Rudolf Steiner's Mission and Ita Wegman


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"Because I felt that he knew how things were, I said simply: 'I will stay with you.' Then he said significant things to me that I was not to repeat. A very ancient karma existing between him and me was renewed. It was not until many years later that I first realized the significance of that meeting." —Ita Wegman

Ita Wegman was one of Rudolf Steiner’s most important co-workers, collaborating with him principally in the field of Medicine — co-authoring the key book Extending Practical Medicine and heading the Medical Section of the School of Spiritual Science. In the background to that external work, however, was an esoteric connection. In this seminal work of karma research, the authors attempt, sensitively and with responsibility, to shed light on that spiritual and karmic history.

Written for members of the Anthroposophical Society, this book is a profound study of a series of different incarnations linked to the figures of Ita Wegman and Rudolf Steiner. Spread over six disparate lifetimes, they range from Gilgamesh and Eabani (Enkidu) in Uruk, ancient Chaldea, to the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, the twentieth-century setting for the world center of Anthroposophy. Based on copious historical research, verbal statements, and spiritual insight, this rare and valuable work features many illustrations and facsimiles of documents and personal letters.
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Title: Rudolf Steiner's Mission and Ita Wegman


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