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Price: $20.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2005

Seller ID: 807

ISBN: 1782500987

St Andrews, Fife - not known for its glorious weather, but even so, Josh hadn't expected the sea to start to freeze and ice to creep up the beaches ...His summer holiday isn't looking too promising, especially as his only companions are a strange local girl, Callie, and her enormous dog Luath. Then they uncover the journal of an eighteenth-century girl who writes about a Kingdom of Summer, and suddenly they find themselves thrown headlong into a storm of witches, ice creatures, magic and the Winter King. A permanent winter threatens unless they can help restore the natural balance of the seaso... View more info

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Giant Panda Party


Price: $14.99

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2013

Seller ID: 12539

ISBN: 0863159516

colour illustrations Sunshine, the giant panda, is grumpy. His birthday is coming and he's sure no one will remember. But his best friend Sweetie has a plan. She sneaks around the zoo at night, asking all the other animals whether they can sing. The lion roars, the python hisses and the chimps say OO OO OOO! But which zoo animal has the best singing voice? Will grumpy Sunshine get a giant birthday surprise? Gill Arbuthnott's hilarious story of animal hijinks and Joanne Nethercott's endearing and lively illustrations combine for an entertaining romp set in Edinburgh Zoo! From the team who... View more info

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Lost at the Zoo


Price: $15.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2012

Seller ID: 12540

ISBN: 0863158706

colour illustrations Rory the pet mouse goes on a trip to Edinburgh Zoo in Sam's pocket. He leans out to get a better look and falls into the anteater's enclosure. How will wee Rory ever find Sam again in the enormous zoo? 'Have you seen Sam?' Rory asks, and tries to describe his owner. He tells the zebra Sam's got sticky-out sandy hair, and gets sent to the lion! He tells the lion Sam's got big round eyes, and gets sent to the owl! Rory meets lots of animals -- a helpful anteater, a polite zebra, a grumpy lion, a hungry owl, a friendly rhino, the elegant flamingos and the blethering pen... View more info