From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley - Vol 1


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VOLUME 1: Spiritual Forces in the development of data processing and the future of computer technology CHAPTER 1 In search of truth - What is meant by evil - Manners - the redemption of evil Condition pool brackets are coming of the beast
CHAPTER 2 The birth of the binary system - Harun al-Raschid - The Synod of Constantinople - Michael's Regency - The Doctor Angelicus - Lord Francis Bacon of Verulam - The universal cipher - The quest for Wisdom The binary code - from theory to practice
CHAPTER 3 The loom of intelligence - The city of Light - The knights Templars - Darkness over Paris (the victory of the beast)- Lyon in the Renaissance - The hub of Freemasonry - The web that would become worldwide - An epoch-making invention - Aesthetic experience and the binary code
CHAPTER 4 From idols to computer - The war between Michael and the idols - "Mary had a little lamb..." - The brothers of light - A people rejoices in its strength
CHAPTER 5 The spirit of Aristotle in the 20th century - The dawn of the age of light - Computers and the Michael movement - The breaking of the German people
CHAPTER 6 The battle for super sensible consciousness - Computers and the subconscious mind Rudolf Steiner's dilemma - Battle is joined - Death is a change not an end - Chaos and computerisation (the Beast triumphant)
CHAPTER 7 Beware the Asuras Dehomag - the machines of inhumanity - The Turing machine -
From truth to untruth - The truth - Univeral machines - Intrinsic fallibility of computing devices - The end of originality - Adolf Hitler - Negative superstition
CHAPTER 8 The fall into matter - Silicon Valley - The Internet World Wide web (the Dominion of the Beast)- Electricity and the erotic forces lightning streams of bits... Linking our brains to the Internet
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Title: From Gondhishapur to Silicon Valley - Vol 1


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Publisher: Etheric Dimensions Press: 2009

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