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Eco warrior CD


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No Farmer - No Food - No Future! Ten short radio programmes broadcast on 88.9 FM Sydney featuring Diane Watkin for Earth Renewal World Movement. An inspiring and practical audio manual on sustainability, bio-diversity, food, bees, health, gardening, contamination, radio activity. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 13316] View more info

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Five Hundred The Story of Biodynamics


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This film explores the lives of many growers, retailers, restauranteurs in and around Sydney who choose to follow biodynamics in their lives. They speak passionately from their hearts about why they are making this choice, and through their stories the viewer clearly and gradually learns more about the philosophy and practices. The story of biodynamics is supported by several scientific studies, either in text or through narration. The story flows from the beautiful introductory images and sounds representing how the invisible becomes visible, to the final words and music underlining... View more info

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Caring for Chooks Biodynamically Living and sustainable practices


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Innovative and creative ways to care for our chooks biodynamically, whether you are just starting out, an experienced backyard gardener, or a large scale farmer. This book is packed with information, hints and techniques to help both your chooks and the Earth. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 11925] View more info

Secrets of the Bees


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ISBN: 1782505806

Bees make honey; we all know that. But what happens between the bee buzzing around our backyard, and the sticky knife in the jar, is a mystery to most of us. How many bee-hours does it take to make just one jar of honey? What do the honeybees' waggling dances really mean? Why do bees swarm? What is a 'house bee'? From exploring their life cycle and development, to revealing their societies and behavior, expert biodynamic beekeeper Michael Weiler answers these questions and many more. Combining poetic observations with scientific detail, The Secrets of Bees uncovers the incr... View more info