Growing Up Healthy in a World of Digital Media


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This new guide explains the dangers and risks to children and adolescents inherent in the new media:
Impairment of brain development, communications stress, danger of addiction, loss of privacy, sites that are unsuitable for young people, cyber bullying and health impairment due to continuous radiation from wireless devices.
This book illustrates the legal regulations, the safety measures and possible actions needed to prevent dangers or to address them appropriately
It provides an educational standpoint which represents an appropriate balance between the needs of children and adolescents, and the restrictions which are required as precautionary measures to safeguard against the inherent dangers.
"It is the paradox of our digital future: brain development needs time and skilful play, work and action within the real world throughout the first 15 to 16 years. The result is the faculty of self control and self thinking, which is fundamental for media competence. The authors of this book, all specialists, offer practical advice for age appropriate brain stimulation, encouraging teachers and parents to find ways to protect their children from the unnecessary and damaging too early use of electronic devices. They give advice for helping children develop their unique creativity and to learn how to learn out of their own initiative."
Dr Michaela Glockler, Paediatrician
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Title: Growing Up Healthy in a World of Digital Media


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