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Hauschka Hydrating Foot Cream 75ml


Price: $36.00

Seller ID: 2956

Formerly: Fitness Foot Balm Revitalises and helps control excess moisture. Whether at work, during sport or in your free time, Hydrating Foot Cream is ideal for daily foot care and an invigorating foot massage. The creamy consistency absorbs quickly to offer intensive care and moisture, especially for dry feet. Usage Massage in a small amount of Hydrating Foot Cream to feet and between toes. Use daily on dry skin. Tips Complement your foot care with Neem Nail & Cuticle Oil. A foot bath with Sage Purifying Bath Essence refreshes your feet. Quality Tru... View more info

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Hauschka Regenerating Serum 30ml


Price: $118.00

Seller ID: 2936

Visibly replenishes, lifts and tones. Regenerating Serum supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions, helping to firm mature skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sensitive mature skin is cooled and calmed. Skin condition For mature skin. Formulation: Quince seed and bryophyllum extracts replenish, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines while supporting the skin’s ability to balance moisture content. Antioxidant-rich red clover firms and refines, encouraging the skin’s natural processes of renewal, as nutrient-rich clover ... View more info

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Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light 30ml


Price: $62.00

Seller ID: 2928

Rose Day Cream Light 30ml Hydrates, harmonises and soothes. All the protective, fortifying qualities of Rose Day Cream in a lightweight formulation, perfect for sensitive skin or use in warmer weather. Rose Day Cream Light transfers to your skin the invigorating powers of the rose to nourish hydrate and protect dry, sensitive skin for a calm, even and balanced complexion. Skin condition For dry, sensitive skin. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 2928] View more info

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Hauschka Revitalising Day Cream 100mls


Price: $98.00

Seller ID: 13261

Formerly: Moisturizing Day Cream Revives dehydrated skin. Revitalising Day Cream gently restores the rhythms for almost all skin conditions. Pale, dry skin becomes enlivened with this light moisturiser. Extracts of anthyllis, witch hazel and calendula combine with nurturing oils to balance oil production and replenish the skin. A light moisturiser which balances the oil and moisture content of the skin, this day cream, with a light citrus scent, refreshes and enlivens skin. Skin condition For normal, dull, dry or mature skin. Revitalising Day Cream 100ml ... View more info

Hauschka Sage Mint Deodorant (Roll-On) 50ml


Price: $29.00

Seller ID: 13406

NEW! Sage Mint Deodorant Long-lasting, fresh care. Whether we are physically or mentally active, perspiration is of vital importance. It not only regulates our body temperature but also removes impurities and forms the acid mantle as a barrier on the surface of the skin to protect against harmful germs. Our non-oily Sage Mint Deodorant contains sage and witch hazel essences, which are both naturally antimicrobial and astringent. The deodorising combination of an invigorating mint scent with a natural herbal bouquet of sage promises long lasting freshness. We intent... View more info

Hauschka Rose Deodorant (Roll-On) NEW 50ml


Price: $29.00

Seller ID: 13408

NEW! Rose Deodorant Effective, yet gentle on the skin. Knowing that we are prepared to meet the daily challenges of everyday life with a smile gives us a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. In our creamy Rose Deodorant, we use a carefully formulated combination of gentle, deodorising and nourishing ingredients. Rose water lends an elegant, delicate fragrance while Alchemilla essence helps to gently regulate perspiration. To top it all off, when essential rose oil meets high-quality jojoba oil, the skin receives an exceptional kind of care that one can’t help but fee... View more info

Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream 40ml Refines and strengthens mature skin


Price: $108.00

Seller ID: 2935

Firms, tones and visibly minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Regenerating Day Cream supports the skin’s natural regenerative functions, enhancing skin elasticity, balancing moisture content and making skin feel smooth, soft, firm and supple. Skin condition For mature skin. Formulation: Antioxidant-rich red clover, acerola berries, raspberry seed oil and shea butter protect against free radical damage and support the skin’s natural processes of renewal. Jojoba, avocado, sweet almond and olive oils replenish the skin’s barrier function and smooth ski... View more info

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Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream 50ml


Price: $31.00

Seller ID: 2951

Formerly: Hand Cream. Nourishes, renews and protects. Hydrating Hand Cream soothes, nourishes and protects hands from cold, harsh or dry conditions. Formulation: Bryophyllum has intense regenerative and hydrating properties, supporting the skin’s natural processes of is thin, and splits easily. Usage Apply regularly to soothe, moisturize and protect dry, overworked hands. Hydrating Hand Cream absorbs quickly without greasy residue. Even rough elbows become beautifully smooth. Tips Ideal for dry, rough elbows. Treat yourself to... View more info

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Hauschka Cleansing Cream 50ml


Price: $39.00

Seller ID: 2916

Refines, revitalizes and deeply cleanses. For all skin conditions. Cleansing Cream gently cleanses, exfoliates, fortifies and refreshes, protecting the skin’s natural protective function for healthy, radiant skin. Cleansing Cream retains the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier while also preparing it for the next stages in the Dr. Hauschka skin care daily care routine. Skin condition For all skin conditions. Formulation: The highest quality medicinal plant extracts of calendula, chamomile and anthyllis, with creamy sweet almond meal, cleanse, balance an... View more info

Hauschka Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Cream 145ml


Price: $50.00

Seller ID: 12250

Formerly: Lavender Sandalwood Body Moisturizer Soothes and balances. This body moisturiser features the smooth, comforting scent of lavender complemented by warm notes of sandalwood. Extracts of lemon balm and wood sorrel balance and renew, while macadamia nut, apricot kernel and avocado oils support and fortify the skin’s protective barrier. Skin is left feeling smooth, soft and protected. Usage Apply evenly and massage into skin. Applying to moist skin after bathing or showering provides the most effective absorption. Tips You may also like: Lave... View more info

Hauschka Facial Toner 100ml


Price: $57.00

Seller ID: 2918

Enlivens and fortifies. Facial Toner supports the skin’s natural processes of cleansing and renewal, minimising the appearance of pores, balancing moisture and oil content and leaving skin looking and feeling healthy, toned and radiant. Facial Toner is the ideal daily care product for normal, dry and sensitive skin, as well as skin that is in need of regeneration. Skin condition For normal, dry and sensitive skin. Formulation: Anthyllis extract helps skin remain balanced and healthy. Witch hazel extract supports tone and elasticity, refining pores. View more info

Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Cream 145ml


Price: $50.00

Seller ID: 12251

Formerly: Rose Body Moisturizer Harmonises and protects. Featuring the enveloping fragrance of roses, this iconic body cream offers warmth and protection to skin and senses. Quickly absorbed, this rich, luxurious product supports the skin’s natural barrier function for intensive care and protection. Gentle enough for babies’ and children’s delicate skin. Formulation: Rose wax, rose essential oil and precious extracts from wild rose hips and rose petals hydrate the skin and protect against dryness. Organic shea butter is combined with almond and jo... View more info