Rosicrucianism Renewed The Unity of Art, Science and Religion. The Theosophical Congress of Whitsun 1907


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The Congress of the Federation of the European Sections of the Theosophical Society was held in Munich at Whitsun 1907 and marked the emergence of Anthroposophy from Theosophy. Rudolf Steiner surprised some participants and dismayed others when he introduced the Rosicrucian path - a path of thinking and the unification of art, science, and religion into the greater theosophical tradition. Surrounding the performance of Edouard Schure's "Sacred Drama of Eleusis" in the meeting hall were red draped walls and artistic representations of the Apocalyptic and the planetary seals (reproduced in color plates in the book). With this seminal event, a new and decisive element entered the spiritual stream of the day.

Also at this congress, Steiner laid the foundation of his idea for a building that, after several transformations, culminated in the Johannes-Bau (the first Goetheanum), in Dornach, Switzerland. He thus indicated the possibility and spiritual need for a new style of architecture and the importance of having a place dedicated to the performance of the mystery dramas.
With this congress in Munich, Rudolf Steiner planted the seeds of Anthroposophy, or spiritual science, as we know it today.

This volume contains the lectures by Rudolf Steiner at that congress as well as additional related talks from other occasions that amplify the substance, intent, and effects of ground-breaking meeting. In addition to Steiner's talks, reports are included from others concerning the congress in Munich and its effects. This "Collected Works" edition contains an introduction, illustrations, a chronology of Rudolf Steiner's life, editorial notes, and an index.
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Title: Rosicrucianism Renewed The Unity of Art, Science and Religion. The Theosophical Congress of Whitsun 1907


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