New Sacred Geometry The Art and Science of Frank Chester


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This book is a visually compelling journey through the unique geometric discoveries of Frank Chester, a contemporary sacred geometer, artist, and sculptor. This art-style book with highly polished design elements leads the reader from discovery to discovery, complemented by original text from the author, a PhD who has studied Frank's work from its inception, when it was just seven sticks in a ball of mud on the banks of the American River... From the back cover: The ancient tradition of Sacred Geometry is still alive and well in the person of Frank Chester. He has discovered a new geometric form that unites the five Platonic solids and provides some startling indications about the form and function of the human heart. This new form, called the Chestahedron, was discovered in 2000, and is a seven-sided polyhedron with surfaces of equal area. Frank has been exploring the form and its significance for over a decade. His work has potential implications across a number of areas, from physiology to architecture, sculpture, geology, and beyond. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, Frank sees a deep connection between form and spirit. This book gives a brief, highly visual overview of some of Frank's discoveries, and presents a compelling series of indications for future research.
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Title: New Sacred Geometry The Art and Science of Frank Chester


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