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1 Defending Ancient Springs
0940262134 / 9780940262133 Paperback 
Dr. Raine's criticism is centered on her belief that it is now the time to reaffirm the language of sacred analogy, and all that is inherent in it, as the proper language of imaginative and creative discourse. Among the essays that comprise this book are perceptive studies of those poets of her contemporaries the author regards as defenders and preservers of the ancient springs of sacred imagination.
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Price: 16.95 AUD
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<B>Enigma of Evil </B><I> </I>, SCHUTZE, ALFRED,  LAUTERBACH, EVA
2 Enigma of Evil
0863158609 / 9780863158605 2012 Paperback 
In our modern world we routinely face the kinds of evil which make wrong-doing of the past seem comparatively harmless. At the same time, it can sometimes be hard to see evil in the midst of apparent striving for good. In this classic work, Alfred Schutze argues that we can only address these issues by recognising evil in its many guises. In particular, he distinguishes between two opposing forms of evil, whose enigmatic development he traces in mythology, literature and scientific thought. This is a challenging but rewarding book which gets to the heart of many contemporary struggles and offers approaches which could help.
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Price: 24.95 AUD
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3 Meaning of Love, The
0940262185 / 9780940262188 Paperback 
"The meaning and worth of love as a feeling is that it really forces us, with all our being, to acknowledge for another the same absolute significance that, because of the power of egoism, we are conscious of only in our own selves. Love is important, not only as one of our feelings but as the transfer of all our interest in life from ourselves to another, as the shifting of the very center of our lives....

"The meaning of human love, speaking generally, is the justification and salvation of individuality through the sacrifice of egoism. On this general basis we can also ... explain the meaning of sexual love" (Vladimir Solovyov)

What is the meaning of love's intense emotion? Solovyov points to the spark of divinity that we see in another human being and shows how this "living ideal of Divine love, antecedent to our love, contains in itself the secret of the idealization of our love."

According to Solovyov, love between men and women has a key role to play in the mystical transfiguration of the world. Love, which allows one person to find unconditional completion in another, becomes an evolutionary strategy for overcoming cosmic disintegration.
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Price: 29.95 AUD
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<B>Mystery of Sophia, The </B><I> Bearer of the New Culture: The Rose of the World</I>, POWELL, ROBERT, ISAACSON, ESTELLE
4 Mystery of Sophia, The Bearer of the New Culture: The Rose of the World
1584201754 / 9781584201755 
Estelle Isaacson is a contemporary seer who is gifted with a remarkable ability to perceive new streams of revelation. Dr. Robert Powell is a spiritual researcher who, in this concise work—and in many other books—brings the results of his own research investigations. Both have been blessed in an extraordinary way by virtue of accessing the realm wherein Sophia is presently found.

In Part 1 of The Mystery of Sophia, a series of fourteen visions with which Estelle Isaacson was graced lead the reader into a direct and immediate connection with the mystery of Sophia in our time. In the four chapters of Part 2, Robert Powell opens up the cosmic dimension of Sophia and her path of descent toward humanity and the Earth as the bearer of a new spiritual culture: the Rose of the World, a culture founded on love and wisdom.

Karen Rivers, co-founder with Robert Powell of the Sophia Foundation, has contributed a foreword to the book. And in the appendix, “Sophia—Sources of Inspiration,” Robert Powell and Estelle Isaacson offer an overview of inspired literature for all those who wish to deepen their study of Sophia.
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Price: 36.95 AUD
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5 Prophets of Nature: Green Spirituality in Romantic Poetry and Painting
0863156576 / 9780863156571 Paperback 

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Price: 34.95 AUD
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<B>Will of Divine Love </B><I> Centering Prayer and Spiritual Psychology</I>, FREY, KESS
6 Will of Divine Love Centering Prayer and Spiritual Psychology
158420995X / 9781584209959 
As Love determines Justice, so does Will determine Destiny. This profound wisdom saying holds the timeless theme unfolding in this book. The Will of Divine Love is the non-dual underlying motive force of created reality, allowing all possibilities expression in the drama and game of God’s Great Adventure in which each soul is a central player.

God is love (1 John 4:8). The evolution of human consciousness into divine consciousness is our spiritual growth into the love of Christ, the holy Word of creation. This book looks at the process of spiritual evolution in created reality. It also looks at Centering Prayer and other transformative spiritual practices—Welcoming Prayer, forgiveness practice, and creative self-expression—that unload the Unconscious and help us to enter the “promised land” and the inner wealth of our divine inheritance as souls created in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:26–27). May all souls be well rested in God and the Will of Divine Love!
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Price: 35.95 AUD
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Clairvoyance and Consciousness, MEYER, T. H.,  WOOD, JOHN M.,  WOOD, MARGUERITE
7 Clairvoyance and Consciousness
1906999368 / 9781906999360 2012 Paperback 
‘The Tao ... is something which was considered as a distant goal of the world and of humanity, the highest element which man carried as a germ within him, which would one day develop into a fully opened blossom from the innermost depths of human nature...’ - Rudolf Steiner

The explosion of spiritual teachings in recent times has offered countless paths to clairvoyant and metaphysical states of consciousness. This spiritual renaissance, including a renewed interest in Taoism, can be seen as a reflection of the modern individual’s need to become aware of spiritual modes of perception and knowledge. However, many of these teachings lead to an ancient form of hazy, indistinct clairvoyance, argues Meyer, in direct opposition to clear, rational but spiritualised thought.

Between Goethe’s Taoism and Capra’s Tao of Physics Meyer guides the reader to the most modern form of Taoism inherent in Rudolf Steiner’s work, particularly his Philosophy of Spiritual Activity. Meyer traces the evolution of human consciousness, from the dreamy clairvoyance of Atlantis to the modern ability for clear abstract thought, and through to humanity’s newly unfolding clairvoyant faculties.
‘My appreciation increased steadily as I read on...’ - Owen Barfield 
Price: 24.50 AUD
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Facing the World with Soul, SARDELLO, ROBERT
8 Facing the World with Soul
1584200146 / 9781584200147 2003 Paperback 
In this new edition of a classic work, Robert Sardello offers a new approach to daily life through concentration, meditation, imagination and contemplation. He builds up a psychology of the world -- of architecture, money, the city, medicine, food and technology -- and argues that in order to heal ourselves, we need to reimagine the world. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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9 Fall of Sophia
1584200006 / 9781584200000 2001 Paperback 
A fresh translation of the Pistis Sophia from the Coptic and a discussion of its historical setting. Sophia is one of the great symbols of the divine feminine in world civilization and the personification of divine Wisdom. In Gnosticism, the secret teaching of ancient Christianity, she represents the consciousness that all of us share, but which became trapped in the material world as a result of the Fall. One of the most sublime Gnostic texts is the Pistis Sophia or "Faith Wisdom", a great allegory in which the resurrected Christ tells how he freed the divine Sophia from her imprisonment to powers of spiritual wickedness. In this profound yet accessible work, Violet MacDermot provides a fresh translation of the Pistis Sophia from the Coptic and discusses it in its historical setting. She also shows how the story of Sophia is one in which we too can share in spiritual liberation. Her engaging discussion relates this work not only to ancient teachings, but to the thought of C G Jung, Emanuel Swedenborg and the Kabbala. 
Price: 26.95 AUD
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Flaming Door, MERRY, ELEANOR C.
10 Flaming Door
0863156444 / 9780863156441 2008 Paperback 
Illustrations "All myths and sagas and legends are like a shimmering veil of many colours, stirred now and then by the wind of our desires, but still hiding from most of us that Council of the Wise seated at the Round Table of the Stars...But between us and them lies the gulf of our arrogance and the mists of our unbelief." "The Flaming Door" is perhaps Eleanor Merry's most famous work and made an important contribution to the renewal of Celtic mythology. Slumbering in the ancient sagas and legends are the secrets of initiation: when men and women found their way through the 'flaming door', the threshold between the physical and spiritual worlds. The book falls into two parts: before Christ, which includes studies of The Bards, The Cauldron of Ceridwen and Hu the Mighty; and after Christ, which includes the Legends of Odrum, St Columba and the Legends of the Rose and the Lily. 
Price: 35.95 AUD
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Michael and the Two-Horned Beast, NESFIELD-COOKSON, BERNARD
11 Michael and the Two-Horned Beast
0904693988 / 9780904693980 1998 Paperback 
In our materialistic and skeptical age, it can be difficult to take seriously the existence of real spiritual beings. Nevertheless, countless individuals -- from the historic founders of religions to those who have been through near-death experiences -- have spoken of beings of Light, such as Angels and Archangels, and 'evil' beings, spirits of darkness.

The author, basing his work on Rudolf Steiner's teachings, presents an epic picture of the forces of 'good' and 'evil' -- a battle of cosmic dimensions in which we are all intimately involved. He clarifies the pivotal role of the Archangel Michael, the 'Guardian of Cosmic Intelligence, ' who fights to hold the balance between the key powers of evil in our time -- Lucifer and Ahriman -- and describes other members of the evil hierarchies. He also discusses the biblical Apocalypse of St. John, the Mexican Mysteries, and much else. This book is an essential guide to meeting the challenge of evil at the new millennium. 
Price: 44.00 AUD

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More Messages from the Angels, JOHANSON, IRENE
12 More Messages from the Angels
1902636368 / 9781902636368 2003 
As with her previous work What the Angels Need to Tell Us Now, More Messages from the Angels is divided into two parts. In the first section, Irene Johanson gives valuable advice about the inner preparations necessary to receive angel messages in the proper way. She explains how to distinguish between the different kinds of spirits, and how to deal with information received from metaphysical entities -- in particular knowing whether such information is genuine or not. She also gives advice about transforming our life of soul and the forces of thinking, feeling and will. In the second part, Johanson presents more messages and information received from angels through her friend Agnes, an individual who represents a new kind of clairvoyance. Unlike mediumism or channeling, Agnes's method does not entail a dimming of consciousness, but has the character of clarity and wakefulness. The messages received contain critical advice, guidance and insight from the angels to humanity. This time they speak on many contemporary issues, including organ transplants, genetic modification, cloning, "mad cow disease, " nuclear energy, evil, catastrophes and disasters (including 9/11), abortion, population growth, sudden death, cyanide, AIDS, sexuality, difficult children, fear, psychological warfare, ecumenism, democracy, and human and angelic cooperation. 
Price: 22.50 AUD
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Quest for Hermes Trismegistus, LACHMAN, GARY
13 Quest for Hermes Trismegistus
086315798X / 9780863157981 2011 Paperback 
From the sands of Alexandria via the Renaissance palaces of the Medicis, to our own times, this spiritual adventure story traces the profound influence of Hermes Trismegistus -- the 'thrice-great one', as he was often called -- on the western mind. For centuries his name ranked among the most illustrious of the ancient world. Considered by some a contemporary of Moses and a forerunner of Christ, this almost mythical figure arose in fourth century BC Alexandria, from a fusion of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes. Master of magic, writing, science, and philosophy, Hermes was thought to have walked with gods and be the source of the divine wisdom granted to man at the dawn of time. Gary Lachman has written many books exploring ancient traditions for the modern mind. In The Quest for Hermes Trismegistus, he brings to life the mysterious character of this great spiritual guide, exposing the many theories and stories surrounding him, and revitalizing his teachings for the modern world. Through centuries of wars, conquests and religious persecutions, the fragile pages of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus have still survived.
This is a book for all thinkers and enquirers who want to recover that lost knowledge and awaken a shift in human consciousness. 
Price: 37.95 AUD
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Spiritual Leadership of Mankind, PFEIFFER, EHRENFRIED
14 Spiritual Leadership of Mankind
0936132752 / 9780936132754 
Following the hidden thread of humanity’s spiritual leadership, these lectures focus on Francis of Asissi, Tauler and the Friend of God, Jacob Boehme, Rudolf Steiner, and the essential principles of spiritual leadership as opposed to outer leadership. 
Price: 13.50 AUD
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Transcendental Universe, The, HARRISON, C AND BAMFORD, CHRISTOPHER
15 Transcendental Universe, The
0940262584 / 9780940262584 Paperback 
Most spiritual impulses today can be traced back to the nineteenth-century explosion of esotericism. In The Transcendental Universe, one of the most enigmatic and thought-provoking works of the period, a mysterious and unknown figure - C.G. Harrison - examines theosophy from an esoteric Christian perspective. He identifies true gnosis and, with great courage, makes public much esoteric knowledge that had remained hidden within occult orders. 
Price: 29.95 AUD
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