Logos and the New Mysteries


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The Divine becomes human; the human reconnects with the Divine, within Christ. Whoever treads the path of Initiation'whoever recognizes or fails to recognize the Christ'knows, at a given moment on the path, that there is no Initiation without such a teacher. It is not the recognition of the name that matters, but the recognition of the force. The spiritual practitioner must overcome the interminable series of esoteric mirages to realize that initiation has only one source, the Christ'certainly not the mystical or gnostic Christ or that of religion, but the cosmic Christ, the metaphysical principle of absolute individuality and freedom. In the living moment of thinking, the “I ” (true self) begins to experi-ence the Light of the World, which has overcome the separation. This is the act of freedom'the ultimate sense of dialectical freedom.In this powerful guidebook, Massimo Scaligero describes in detail the esoteric path of thinking, which allows us to reach beyond our bondage to sensory perception and the physical view of reality, to realize our true cosmic connection with the Logos, the living Christ.
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Title: Logos and the New Mysteries


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