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Dostoevsky: The Scandal of Reason


Price: $39.95

Publisher: Steiner Books:

Seller ID: 1601

Praise for Dostoevsky: The Scandal of Reason “In a series of compelling, enlightening, and challenging essays Professor Banerjee looks at ‘Dostoevsky’s novelistic world as an intellectually coherent, spiritually integral whole.’ Her examination culminates in a brilliant attempt to provide a reasonable, rational, and verbal indictment of reason itself—comprehending and complementing the message of love and gestures of Dostoevsky’s ... View more info

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Spirit of the Mountain


Price: $25.95

Publisher: Anthroposophic press:

Seller ID: 13324

The hot South-African summer is getting to Emily. She escapes to her Uncle Tim's farm where she meets green-eyed Joey and can relax. But Emily has an eating disorder, and each day she slips further away from those around her. Only Anna can help her-Anna the healer, the herbalist, who possesses the wisdom of ancient customs and traditions. Anna offers Emily knowledge of a world she could scarcely imagine. "A fine, strong, delicate story of a girl in mortal da... View more info