Sensitive Beekeeping Practicing Vulnerability and Nonviolence with Your Backyard Beehive


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You might have heard that bees are in trouble. Actually, it is we who are in trouble. Honeybees are essential to the health of our planet and our food supply, and backyard beekeepers may be the answer to increasing our population of strong, healthy honeybees. We can contribute substantially as beekeepers. We can help in a thousand ways to save and increase our honeybee population while watching our gardens grow!

“Sensitive Beekeeping” means many things—beekeeping without fear and without a veil; beekeeping for the sake of the bee instead of profit; and learning to care for bees through our own observation and sensitivity for the beehive.
Through such an undertaking, we can transform ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. We can care for bees in this way from the beginning and improve over the years as we gain sensitivity for these creatures and come to hear what the bees have to say to us with time, practice, and patience.

Jack Bresette-Mills shows how anyone with a backyard can care for a beehive as the bees also care for us and help us become more self-aware and sensitive to the world around us. A native of Michigan, he has interests in: beekeeping, piano tuning, carpentry, writing, maths teaching, and sky watching. His book and weekly podcast, reasoning with an Optimist, has made many people smile. For the past 18 years he has tended bees in his own backyard and has assisted others in theirs.
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Title: Sensitive Beekeeping Practicing Vulnerability and Nonviolence with Your Backyard Beehive


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