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Here is an opportunity to reflect on the nature of your personal life journey from a holistic perspective, in a systematic and creative way.
Within this Log-book, you will find useful questions, engaging activities, and interesting information to help you note the facts of your life, and then reflect on them and on your experiences.

The centre of your Log-book folds out into a comprehensive Life Panorama Chart. As you work through the Log-book, you will be able to use this Panorama Chart to summarise your life and reflect on your developing capacities in body, soul and spirit. The biographical laws in relation to your life story will become more visible.

The resources within this Log-book have been developed by accredited Biography Consultant and Trainer Karl-Heinz Finke over the past 21 years. They are assisting students attending training courses in Holistic Biography Work world-wide. They are proving helpful, easy to use and powerful. This Log-book provides the resources for a comprehensive introduction to Biography Work and its relationship with a life story.

The underlying approach to Holistic Biography Work has grown out of the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner, Bernard Lievegoed, Gudrun Burkhard, Coenraad van Houten and Helmuth ten Siethoff. Guided by Lievegoed’s words, "Let’s make Anthroposophy – the wisdom of the human being – operational", we have striven to make this work accessible and useful.

Take this opportunity to explore your individual journey more deeply. You will enjoy working with this process even more if you team up with a study ‘buddy’, or can work with a small group of people that you trust. Reach out to those around you to find those people.

May this process help you understand your past, engage with your present and plan your future.
If you meet stumbling blocks along the way, we are happy to assist you to make contact with a trained local Biographical Consultant.

From Karl-Heinz Finke:
I was born in Germany in 1955 and studied Social Sciences and Psychology in Berlin. From 1992 to 1997, I attended training in Biography Work,
Adult Education and Organisation Development led by Gudrun Burkhard (MD), Coenraad van Houten and Helmuth ten Siethoff. Currently I work as an Adult Educator, Trainer and Consultant specialising in Biography Work, and as a Lecturer on topics concerned with human, social, ecological
and cosmic development. I view Self-reflection and Self-guidance as essential individual and interpersonal skills. I travel regularly to further the Biography Work in Europe, Australia, India, Thailand and Taiwan. Quite often I answered the question: What have you published? I am not into writing books. Now I am pleased to have written a Manual for this work, which felt the right thing to do.

Dedication : My work is dedicated to Sophia and Gaia. Sophia, the collective Cosmic wisdom, gave me the concept of universal connectedness. The aboriginal people of Australia reminded me about my belonging to the being of the Earth: Gaia.

From Laura Summerfield:
Although I was born in the Netherlands in 1953, my family migrated to Australia in my childhood, and it was there that I completed my tertiary education in Psychology and Education. I completed the Biography Training with Karl-Heinz from 2005 to 2007, and have worked as a Psychologist/
Counsellor using this holistic Biography framework for over 10 years. Currently, I travel and co-facilitate Biography Work with Karl-Heinz, whilst enjoying grandmotherly joys and responsibilities in Australia. I knew from the age of 12 years that writing would be part of my destiny, and it has
been a pleasure to make this work more accessible.

Dedication : I dedicate my work to the young ones coming after us. My blessings reach out to Sumi, Milo, Pip, Elijah and Finn, and then expand further to all the little ones everywhere, including those not yet born. May they have the support they need as they work on the challenges facing Humanity.

The Log-book contains resources for working on an individual biography or Life Story. It is also a comprehensive introduction to Biography Work.
● 80 A4 pages – landscape
● Charts
● Creative activities
● Guided self-reflection
● Full colour printing
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