Course fees and resources - International Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Package

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Waldorf Steiner Homeschooling. We are developing exciting, parent supported and all-inclusive learning packages for distance education and homeschooling families.

With our unique and comprehensive Waldorf Steiner Teaching Homeschool Curriculum Packages, we aim to provide everything home educators need to deliver a nourishing, vibrant and developmentally appropriate, play and project-based learning experience, to their home-schooled child/ren.

Our packages aim to recreate the rich, inspiring, harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, typical of many Waldorf Steiner classrooms. We provide ample materials and resources to achieve a similar environment in a home setting, where a classroom or school is geographically unavailable or inappropriate for your child/ren. Special consideration for the skills, knowledge and pedagogical development required of the homeschooling parent/s, means we will be crafting all our packages to support and guide home educators through this process. We offer carefully selected teaching and parenting guides, texts and resources, and will include options for personalised, one on one consultations with experienced and accredited Waldorf Steiner Teachers as part of some of our packages.

In a typical on-site Waldorf Steiner classroom, subjects such as music, art, drama and literature feature heavily. An emphasis on the wholistic development of the child (through movement, play, singing and nutrition) and handcrafts, to develop and to directly experience learning concepts, are also major components of this educational philosophy.

Our comprehensive teaching homeschool packages will therefore include:
- The Steiner Education Australia (SEA) course curriculum (nationally recognised by ACARA) per grade level, books and subject materials
- Teachers’ guides, teaching resources, and homeschool and parents’ support materials
- Handcraft & project equipment, materials and supplies and educational toys and props

For over 40 years, the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre in Sydney has been a major supplier of Anthroposophical and educational texts, materials and resources to individuals, parents, schools, teachers and educators in the Australasian region. We have been a point of contact and connection for many schools, playgroups and other Waldorf Steiner based educational initiatives and events throughout these years. We are therefore confident in our ability, knowledge and expertise to provide quality homeschooling packages to families with everything they will need in order to deliver an extraordinary educational experience, year on year.

We are developing these curriculum packages alongside qualified Australian Waldorf Steiner teachers, licensed educational authorities, such as Steiner Education Australia (SEA) and Sydney Rudolf Steiner College (Parsifal College) and experienced administrative staff.

Nearly all the products we sell in our Sydney and online store are handmade, organic, ethically sourced or made, and/or made from natural and sustainable materials. This conforms to the socially, ethically and environmentally conscious philosophies espoused by Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Steiner Education practitioners. We only stock products of the highest integrity and include these in all our packages.

Our first offering, the Kindergarten Package, is now available.

Our Homeschooling Questionnaire will enable us customise it to your requirements. Please be aware that it could take up to 12 weeks to fully complete a customised package.

Please email us on [email protected] to receive a copy and begin your Waldorf Steiner Homeschooling journey!
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Title: Course fees and resources - International Homeschool Curriculum Kindergarten Package


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