Case for Anthroposophy Extracts from 'Riddles of the Soul'


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The Case for Anthroposophy is a complete English edition of one of the most important books by Rudolf Steiner, who said that the first essay was written not with a pen, but with “soul spades that want to rip away the planks that board up the world—i.e., clear away the limits to knowledge set by natural science—but want to do so through one’s inner work of the soul.”

In the second essay, Rudolf Steiner goes head-to-head with Max Dessoir, a typical materialist and foe of the spirit; Dessoir’s response to Steiner's essay is included as an appendix. Steiner also describes for the first time how the three soul forces (thinking, feeling, and volition) relate to the three organizations of the body: the nervous–sensory system; the rhythmic system; and the metabolic–limb system.

While not an easy text, The Case for Anthroposophy (Riddles of the Soul) offers a unique exploration of inner and outer frontiers, as well as the ways in which bridges are built to connect them. This book was always an important work for early anthroposophists, who worked deeply to penetrate Rudolf Steiner’s teaching of Spiritual Science.
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Title: Case for Anthroposophy Extracts from 'Riddles of the Soul'


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