Rudolf Steiner: a Biography


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This biography should contribute to a greater understanding of Rudolf Steiner. Whoever follows his life will get the impression that, from a certain point on, his constant attempt was to awake, in numerous ways, an active, working understanding for Anthroposophy. Steiner used creative imagination to treat particular themes and tasks, ever anew, and in many forms. If we observe the variations of those presentations, we see in them the intentions that guided his whole life. A biography that shows Steiner’s intentions and efforts in the context of the times and his life circumstances will not only relate what happened, but also why. His work does not, as in many modern biographies, disappear behind the life story.
This is the most comprehensive biography of Rudolf Steiner available in English, tracing his life and development through an in-depth look at his life and work, which encompassed numerous areas, including his Goethean research, philosophy, esoteric work, pedagogy, medicine, sociology, agriculture, architecture, painting, movement arts, and poetry. This biography, which tracks his divergent activities, shows how Rudolf Steiner was most concerned with bringing a new approach to knowledge through Spiritual Science and to revitalizing the most important areas of human culture and society.

This volume is a translation of Rudolf Steiner - eine Biographie, 2 vols., Verlag Freies Geistesleben, Stuttgart (1997).
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Title: Rudolf Steiner: a Biography


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