Our Dead Memorial, Funeral, and Cremation Addresses, 1906-1924

This book collects Rudolf Steiner's memorial, funeral, and cremation addresses, as well as a sampling of prayers and meditations for the dead. The context, intimate and sober with grief, means that his intent is quite other than if he had been speaking in a lecture hall. His primary concerns-- while based on spiritual-scientific research and, in some cases, the actual living expression of it in real time--are ethical and existential and, at the same time, ceremonial and communal. He stands as speaker before and for the living--relations, friends, and community members--and for the one who has died, even, in a way, for the greater "cloud" of all the dead. With his feet planted firmly on the Earth, Steiner moves seamlessly between the sensory-physical, embodied world and the invisible, suprasensory, discarnate one. Speaking in an intimate, personal manner to both worlds, he unites the living and the dead.
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Title: Our Dead Memorial, Funeral, and Cremation Addresses, 1906-1924


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