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Mesonyms From words that polarize to words that mediate


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ISBN: 1935136089

Michael Howard reminds us that polarization is ubiquitous in our time. In the realm of language, this polarization comes to expression through synonyms and antonyms. But the world is not as black-and-white as it appears. Fortunately, language is rich in words that bridge and mediate between polar extremes. However, these words are not as prominent in our speaking and thinking as synonyms and antonyms, and for this reason, we do not apply them in our practical affairs as fully as we might. By its very title this booklet proposes 'Mesonym' as the name for ‘words in the middle, words that... View more info

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Educating the Will


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Michael Howard penetrates the depth of Waldorf education’s unique process of educating the “will” in children. He takes the reader on a thought-filled journey into the qualities and training of the “thinking-will” the “feeling will,” and the “comprehensive or common will.” The final chapter offers practical exercises for application along with photo examples of projects. The projects include: indoor sandbox, form modeling, seed drawing, sand modeling, modeling human and animal forms, stone carving, wooden spoons and bowls, and platonic soli... View more info

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Art as Spiritual Activity Lectures and Writings by Rudolf Steiner


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Publisher: United States, Anthroposophic Press Inc: 1998

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Photographs Although trained as a scientist and a philosopher, Rudolf Steiner always placed a high value on the practice of art and always worked artistically: whatever he did was done with great artistry. Furthermore, as a spiritual teacher, Steiner's ideal was the reunion of science, religion, and art in a new, human sacramental culture. The eleven lectures collected here reveal the many-faceted perspectives Steiner offered regarding the vital role of the visual arts in human affairs. For Steiner, art is above all a way of building a bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms... View more info