Logic against Humanity The Myth of Science and the Path of Thinking


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"If a science of thinking is to rise again for humanity, it cannot be the science of discourse. At each moment it must light up out of the idea from which it is born; it must not limit itself to identifying with its conceptual elaboration." - Massimo Scaligero

The Logic against Humanity is considered by many to be Massimo Scaligero’s most important work. It examines the difficulties faced by modern-day philosophers and scientists who employ “discursive” thinking to explain the mystery of human existence. “Discursive” thinking, which accounts for the inherent limitations of rationalism and scientific presumptions, is viewed by Scaligero as a form of mental disorder, widely prevalent in today’s culture. Indeed, he shows how members of the scientific community and academia—unaware of the effect of thinking’s adherence to bodily forces—are often themselves inadvertent diffusers of the mental disorder that they seek to analyze in their research.

In the first half of the book, “The Myth of Science,” Scaligero discusses numerous topics, including ways that the works of Freud and Jung led to the elimination of the “sacred” through the “sacralization” of the unconscious.

In the second half of the book, “The Path of Thinking,” the author contends that, to remedy problems of modern thinking, we must cultivate the perception of the “being” of thinking—a perception that has eluded many thinkers, from Hegel to Krishnamurti, who were unable to liberate their thinking effectively from “discursiveness.”

Massimo Scaligero insists that a “science of thinking” must be engendered within humanity—thinking that transcends the limits of conceptual elaboration—science enlivened continuously by the living being from which it arises. To help us toward this end, Scaligero elucidates a path based on “the techniques of concentration,” which are ultimately necessary to the realization of the “I AM.”

In light of the fact that the latest applications of logic serve methodologies that seem to have lost all connection with the healthy and indispensible human direction, Scaligero's Logic against Humanity does not seem dated but, rather, prophetic. The transformation of thinking that he solicits is needed not only for the future progress of humanity, but is also decisive for us today.

“This book intends to present the urgent need for human autonomy regarding the intellectualistic myths of the present time that feign, in scientific or logical guise, virtues of which they bear only the name: freedom, sociality, progress, pure experience, positivism, methodology, and so on. The author, with respect to the ideas expounded, cannot take into account any rebuttal that proves to be derived from an incomplete reading of the book.

“With the expression ‘the logic against humanity’ the author does not mean to designate logic adverse to the human being but, rather, the series of methods of present-day learning whose logical form is realized to the degree that it renounces the logical spirit from which it draws.” —Massimo Scaligero

MASSIMO SCALIGERO (1906-1980) was born Antonio Scabelloni in Veroli in the province of Frosinone, Lazio, central Italy. He was a contemporary Italian spiritual master who has drank deeply from both Western and Eastern traditions. By direct experience, he was equally at home with Western philosophy and psychology, Western esotericism (Rosicrucianism, Templarism, and Anthroposophy) and Eastern meditative practices (Zen and Tibetan Buddhism).
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Title: Logic against Humanity The Myth of Science and the Path of Thinking


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