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Human Response to Globalisation


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Publisher: Associative Economics Institute:

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ISBN: 0948229047

50% off! Was $26.50 now $13.25 The prevailing economic order imposes on humanity the doctrine of unrestrained competition in markets. This is a major problem in many respects, because this doctrine is much less reliable than it seems to be. Firstly, today's economics has little to no idea and not the slightest experience of an economy closed unto itself. Yet, the planet is a limited space and the world economy cannot but reflect this fact. Secondly, economics is based on an erroneous image of the human being that excludes the most essential part of human nature from its basic considerati... View more info

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Anthroposophical Society: The Understanding and Continued Activity of the Christmas Conference


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ISBN: 1621482111

NEW! Published 03/2018 In 2014, the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland launched a series of conferences to deepen the impulse of the 1923 Christmas Conference, the event that Rudolf Steiner referred to as a 'festival of consecration'? for the 'beginning of a turning point of time.'? The goal of the conferences was to develop a deeper understanding of the Anthroposophical Society's essential task and contribute to shaping its future. This volume presents six talks from the conference of February 2016, the purpose of which was to let the Anthroposophical Society as an archetypal pheno... View more info