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<B>A Spiritual Roadmap </B><I> Walking the Path in the Twenty-first Century</I>, BURTON, MICHAEL HEDLEY
1 A Spiritual Roadmap Walking the Path in the Twenty-first Century
1621481603 / 9781621481607 
An investigation into the "threshold" - what it is, how humanity is meeting it today, and how it can be crossed.

"I am being driven forward
into an unknown land.
The pass grows steeper,
the air colder and sharper.
A wind from my unknown goal
stirs the strings
of expectation.

Still the question:
will I ever get there?
There where life resounds,
a clear, pure note
in the silence."
- Dag Hammarskjöld

The phrase "walk the path" is a metaphor for the life journey of those who aim toward spiritual illumination. We all have our own unique journey in life, and no one can walk that path for us or prescribe the way we should go. Nevertheless, we sometimes encounter a fellow traveler along the way with whom insights and experiences can be shared. There is much to discuss, because today we can no longer rely on the dogmas and orthodoxies of human history. Spiritual illumination today demands a path of knowledge without preconception and fixed worldviews.

This book is written for those who have come to the point of deciding that the best thing they can do for the good of the earth and for their own fulfillment is to approach life as a quest for self-knowledge and true inner freedom. For them, this book will be an invaluable roadmap and guide for the many important milestones and crossroads we encounter in life. Michael Burton offers seven chapters that echo the seven stages of the alchemical process of illumination. It is written in such a way that it not only imparts information but also engages the reader’s life of feeling and will. No one can read this book and not be challenged to walk the path toward inner transformation.

New Zealander Michael Burton is based in Sydney and works as a writer, speech performer, actor, speech therapist, and voice teacher. He is the writer of the script for an international project to perform a play that follows on from the four initiation dramas of Rudolf Steiner. He gives performances in a number of countries of his one-man drama, Shakespeare and the Mystery of the Human Being (2003).
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 14219] 
Price: 24.95 AUD
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<B>Light (La Luce) </B><I> An Introduction to Creative Imagination</I>, SCALIGERO, MASSIMO AND BISBOCCI, ERIC
2 Light (La Luce) An Introduction to Creative Imagination
0970109768 / 9780970109767 Paperback 
Here is a classic of contemporary spirituality. Scaligero was a student of Zen, yoga, and the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner—but he came to completely independent conclusions based on his direct spiritual experience.

Scaligero’s masterpiece is a continuous, unfolding meditation, and an immediate expression of his travels in higher realms. It shows how the primal principle, the source of all being—knowing and love—descends instant by instant into the phenomenal world. He writes from the very stream of being, into which his work invites us, and poses a challenge: will we learn to experience the processes of consciousness, or will we rest in their products?

As with the texts of all true spiritual masters, Scaligero’s words must be savored and contemplated in order to extract the nectar of wisdom contained in them.

Darkness: The Leaven of Light
Thinking: The Light of the Earth
Forces of Opposition: Mediums
Metaphysical Warmth
The Life of Light: Freedom
Sense-Free Thinking
Meditation As a Path to Creative Imagination
The “Activity of Thinking”
Dialectics and Spiritual Science
The Magical Will: The “Void”
The Threshold
The Resurrection of LIght
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Price: 29.95 AUD
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<B>Old and New Mysteries </B><I> From Trials to Initiation</I>, BAAN, BASTIAAN
3 Old and New Mysteries From Trials to Initiation
1782501266 / 9781782501268 2014 
There is great contemporary interest in the mystery centres of antiquity, such as prehistoric caves, the pyramids of Egypt, Newgrange in Ireland, and the Externsteine in Germany. The trials and rites that took place there were for the chosen few, and are vividly described in this book -- from the trials of fire and water to the three-day near-death sleep.

The author goes on to argue that modern-day initiation, however, has a substantially different character. Whereas a 'hierophant' -- a guide -- was previously needed to navigate a trial, these days it is life itself which brings us trials, which can sometimes lead to deeper experiences of the spiritual.
Bastiaan Baan worked as a teacher in the Netherlands before being ordained in 1981. He was a Christian Community priest in the Netherlands and is currently director of the priests' seminary in Spring Valley, NY. He lectures widely, and has written many books. Lord of the Elements is his first book to be published in English.
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Price: 39.95 AUD
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<B>Symbols of Eternity </B><I> Landmarks for a Soul Journey</I>, STEWART, MALCOLM
4 Symbols of Eternity Landmarks for a Soul Journey
0863158374 / 9780863158377 2011 Paperback 
240 colour illustrations
Symbols play an extraordinary role in human culture and belief around the world. Their power, for good or ill, can launch us into alternative realms, leading us not only towards light and truth, but down darker paths to intolerance and hatred. Building on his acclaimed study of sacred geometry in Patterns of Eternity, the author starts by exploring megaliths, the ancient stones of the Bible, the lingams on India and the Black Stone of Mecca. He goes on to consider questions of harmony and value in the Flower of Life, the Enneagram, the Solfeggio Scale, alchemical symbols and the Cube of Light, as well as the controversial area of the swastika. Throughout, the author brings the unexpected discoveries of his own journeys to bear on the subject, continually testing the limits of our material reality. Wonderfully illustrated with over 200 colour photographs and diagrams, this fascinating book covers ancient history, science, music, art and culture, drawing them together into a coherent, inspiring journey for the reader.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 11501] 
Price: 49.95 AUD
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<B>Twelve Aspects of Michael </B><I> Contrasted by Their Counter-images</I>, LINDENBERG, CHRISTOF-ANDREAS,  NEWBATT, DAVID
5 Twelve Aspects of Michael Contrasted by Their Counter-images
0946206597 / 9780946206599 2007 Hardback 
12 colour illustrations
Most people are familiar with an image of St Michael and the Dragon. In this book, Christof-Andreas Lindenberg with words, and David Newbatt with images, explore other attributes of St Michael, in such a way that they reveal a twelve-fold balance of key noble qualities that the human being can strive for. Along with these virtues is also described, in contrast, the all too recognisable failings of human nature, which have to be recognised and understood before they can be overcome. Both the lecture by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg and the illustrations by David Newbatt, can be an invaluable source of inspiration for those who wish to research further into the questions of human nature, and to find ways in which to live, work and inwardly develop in relationship to each other.
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Price: 39.90 AUD
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<B>Where on Earth is Heaven </B><I> Fifty Years of Questions and Many Miles of Film</I>, STEDALL, JONATHAN
6 Where on Earth is Heaven Fifty Years of Questions and Many Miles of Film
1903458900 / 9781903458907 2009 Hardback 
8pp colour illustrations, 60 b&w illustations
This is an exploration of life's mysteries prompted by the author's young son asking: Where on earth is heaven? This led to the TV series, "The Long Search", and to film making in the African Bush with Lawrence van der Post, the hill temples of northern India, San Francisco, a Taiwanese funeral, by train to Arcadia and by bicycle through the lanes of Cornwall - and through his encounter with scientists, artists and philosophers. He believes that a new spirituality is emerging that goes beyond the dualism of phrases like 'spirit and matter', life and death', heaven and earth'.
[When referring to this item please quote our ID 2127] 
Price: 62.00 AUD
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