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Nine Lives of Pinrut the Turnip Boy, The


Price: $27.50

Seller ID: 13668

ISBN: 1502460122

There was once a turnip. He was an ordinary turnip, one you’d pass by without noticing. He grew in a row of turnips, one of many rows of turnips in a field that was one of many fields of turnips. That’s how ordinary this turnip was. Neither bigger, nor smaller, nor fatter, nor skinnier, nor longer, nor sweeter, nor more peppery: that’s how he was. And he had company, as you can imagine, for there were lots like him—thousands in fact.One summerR... View more info

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Eggs for the Hunting


Price: $27.50

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ISBN: 1470030012

6x9 inches, illustrated Starring Pine Cone and Pepper Pot and the illimitable Tiptoes Lightly. Spring is full of life and life is full of eggs, all sorts of eggs: great cosmic eggs and tiny butterfly eggs, salmon eggs and bird eggs, rabbit eggs and special eggs being gilded and painted by two gnomes called Pine Cone and Pepper Pot. They have been told (gossiped, to be correct) that Farmer John’s children, Tom and June, are going to give them special eggs ... View more info

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Fetching of Spring


Price: $23.50

Seller ID: 12074

ISBN: 1466266198

The Golden Bird has been stolen (apparently) and Tik-Tak is sent to fetch it. The naive and dreamy youth rides southwards (it’s warmer in that direction), gets kicked out of two kingdoms, meets Erce-Ma, loses his hopeless steed, gains a (much) better one, stumbles into the Undwelling and its townships, descends into Akkman’s Dwell, rescues the bird (and other abductees), returns (still not fully awake) with the bird, refuses the hand of the Princess (what!), ... View more info

Image for <B>Starry Bird, The </B><I> an Easter Tale</I>

Starry Bird, The an Easter Tale


Price: $27.50

Publisher: Sacramento, CA, Lightly Press:

Seller ID: 4104

ISBN: 1456586335

Illustrated; soft cover; 110 pages One morning an egg appears in the meadow below the Great Oak Tree. Neither Jeremy Mouse nor the fairy Tiptoes Lightly have ever seen such a huge egg – over a foot tall! They go to Farmer John’s in search of an answer, but without any luck, and when they return the egg has grown! Thus begins an adventure which involves most everybody on the farm – human, animal and sprite. The egg, later hidden deep in th... View more info

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Color and Gesture The inner life of colour


Price: $65.00

Publisher: Lightly Press:

Seller ID: 11185

ISBN: 1468172085

Compiled over many years of work as a eurythmist, Color and Gesture explores the inner life of color in a way that only eurythmy and the initiation science of Rudolf Steiner make possible. What appears is a world of incredible richness, depth and beauty in the most common, unlikely and unexpected of places . gesture. Gesture reveals the human soul, and the fabric of the soul is color; as a result, we find that the soul's infinite expressiveness, with all its goodness, pa... View more info

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Being of the Arts, The


Price: $13.50

Publisher: Pied Piper Press:

Seller ID: 12939

ISBN: 1491201169

In what was announced as a lecture Steiner instead begins to tell an extraordinary tale. It begins with two women standing in a stark and frozen landscape: one experiences the bitter cold, the other the extraordinary beauty. Both fall asleep, but while one falls into a sleep on the verge of death, the other is approached out of the sunset by a youth who says: ‘You are art’. She then undergoes a powerful set of experiences. Today we might call them vivid dream... View more info