Sonett Curd Soap 100gm


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For household use and workshop use.
Mild inexpensive hand soap made from organic vegetable oils, without any colourings, fragrances, fillers, complexing agents or optical brighteners. Well matured, the soap lasts for a long time.
Ranges of application: For household use and workshop areas as well as wherever durable, effectively cleansing hand soap without any additives is needed.
Special product feature: This curd soap is manufactured without using fillers, dye-stuffs, fragrances, optical brighteners, and, above all, without any petrochemical complexing agents such as EDTA. It is thoroughly matured before being put on sale which increases its shelf life.
The slightly brown colouration of curd soap when stored for several years is a sign of the purely natural quality of this product and, in no way, impairs its quality and washing performance. 

Our coconut-based soap has very good cleaning power even in cold and hard water, and the addition of palm oil contributes the required hardness to the soap, which prevents it from going soft quickly, even if the soap is left on a wet surface for a longer period of time.
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Title: Sonett Curd Soap 100gm

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