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Environment and Nature

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<B>Animal Life in Nature, Myth and Dreams </B><I> </I>, CASPARI, ELIZABETH
1 Animal Life in Nature, Myth and Dreams
1888602228 / 9781888602227 2003 Paperback 
This book, in the style of a symbol dictionary, is beautifully presented with 101 colour photographs of the animals. Each animal is discussed from the point of view of its actual behaviour in nature. The animal's role in mythology and fairy tale is then considered, and, drawing upon this material, each animal's possible symbolic meanings in dreams are related in a very readable manner.
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<B>Animals </B><I> An Imaginative Zoology</I>, KONIG, KARL,  AYLWARD, RICHARD
2 Animals An Imaginative Zoology
0863159664 / 9780863159664 2013 Paperback 
Karl Konig, the founder of the Camphill movement, had great compassion and empathy for people on the margins of society. Equally, he felt the same brotherly feelings towards the animal world. This remarkable book offers a closer understanding of some specific mammals, fish and birds and, along the way, great insight into human nature as well. A combination of three previous editions, Konig considers the mythological and historical background, and unique characteristics, of elephants, bears, horses, cats and dogs; penguins, seals, dolphins, salmon and eels; and swans and stork, sparrows and doves. Together, the lively sketches form a visionary zoology.
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Price: 37.99 AUD
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<B>Climate: Soul of the Earth </B><I> Soul of the Earth</I>, KLOCEK, DENNIS
3 Climate: Soul of the Earth Soul of the Earth
1584200944 / 9781584200949 2011 Paperback 
293 colour illustrations
In this original book, Dennis Klocek considers climate to be an expression of Gaia, and presents climate as the soul of Earth within which human beings live and develop. The cosmic destiny of Earth, he argues, is intimately connected with human destiny. He explores Earth's complex climate system, taking the reader through various climate and weather patterns, using case studies of recent events. He explains terms and phenomena and describes the earthly and extra-earthly forces behind weather patterns such as droughts, floods and hurricanes. This is a highly readable, exciting account of a key element of our world which unites lands and humans in one organism.
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Price: 64.00 AUD
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<B>Cymatics </B><I> Vol 1 and 2</I>, JENNY HANS
4 Cymatics Vol 1 and 2
1888138076 / 9781888138078 
Dr. Jenny's cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound (vibration) but because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix - the music of the spheres! These pages illumine the very principles which inspired the ancient Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Plato, and cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler.
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Price: 77.00 AUD
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<B>Drawing from the Book of Nature </B><I> </I>, KLOCEK, DENNIS
5 Drawing from the Book of Nature
0945803028 / 9780945803027 1990 Paperback / softback 
b/w illustrations
When students are given finalized abstractions from the beginning, they do not have to use their own inner forces to overcome the resistance of the world in order to arrive at truth or to create beauty. The result is that their inner pictures are devoid of life. In order to arrive at a truth or create beauty which reflects the order and harmony of the Creator, one must always begin humbly in ignorance and ugliness. By striving out of ignorance and ugliness toward the true and beautiful, both the scientist and the artist can bring new, creative forces into the world. Neither memorizing data nor copying a beautiful drawing engages the whole imagination of the student in the way that it is engaged by drawing a flower from life.

It is precisely this lack of an active, striving inner creativity which can result in the often overwhelming feeling of anxiety and alienation experienced by so many modern people. As a counterbalance, education must, throughout all realms of knowledge, become ever more focused on the personal creation of that which through its beauty speaks truth and through its truth radiates beauty. It is hoped that Drawing from the Book of Nature will be a resource through which teachers, students and others can find their own way to the reunion of beauty and truth. -from the Introduction
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Price: 39.00 AUD
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<B>Earth-Friendly </B><I> Re-Visioning Science and Spirituality through Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Rudolf Steiner</I>, HOFSTETTER, ADRIAN
6 Earth-Friendly Re-Visioning Science and Spirituality through Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Rudolf Steiner
1584200235 / 9781584200239 Paperback 
Earth-Friendly collects the fruits of a lifetime of study and teaching in search of a holistic, organismic, living science, respectful of the sacredness of nature and the ubiquity of the spirit. As a biology philosopher, Sister Adrian’s first teachers were Aquinas and Aristotle; later she came to know the work of Goethe and Rudolf Steiner.

Earth-Friendly traces the development of Sister Adrian’s conviction that "the spiritual science flowing from the thought of St. Albert and St.Thomas, as developed seven hundred years later by Rudolf Steiner, could recapture the true greatness of the West as it reaches out to the East to create an ‘earth-friendly re-visioning of science and spirituality.' "

“These luminous essays reflect the thought and deep work of a woman whose long and brilliant life has engaged some of the most profound revelations of our time. As mystic-activist, spiritual scientist, and endless enquirer into the workings of the world, she brings fresh and radical perspective that stuns as it awakens the reader. Earth-Friendly is at once an education for the new century and an inspiration for those who would make a difference, and even, a new creation.” —Jean Houston, Ph.D, author of A Mythic Life : Learning to Live our Greater Story

“Earth-Friendly invites us to follow Adrian Hofstetter's explorations of a new kind of science, one rooted in a clear and profound epistemology that allows the wholeness of nature to become visible. These essays let us participate in a personal spiritual journey to overcome the rifts between philosophy, religion, and science that characterized the 20th Century. We can learn much from them.” —Craig Holdrege, author of Genetics and the Manipulation of Life

“May her witness inspire other generations to let a vision of faith open the human dimensions of science, as mentors like Owen Barfield and Rudolph Steiner guide us to a contemporary Thomas Aquinas. The convergences are nearly miraculous but never forced, showing how much a personal search for understanding can realize-for others.” —David B. Burrell, C.S.C., Hesburgh professor of philosophy and theology, University of Notre Dame
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Price: 38.95 AUD
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<B>Electronic Silent Spring, An </B><I> Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits</I>, SINGER, KATIE
7 Electronic Silent Spring, An Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits
1938685083 / 9781938685088 
Over millions of years, living creatures have evolved in relation to the Earth's electromagnetic energy. Now, we're surrounded by human-made frequencies that challenge our health and survival. An Electronic Silent Spring reports the effects of electrification and wireless devices on people, plants, bee colonies, and frogs around the globe. It presents solutions for people who want to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

This pioneering book is for anyone concerned about the health of the environment and the people and other creatures that inhabit it.
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Price: 25.00 AUD
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<B>Energizing Water </B><I> Flowform Technology and the Power of Nature</I>, SCHWUCHOW, JOCHEN,  WILKES, JOHN,  TROUSDELL, IAIN
8 Energizing Water Flowform Technology and the Power of Nature
1855842408 / 9781855842403 2010 Paperback 
col. Illustrations
Three aspects determine water quality: its chemical constituents (including its oxygen levels); its organic aspects (with the danger of contamination by effluent, pathogens and algae); and its 'energetic' nature. The latter facet has been recognized from time immemorial by traditional societies, who have developed their own sciences in relation to water quality, using terms such as prana and chi for energy. Now, through the introduction of quantum physics into the life sciences, modern science is beginning to accept this concept, measuring energy as light emission.
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Price: 37.50 AUD
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<B>Ethics for a Full World </B><I> Or, Can Animal-Lovers Save the World</I>, BURKEY, TORMOD, V.
9 Ethics for a Full World Or, Can Animal-Lovers Save the World
1905570856 / 9781905570850 
The global emergencies facing the inhabitants of our planet—climate change, diminishing biodiversity, ocean acidification, overfishing, land degradation, and more—are symptoms of a common problem: the world is full. Humanity has already exceeded several planetary boundaries. The current situation is without precedent, and its manifestations are numerous. Ethics for a Full World argues that our dominant culture of anthropocentrism is an underlying cause of the world’s problems, threatening life as we know it.

Many today, especially those who care about other species, experience the blights that endanger our planet as deeply personal tragedies. Why are we not acting to save the world? Some say that humans won’t do anything until we feel the repercussions ourselves, but by then it will be too late. This book takes an uncompromising view of our culture, our democracy, and humankind, examining why it is so difficult to save the world from us.

In a globalised world, the most urgent issues are those that exhibit tipping points, as they may soon be too late to fix. Burkey argues that non-anthropocentric ethics, and those who adhere to them, could be the key to turning the tide. In a cry for meaningful and effective engagement, the author proposes a concrete first step to connect concerned individuals. This is a book for people who want to be part of the solution and who are not fooled by the feeble attempts for change been made so far.

One of the shortest, sharpest, clearest and most compelling descriptions of the causes and cures of our environmental bankruptcy that I have ever read.’ – Lloyd Timberlake, author of Environmental Politics for the 21st Century

‘A cure for narrow-mindedness, this provocative book should be required reading for politicians – and those who vote for them.’ – Brian Czech, President, Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, author of Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads

Tormod Burkey, PhD, studied ecology and conservation biology at Princeton. He is a biodiversity specialist, conservation scientist and environmental activist, as well as a birder, diver, sea kayaker and sailor.

Tormod loves animals with a vengeance, and longs to experience wildlife untrammelled by habitat degradation and persecution. He has struggled since childhood with the difficulties of saving endangered species, the natural world and the beautiful places on earth from human beings’ ignorance and greed. He lives in a cabin on the banks of the river Glomma, Norway, with ‘his’ cat Kitty, and writes for a diversity of publications and media outlets.
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<B>Flexible Giant, The </B><I> Seeing the Elephant Whole</I>, HOLDREGE, CRAIG
10 Flexible Giant, The Seeing the Elephant Whole

Craig Holdrege traveled to Africa to observe animals in the wild. Upon his return he wrote this remarkable little book about elephants that is a must read for Waldorf teachers at all levels.

You should not only use it as a source book for describing elephants in zoology or man and animal blocks, however.

When you read it pay keen attention to how Craig brings this wonderful animal to life in the pages of his book and then your own creative powers will be enhanced as you describe any animal, insect, plant, or even mineral that you teach.

~ David Mitchell, Waldorf Science Newsletter #19, Autumn 2003.

This book is of interest not only to teachers but also to nature lovers and to everyone interested in a holistic approach to understanding nature.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 3838] 
Price: 13.00 AUD
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<B>Flexible Giant, The </B><I> Seeing the Elephant Whole</I>, HOLDREGE, CRAIG
11 Flexible Giant, The Seeing the Elephant Whole
0974490601 / 9780974490601 
This fascinating little book, a fine example of Craig Holdredges whole organism biology, opens up a pathway to a deeper, more dynamic understanding of the elephant. Holdreges insightful descriptions of various aspects of the elephant's anatomy, development,
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 10074] 
Price: 22.00 AUD
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<B>Flowforms: the Rhythmic Power of Water </B><I> </I>, WILKES, JOHN
12 Flowforms: the Rhythmic Power of Water
0863153925 / 9780863153921 Paperback 
Color & B/W photographs
What is the true nature of water and does it have memory? By working with the rhythm and flow of water, can we increase its life-giving power? Water is not only fundamental to life but is essential for the cycles and changes in nature. John Wilkes argues as well that water is the universal bearer of whatever character we put into it. For this reason the way we treat water is of crucial importance to our health, and to the well-being of our planet. Working with his remarkable invention, the Flowform, Wilkes has uncovered hidden secrets of the world of water, and at the same time created an artform of great beauty. His lifetime of applied research into rhythms and water, fully revealed in this book for the first time, has startling implications for such topical issues as farming and irrigation: food production and processing: water treatment and recycling: and health and cosmetic products.

This ground-breaking book is lavishly illustrated to show both the beauty of the Flowform and the wide range of its applications. John Wilkes studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. While in London he met George Adam and Theodor Schwenk, a pioneer in water research and author of Sensitive Chaos. Wilkes joined the Institute for Flow Sciences in Herrischried, Germany and began his investigations into the flow and rhythm of water which would eventually result in the Flowform. During this period, he also worked at the Goetheanum in Switzerland where he researched and restored Rudolf Steiner's sculptural and architectural models. In 1971 he joined Emerson College in Forest Row, Sussex, and is now Director of the Virbela Rhythm Research Institute
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 728] 
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13 Green Hermeticism Alchemy and Ecology
1584200499 / 9781584200499 2007 Paperback 
Hermeticism, or alchemy, is the ancient, primordial mystery science of nature through which people in all times and places have, for the sake of world evolution, sought to unite Heaven and Earth—divinity, cosmos, earth, and humanity, as a single whole. Selfless, intimate, dedicated to healing and harmony, Hermeticism has accompanied and sustained every religious epoch and revelation. It may be found in all historical cultures, from the traditions of India and China in the East to the Judeo-Christian West. It could even be said that Hermeticism is the primal cosmological revelation and the common ground of all spiritual traditions.

Nevertheless, in the great revival of mystical, esoteric traditions and practices during the last century, Hermetic tradition—in fact, Nature herself—has been largely ignored. Today, when the Earth seems most under attack, Green Hermeticism is especially appropriate. The book explores not only the ancient Masters’ inner science, but also their science of Nature.

During spring and summer 2006, Pir Zia Khan convened a series of gatherings to begin to unfold the contemporary meaning of ancient, sacred science for our time. Green Hermeticism is a partial record of that meeting. Peter Lamborn Wilson, explores the many ramifications of the alternative worldview offered by Hermeticism; Christopher Bamford provides a broad historical overview of the tradition from the Ancient Mysteries to contemporary manifestations of the alchemical tradition; while Kevin Townley brings a practical dimension to the gathering teaching the preparation of herbal elixirs and demonstrating that cosmology and philosophy can become a truly healing path for the Earth.

Green Hermeticism is necessary reading for anyone seeking a spiritual and cultural path for the healing of the current ecological and cultural crisis.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 12743] 
Price: 32.95 AUD
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<B>Heart of the Matter, The </B><I> Discovering the Laws of Living Organisms</I>, WHICHER, OLIVE
14 Heart of the Matter, The Discovering the Laws of Living Organisms
190699983X / 9781906999834 2015 
In this concise and richly-illustrated work, Olive Whicher introduces a radical new science of living organisms, forms and processes, based on the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner and his pupil George Adams.

If we are to understand fully the laws of living nature, she argues, it is necessary to overcome the one-sided ideas of modern science – ideas that are only adequate to describe material forms and forces. We need to widen our thinking to include the ‘etheric formative forces’ – forces that are alive in ethereal space or ‘counterspace’. Such forces work in plants, for example, by drawing matter upwards in a suctional manner, in contrast to the forces of gravity, which draw downwards, and the forces of an explosion, which work upward and outward.

This easily-digestible introduction will be valuable to anybody seeking to comprehend the living world around us.

OLIVE MARY WHICHER (1910-2006) was born in Winchester, England, and became fluent in French and German. She joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1935 in London, where she met George Adams. She worked as his research assistant in the fields of science, mathematics and physics, and has authored several books, including Projective Geometry, The Plant Between Sun and Earth and Sunspace. Olive Whicher taught for many years at Emerson College, Sussex, and lectured widely throughout Europe and the United States.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 13977] 
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<B>Hidden Geometry of Flowers, The </B><I> Living Rhythms, Form and Number</I>, CRITCHLOW, KEITH
15 Hidden Geometry of Flowers, The Living Rhythms, Form and Number
0863158064 / 9780863158063 2011 Paperback 
560 colour illustrations
Can we imagine a world without flowers? Flowers are beautiful, offering us delight in their colour, fragrance and form, as well as their medicinal benefits. Flowers also speak to us in the language of the plant form itself, as cultural symbols in different societies, and at the highest levels of inspiration. In this beautiful and original book, renowned thinker and geometrist Keith Critchlow has chosen to focus on an aspect of flowers that has received perhaps the least attention. This is the flower as teacher of symmetry and geometry (the 'eternal verities', as Plato called them). In this sense, he says, flowers can be treated as sources of remembering -- a way of recalling our own wholeness, as well as awakening our inner power of recognition and consciousness. What is evident in the geometry of the face of a flower can remind us of the geometry that underlies all existence.

Working from his own flower photographs and with every geometric pattern hand-drawn, the author reviews the role of flowers within the perspective of our relationship with the natural world. His illuminating study is an attempt to re-engage the human spirit in its intimate relation with all nature.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 11342] 
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<B>Hidden Nature </B><I> The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger</I>, BARTHOLOMEW, ALICK,  BELLAMY, DAVID, OBE
16 Hidden Nature The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
0863154328 / 9780863154324 2004 Paperback 
80 b/w illustrations
This title pioneers a new Science of Nature. It offers striking new arguments against GM technologies. It proposes startling solutions to our energy needs. It includes a foreword by David Bellamy Austrian naturalist. Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) was far ahead of his time. From his unusually detailed observations of the natural world, he pioneered a completely new understanding of how nature works. He also foresaw, and tried to warn against, the global waste and ecological destruction of our age. This book describes and explains Schauberger's insights in contemporary, accessible language. His remarkable discoveries - which address issues such as sick water, ailing forests, climate change and, above all, renewable energy - have dramatic implications for how we should work with nature and its resources.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 756] 
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<B>Holy Order of Water </B><I> Healing the Earth's Waters and Ourselves</I>, MARKS, WILLIAM
17 Holy Order of Water Healing the Earth's Waters and Ourselves
088010483X / 9780880104838 2001 Paperback 
Long gone are the days of drinking naturally pure water from flowing rivers and streams. It is already common today for people to use bottled water or home water filtration systems for their drinking water. How have we come to such a predicament, and what can be done about it? Continuing pollution, ever-increasing population and industrial demands, destruction of the rainforests, and overpumping of the ground water are all responsible for the deterioration of water quality. But the underlying reason, as William E. Marks shows in this wide-ranging, thoughtful book, is a lack of understanding of and respect for the nature of water itself.

Marks covers such diverse topics as water's role in the origin of the universe and of life, cosmic rain and water in interstellar space, water in the myths of various peoples and religious traditions, the power of water in the many forms it takes in the natural world, vortex energy and living water, water and the human body, water healing, and a history of water pollution. He offers hope for the future by discussing the work of such visionaries as Theodor Schwenk and Viktor Schauberger. Marks shows us that finally water can only be understood when it is seen as the mediator not only between life and death but also between the physical world and the spiritual world.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1112] 
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<B>In Resonance with Nature </B><I> Holistic Healing for Plants and Land</I>, ANDEWEG, HANS,  VERMAAS, MARLON
18 In Resonance with Nature Holistic Healing for Plants and Land
086315705X / 9780863157059 2009 Paperback 
illustrations and diagrams
Around the world, as well as close to home, much of our land is in crisis. Harmful pollutants have left plants, soil, fields and forests seriously damaged, and our future on this planet in the balance. This timely book examines a number of theories of natural energy, and presents practical techniques for diagnosing and healing plants and land, including the use of vibrations. A variety of projects conducted by Hans Andeweg have proved his methods to be remarkably successful in improving the vitality of treated areas, including forests, estates and gardens. Through progressive exercises the author demonstrates how you can start your own healing projects, even on the smallest scale. He also looks at what it means to have 'green fingers', and the remarkable influence of our own attitudes towards plants and trees. This is an important book about how we, for good or ill, affect the natural world and what we can do to repair the damage that is all too evident around us.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 956] 
Price: 39.95 AUD
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<B>Inner Life of the Earth: Exploring the Mysteries of Nature, Subnature, and Supranature, The </B><I> Exploring the Mysteries of Nature, Subnature, and Supranature</I>, O'LEARY, PAUL V.
19 Inner Life of the Earth: Exploring the Mysteries of Nature, Subnature, and Supranature, The Exploring the Mysteries of Nature, Subnature, and Supranature
088010595X / 9780880105958 2008 Paperback 
Why should we wish to know about and seek to understand the dark, hidden realms of the Earth's interior? During the early twentieth century, Rudolf Steiner spoke of the esoteric nature of what lies beneath our feet, both physically and spiritually. He saw within the Earth the layers of "Hell" through which the Christ traveled following the Crucifixion and before the Resurrection, and how he thus united himself with the Earth and inserted himself more fully into human destiny. Steiner also spoke of how the different layers of the Earth's interior affect and interact with human beings living on Earth.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 1187] 
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<B>Language of Plants </B><I> A Guide to the Doctrine of Signatures</I>, GRAVES, JULIA
20 Language of Plants A Guide to the Doctrine of Signatures
1584200987 / 9781584200987 2012 Paperback 
colour illustrations
'As a child, I just knew which plant to pick up and hold to my head for a headache to go away. Once I heard about the concept of a 'doctrine of signatures', I would just stand silently, in awe of nature talking to me, talking and talking in her silent, direct speech. The book of nature seemed so obviously spelled out, and in oddest contrast to what I learned in medical school. My professors seemed never to have heard of nature being vibrant and alive and brimming with patterns of energy that are right there for us to understand and use...This direct and primordial experience of being part of nature's omnipresent, cyclic course taught me more in the realm of no-words than any university ever could have.' -- Julia Graves.

It is only in the age of technology that human beings have lost a sense of nature being alive. Throughout history, people spoke to nature, and nature communicated with them. During the Middle Ages, communicating with nature was called the 'doctrine of signatures', and it was an important part of the work of traditional healers and herbalists. The Language of Plants covers all aspects of the doctrine of signatures in an easily accessible format, so that everyone, whether nature lovers or healers, can learn to read the language of plants in connection with healing.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 11502] 
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