Artistic Sensitivity as a Spiritual Approach to Knowing Life and the World 13 lectures in Dornach, January 9 – May 2, 1915 (CW 161)


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Today’s orthodox notions of science—or knowing—are exceedingly narrow; they posit, implicitly or otherwise, that the only knowledge possible, if any, is of the physical world. However, the skeleton key to unlocking the door beyond which lies the root of the problems and difficulties of our age (and thus their solution) is to be able to fully answer this question: What is it to know something? This question is at the foundation of Spiritual Science. Rudolf Steiner had to solve it for himself first, and then pointed the way for others to do the same (for example, in his Philosophy of Freedom) long before he could give lectures such as these.
Rudolf Steiner’s work and words are still largely undiscovered considering their value for humanity. They continue to point the way toward a different path—a way of knowing that encompasses the fullness, breadth, and depth of life and the worlds we inhabit. Such a path of knowing (or science) does not ignore or even contradict narrower, technological or specialized physical sciences, but instead offers an expansive understanding of reality that
includes a deeper engagement with those aspects of our experience that we have been told are beyond the ken of science.
Nevertheless, isn’t truth accessible through art? Aren’t poetry and literature—indeed, the beauty and wisdom of each human language—portals through which we can glimpse truths every bit as real (though different) as those we might grasp through a microscope or telescope?
These thirteen lectures took place from the fifth to ninth months of World War I. Considering the interrupted, fragmented nature of the sequence of these lectures, we might assume that they could not possibly present a tight, coherent whole, but this is not the case. Rudolf Steiner lays his framework in a concise, detailed manner in the first two lectures, and then goes on to demonstrate, based on this, how numerous aspects of life reveal the hidden presence and activities of realities (and the approach) he has established. Indeed, it is humbling to witness Steiner’s focus and presence of mind—to see how, after a significant interval but in the same tone of voice and with seamless continuity—he picks up, develops, and interweaves his announced intention: to provide “a detailed look at things we have been considering for years.”
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Title: Artistic Sensitivity as a Spiritual Approach to Knowing Life and the World 13 lectures in Dornach, January 9 – May 2, 1915 (CW 161)


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