. He has taught for many years in a New York Waldorf school and inspires students to proficiency, respect, and harmony with recorders, voices and folk instruments. He is much loved by children and much appreciated by those grownups who experience the results of his good teaching. You can hear his arrangements on his web site. www.recorderensemblemusic.comwww.recorderensemblemusic.com
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13238] 
Price: 25.00 AUD
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<B>Uncovering the Voice </B><I> The Cleansing Power of Song</I>, WERBECK-SVARDSTROM, VALBORG,  LUBORSKY, P.
9 Uncovering the Voice The Cleansing Power of Song
1855842092 / 9781855842090 2008 Paperback 
Through experiential exercises and careful reasoning, Uncovering the Voice provides a new, spiritually enlivened interpretation of the processes involved in singing. It develops knowledge of the essential nature of song, and summons us to work for the purity and preservation of true singing.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10379] 
Price: 35.95 AUD
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<B>Vikings, Gods and Giants Resource Pack </B><I> Understanding the Nine-Year Change</I>, TATUM, DIANE
10 Vikings, Gods and Giants Resource Pack Understanding the Nine-Year Change
Includes a DVD and a CD
A unique resource for teachers of Class IV in Steiner schools, this resource pack is intended as a manual for developing what Diane Tatum calls "Pedagogical Imagination" . Far more than a collection of stories and songs, it includes many recommendations and techniques for self-development on the part of the teacher in order to engage fully with both the subject matter and the developmental challenges of the child going through the nine-year-old transition.

The accompanying DVD and CD are simply magical - Diane recommends viewing the DVd first to get an overview of the material, and getting to know the songs and verses from the CD, before going to the manual.

Diane Tatum, the creator of the hugely popular Magic Garden CD of children's songs, has been a Eurythmy teacher at Kamaroi School in Sydney for 17 years and has tutored in Choreography, Child Observation and Inner Development as well as Eurythmy in the Advanced Diploma and the Curriculum Intensives for many years.
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Price: 100.00 AUD
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<B>Waldorf Song Book 2ed </B><I> </I>, MASTERS, BRIEN
11 Waldorf Song Book 2ed
1782501703 / 9781782501701 
This much-loved book is a collection of over one hundred songs, some well known, some less known, collected over the years by experienced Waldorf teacher Brien Masters.
They are graded for different ages from Class 3 (age 8) to Class 8 (age 14) and grouped into festivals and seasons. They include rounds and four-part songs, and musical notation for recorders and other instruments.

This is a wonderful resource for Steiner-Waldorf class teachers, and any teacher or parent looking to introduce music to their classroom or home.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13758] 
Price: 36.95 AUD
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