The Hellenistic Mysteries & Christianity


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A profound experience, which bridges the gap between ancient initiatory Mysteries and a deeper view of Christianity. It provides evidence that the Gospel writers themselves viewed the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ, events which occurred over three days, as a parallel to the three-day initiation process of the Mysteries, but a process through which a cosmic Christ-force became the Earth's guiding indwelling spirit.

Some of the chapters:
The initiatory 'Mysteries' of Ancient Greece
The initiation wisdom of Homer, the hidden message of the Odyssey
Porphyry: A lost Hymn to Apollo, its initiatory message
The acolyte descends into the Underworld
The Mysteries, the sun god & secrets of Christianity
The ascent to divinity in the Mysteries
The cry from the cross: forsaken or glorified ?
Investigating a cosmic Christianity, John13:18
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Title: The Hellenistic Mysteries & Christianity


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