Global Hive What The Bee Crisis Teaches Us About Building a Sustainable World


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In a world all too familiar with environmental disasters, Horst Kornberger states that the bee crisis is a more significant problem than deforestation, pollution, and global warming combined. It points to the causes behind all these problems.

Global Hive is a rallying cry for a new understanding of world ecology. More than a study of bees, this book offers an entirely new way of thinking about the bee crisis and its causes, as well as a way to use the crisis to explore wider social and ecological issues.

Kornberger challenges the dominant scientific worldview that reduces everything to minute detail and fails to see the larger holistic picture. He asserts that—if we want to mend our relationship with the natural world—we urgently need to begin thinking about ecology in a new way and begin to develop a new science that draws on empathy and imagination. From this perspective, the worldwide threat of the bee crisis becomes a starting point for global change.

Global Hive is a thought-provoking treatise on what colony collapse teaches us about our society, our choices, and how we can build a more sustainable world.

Horst Kornberger is a writer, poet, interdisciplinary artist and researcher in the field of imagination and creativity. He is the director of the School of Integral Art where he pioneers creative, biographical and environmental writing, and the author of The Power of Stories published by Floris Books, UK and The Writer’s Passage ( A co-director of Creativity Consultants Worldwide, Horst lectures internationally on themes of education, creativity, ecology and the use of the imagination as a healing and community building tool. He is co-director of Rudolf Steiner College in Western Australia.
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Title: Global Hive What The Bee Crisis Teaches Us About Building a Sustainable World


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