Language of the Consciousness Soul, The A Guide to Rudolf Steiner's 'Leading Thoughts'


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"After Rudolf Steiner had left us in the body, the gifts of the spirit that were offered by him in such overflowing measure could not continue. It must now happen that a community of human beings takes over the results of his spiritual research, takes them in such a way that they remain alive in the community. People must come together in anthroposophic work, united in such a way that Anthroposophy comes into its own." —Carl Unger (lecture in Stuttgart, Oct. 29, 1928)

This volume provides perhaps the most comprehensive and profound exegesis of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy, especially his book titled Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts. That book provides Steiner’s final and most complete explanation of his Spiritual Science through brief, aphoristic thoughts, or meditations, on the profound esoteric meaning of the modern spiritual path he called Anthroposophy.

In The Language of the Consciousness Soul, Carl Unger unfolds and expands Rudolf Steiner’s “leading thoughts” to help the reader comprehend the deeper meaning behind the words. Carl Unger lets us see how Rudolf Steiner created a mandala-like image of Anthroposophy, revealing an ever-expanding cosmology and epistemology that goes far beyond mere philosophy or a belief system to a practical path of spiritual investigation and knowledge for modern humankind.
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Title: Language of the Consciousness Soul, The A Guide to Rudolf Steiner's 'Leading Thoughts'

Author(s): UNGER, CARL

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