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<B>Educating the Soul </B><I> On the Esoteric in Shakespeare</I>, ALWYN, JOSIE AND MASTERS, BRIEN
1 Educating the Soul On the Esoteric in Shakespeare
1906999929 / 9781906999926 
The power of Shakespeare lies in his evidently conscious knowledge, skill and understanding of how to work with the alchemical potential in the human soul in the crafting of his plays. Each play is made as an exquisitely unique transformative device for the education of the soul.’

‘Books carry on conversations across the thresholds of time and space’, writes Josie Alwyn in her introduction. This book is the fruit of her ‘conversation’ with Brien Masters – a collaboration that began more than twenty years ago, when she was learning to be a Waldorf teacher. They open their discussions with the broader theme of the role and ‘mission’ of drama in human development, before focusing on the central topic: the potential for metamorphosis inherent in Shakespeare’s plays. This creative, birth-giving, transformative essence of Shakespeare – the esoteric core of his work – is vitally important to our times, they suggest, and contributes to the ongoing cultural education of the human soul.

Published to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Educating the Soul offers an overview of Shakespeare’s journey as a playwright in the context of evolving human consciousness. The heart of the book features nine essays on Shakespeare’s most performed plays. Just as the middle act of a Shakespearian drama gives a point of transformation, so these essays represent the central, unfolding dialogue that took place between the writers as the book developed. This section is followed by an in-depth study of Hamlet, that sees the story as a learning process, deeply strengthened by the primary character’s own education and changing consciousness. Finally, the book explores the theme of transformation through The Tempest and in relation to the archetypal ‘tree of life’.

Accessible to all, the motifs of the various chapters in this book are woven lightly together, enabling the reader to follow the contents in sequence, or to dip in and pick up the threads at any point.

JOSIE ALWYN, born in London in 1951, has lived most of her life amid the South Downs in Sussex. She was educated at Lewes Grammar School and Sussex University, graduating with an MA in English Renaissance Literature and Drama. Doctoral research led her deeper into the classical and medieval streams of thinking that flow into Shakespeare’s writing, and also introduced her to the work of Rudolf Steiner. The beginning of family life in 1984 opened vocational pathways into Steiner education: first in the Brighton Steiner School and at the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar with Brien Masters, then at Michael Hall Steiner School in Forest Row as Upper School English teacher. Josie is currently co-director of the London Waldorf Seminar and a Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship adviser.

BRIEN MASTERS (1931-2013) was a distinguished educationalist, musician and a prolific author. Qualified both as a State and Steiner-Waldorf teacher, he taught for more than 50 years, and acted as a consultant up to government ministerial level. He wrote numerous articles and publications for use in schools, and his Doctoral thesis was a critical appraisal of Waldorf praxis in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s educational ideas. His career included appointments as Choirmaster and Organist in the Anglican Church, Chair of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, Editor of Child and Man and Steiner Education, and Director of the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar. His books include Kindling the Word, Mozart and Adventures in Steiner Education
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<B>Future Dawning </B><I> Awakening in America (A Spiritual Fantasia on World Themes)</I>, WILLIAMSON, GLEN
2 Future Dawning Awakening in America (A Spiritual Fantasia on World Themes)
193868513X / 9781938685132 
“A masterly and original artistic metamorphosis, daring throughout, yet contained and congruent with respect to its spiritual context.” — Dr. James Dyson, Anthroposophic physician (retired) and psychologist. Cofounder, Park Attwood Clinic
“This mighty work offers room for hope in our troubled, challenging, sometimes encouraging, but so confusing times. I stand in awe.” — Signe Eklund Schaefer, Founding director, Center for Biography and Social Art and author of Why on Earth?: The Practice of Human Becoming
“A deeply penetrated and highly authentic rendering of potential karmic developments among the characters of Rudolf Steiner’s four mystery dramas.” — David Fairclough, Country Representative Anthroposophical Society in Ireland
“The language pulls me in. A powerful message. I feel great things will come from this play. I hope it’s produced worldwide.” — Shelter Somerset, author of Between Two Worlds
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<B>Number and Geometry in Shakespeare's Macbeth </B><I> </I>, ECKERSLEY, SYLVIA
3 Number and Geometry in Shakespeare's Macbeth
0863155928 / 9780863155925 Hardback 
In the Renaissance world, artists and architects often composed their canvasses and buildings according to numerical and musical harmonies. Many major poets, including Dante, Spenser and Milton, did the same in their work. Shakespeare's poems have been analysed for their numerology, but surprisingly his plays have not.

Sylvia Eckersley had studied scene-symmetry in Shakespeare's plays, and was struck by the exact middle lines of Macbeth as numbered on a First Folio edition:

See they encounter thee with their harts thanks
Both sides are euen: heere Ile sit i'th' mid'st

She was inspired to investigate further, and this book is the fascinating result. She has uncovered never-before documented number patterns and rhythms in Macbeth which could profoundly influence future interpretations and productions of the great play.

This is an important book for Shakespare scholars and numerology experts alike.
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<B>Plays for the Festivals of the Year </B><I> </I>, KöNIG, KARL
4 Plays for the Festivals of the Year
1782503749 / 9781782503743 
Karl König's plays for the festivals of the year are arguably his most original creations. Written to be performed in Camphill communities, they show a deep understanding of the Christian festivals. With one exception, all fourteen plays were written during the early years of the Camphill movement, and it was Konig's hope that their performance would help bring communities together. Not only is their content entertaining and informative, but the act of performing also provides great benefits as social therapy.

Since they were written, these plays have been translated into many languages and performed in Camphill and other communities around the world. This is the first time that the original texts of all the plays have been published in a single volume. They are presented with an introduction and commentary by series editor Richard Steel, alongside fascinating performance photographs.

Karl König (1902-66) was well-known as a physician, author and lecturer. He began his work at the Institute of Embryology at the University of Vienna. In 1940 he founded the Camphill Movement in Scotland. Based on the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner, these special education schools for children, and villages for adults with special needs, are now established all over Britain and Europe, North America and Southern Africa.
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<B>Three Plays for Small Classes </B><I> </I>, SCHMIDT, VIVIAN JONES
5 Three Plays for Small Classes
1943582033 / 9781943582037 
Three Plays for Small Classes offers class teachers an inspiring start at approaches to drama with only a few in middle school. Vivian Jones-Schmidt demonstrates her Waldorf class teaching experience in the ingenious re-telling of profound tales through the scripts she offers. Drama is a source of endless redemption for pre-teens and for students of all ages, really. To use these plays in school to emphasize the lessons already included in the middle school curriculum is to underscore memorable aspects of history, literature, and science as well as to unite students socially at a difficult age. Everything needed to do a play without needing to worry about “too few” students is offered in this rare collection of finely written plays. All teachers should take a look! It’s worth it as these stories prompt inspiration, aspiration, and fun — good medicine all around for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade classes!
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