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Human evolution has changed the exterior world we live in, but since the industrial revolution the exterior world has had an enormous impact on the inner world of those under the influence of industrialisation. We now have an industrialised interiority that has new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting toward ourselves and others. This new inner life is impacting the health and wellbeing of so many individuals that new ways of self-development are being explored.

To recognise the impact of our industrialised interiority is to begin to understand the ways in which people are trying to move forward toward healing. Before embarking on the use of "plant medicine" to bring about inner change, we need to know what in us is seeking to be healed.

A Bridge to Spirit is a way of understanding where we are in our inner world and the various pathways being utilised to progress toward an enriched inner life that is not caged, ruled, and blunted by the internalised effects of our outer existence. It speaks of the new bridge to the spiritual life needed to heal the disconnect created by a spirit-devoid external life that is in turn changing our interiority.

"The heart is the internal bridge in the human body. It is the bridge in our relationships from one human being to another. And it is also our eternal bridge between the spirit and the world. Our individual human heart is the mystery centre through which we participate in the collective progress of humanity. Strengthening the heart's activity on all levels supports the bridge in body, soul, and spirit. In turn, it supports the healing of the un-bridged experiences induced by substance use. The strengthening of the heart restores balance and harmony and supports the circulation of the life-giving gifts of the heart."

LISA ROMERO is a practising homeopath and adult educator who has applied anthroposophy to her practice since 1990 and delivered education enriched with anthroposophy since 1998. Since 2006 the primary focus of her work has been teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation and more recently writing books on this subject.
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Title: Bridge to Spirit, A

Author(s): ROMERO, LISA

Categories: Self-development,

Publisher: Mullumbimby, Inner Works Books: 2019

ISBN Number: 0648578925

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