Jung and Steiner The Birth of a New Psychology


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What is the difference between soul and spiritual consciousness? Or the process of individuation and the development of individuality? What are Jung's and Steiner's views on the Grail, dreams, life after death, alchemy, and sexuality? The different approaches of C.G. Jung, the explorer of soul, and Rudolf Steiner, the explorer of spirit, have never been fully brought together. How, putting these together, can a more holistic understanding of the human being be reached? Gerhard Wehr, who is both an Anthroposophist and a biographer of Jung, answers these questions and explores what a psychology that comprehends both soul and spirit would begin to look like. With a profound and original introduction by Robert Sardello and an extensive appendix with essays on depth psychology and Anthroposophy by Hans Erhard Lauer, this book bears witness to the birth of a new psychology. As Sardello writes: "Jung and Steiner does not merely offer a comparison of two creative individuals each of whom has brought something decidedly new to the world... This book goes much further, and its reach has to do with the method employed, which Wehr calls 'synoptic.' Rather than setting the externals of two systems side by side and looking at each for similarities and differences, Wehr sets the core meaning of each beside the other. Out of the tension something new comes into being."
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Title: Jung and Steiner The Birth of a New Psychology


Categories: Consciousness,

Publisher: United States, Anthroposophic Press Inc: 2003

ISBN Number: 0880104961

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