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Mac's Christmas Star


Price: $15.00

Publisher: Floris Books:

Seller ID: 12948

ISBN: 0863158420

It's Christmas Eve in Mac the cat's house and the family are busy preparing for Christmas Day. Catriona accidentally finds her Christmas present, some beautiful jewellery -- but then loses the ring. Meanwhile the family buy an enormous Christmas tree, which Mac is determined to climb...Can Mac and Catriona find the ring before Mum and Dad notice? And will Mac get his way and climb the now 'Much Decorated' tree? A warm and funny festive story from everyone's favourite Edinburgh cat. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 12948] View more info

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Cat Who Decided, The


Price: $17.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2007

Seller ID: 655

ISBN: 0863156126

10 b/w illustrations Why does nobody want the mixter-maxter kitten? The little stripey cat is on a journey. He is sent from the farm to the city and passed from owner to owner. No one seems to love him for just being him. Once he moves into the tall house in Edinburgh and finds his name - Mac - life gets more interesting. He makes friends with two musical ladies next door and discovers he likes Bach...and cat treats. He explores, and has many adventures. Then, just when he starts to feel settled, unsettling things start to happen. Will he ever find someone to love him for always? This is... View more info