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Image for <B>Tistou, the Boy with Green Thumbs </B><I> </I>

Tistou, the Boy with Green Thumbs


Price: $33.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Hawthorn Press Ltd: 2012

Seller ID: 12411

ISBN: 1907359087

colour illustrations When eight-year-old Tistou is sent home from school his parents decide he shall learn from real life instead, and where better to start than gardening? With Moustache the dreamy gardener, Tistou discovers a remarkable gift - that he has green thumbs! Everything he touches sprouts beautiful plants. Now Tistou has lots to do. With the power of flowers he can change everything: prisons, slums, hospitals - even war. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 12411] View more info

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Dragon Feathers


Price: $20.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2010

Seller ID: 1016

colour illustrations The poor woodcutter's son is sent on a mission to the dark forest to pluck three feathers from the dragon's back. Only then can he marry Beth, the rich innkeeper's beautiful daughter. Along the way, he meets several people in need of his help. But will his kindness and bravery be enough to protect him from the angry dragon? This well-known tale is vividly brought to life by the wonderful, detailed illustrations of Olga Dugina and Andrei Dugin. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 1016] View more info

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Price: $15.00

Publisher: Virago Modern Classics:

Seller ID: 15533

ISBN: 0349009562

This is the story of one of the most far-reaching and influentially naughty things we ever did in our lives. We did not mean to do such a deed. And yet we did do it.' After being banished to the countryside for creating even more mayhem than usual, the Bastable children vow to mend their ways. Establishing 'The Society of the Wouldbegoods', their first rule is: 'every member is to be as good as possible'. But sometimes it's just not possible to be good - no matter how hard you try. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 15533] View more info

Image for <B>Phoenix and the Carpet </B><I> </I>

Phoenix and the Carpet


Price: $15.00

Seller ID: 15534

ISBN: 0349009422

When a stone egg rolls out of the old rug that has been bought for the nursery, the children think nothing of it. A lovely glowing yellow, they place it on the mantelpiece to brighten up the room. But when the egg accidentally drops into the fire, a strange thing happens: out hatches a phoenix, resplendent in golden feathers - and very vain. If that weren't enough of a surprise, it tells them that their carpet is magic: it will take them to any place that they wish to visit - over their dusty London streets to the French coast, to tropical islands and an Indian bazaar. Guiding them throughout ... View more info

Image for <B>Elsa Beskow Calendar 2020 </B><I> </I>

Elsa Beskow Calendar 2020


Price: $18.00

Publisher: Floris Books:

Seller ID: 15448

Elsa Beskow's picture books have been known and loved for over a century. This month-to-view calendar is beautifully illustrated with seasonal artwork from Elsa Beskow's books. The main US, UK and Swedish public holidays are marked. Calendar comes shrink-wrapped with a cardboard strengthener [When referring to this item please quote our ID 15448] View more info

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Price: $14.95

Publisher: Puffin:

Seller ID: 13652

ISBN: 0140317538

At the edge of the city, in the ruins of an old amphitheatre, there lives a little homelss girl called Momo. Momo has a special talent which she uses to help all her friends who come to visit her. Then one day the sinister men in grey arrive and silently take over the city. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 13652] View more info

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Neverending Story


Price: $15.00

Publisher: Penguin:

Seller ID: 14748

ISBN: 0141354976

Small and insignificant Bastian Balthazar Bux is nobody's idea of a hero, least of all his own. Through the pages of an old book he discovers a mysterious world of enchantment - but a world that is falling into decay. The great task of making things well again falls on Bastian and so begins a dazzling, magical adventure. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 14748] View more info

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Invisible Boat and the Molten Dragon


Price: $40.00

Seller ID: 15168

ISBN: 194358298X

Ever wonder about the living beings who drive the wild untamable fires in the west? Here is a tale that makes pictures for us all of the powerful beings driving such natural events forward! These are important pictures to draw us closer to nature in a different way from our ordinary thinking. The children who helped the elemental world to clean the water and release the water sprites from the Binagatorials in The Invisible Boat I, are called upon once more in this tale of suspense and adventure to help our living earth to tame the Molten Fire Dragon. Using their invisible boat, a gift fro... View more info

Image for <B>Norse Myths and Legends </B><I> </I>

Norse Myths and Legends


Price: $23.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Usborne Publishing Ltd: 2009

Seller ID: 10774

ISBN: 0746081146

full colour throughout Exciting stories of Norse Gods and Goddesses vividly retold for young readers. Includes a 'Who's who' guide to each character and their role in Norse mythology.Informative section on the Viking people and their beliefs. Dramatically illustrated by Rodney Matthews. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 10774] View more info

Image for <B>From the Mountains to the Sea </B><I> </I>

From the Mountains to the Sea


Price: $28.00

Publisher: Self-published:

Seller ID: 15355

A cheeky, heartwarming story of the adventrues of Norman the gnome and his friends. the birds and animals of the Australian bush. Eric Fairman was a teacher for many years at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School, and reading the book makes it feel as if you are one of his pupils at story time. Eleni Mann has illustrated the stories in delicate shaded drawings. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 15355] View more info

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Flash the Sheepdog


Price: $18.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2007

Seller ID: 631

ISBN: 0863155812

12 b/w illustrations Tom Stokes is an orphan. His sister is going to America to get married, but where can he go? They remember an uncle and aunt they scarcely know who live in the borders of Scotland. After the city bustle of London, Tom finds his uncle's farm barren and lonely. How can he adjust to such a life? Help comes in the form of a sheepdog pup, and his loneliness is forgotten when Tom realizes it is his, to love and to train (maybe to be a champion). Life on the hill-farm, with his new friend Elspeth, and Flash, becomes adventurous and challenging. Then his sister writes that T... View more info

Image for <B>Haki: the Shetland Pony </B><I> </I>

Haki: the Shetland Pony


Price: $14.99

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2002

Seller ID: 739

ISBN: 0863154042

illustrations Born on a croft in the Shetland Islands Haki is a beautiful Shetland pony and is his owner's pride and joy. But there is no future for Adam on his parents' croft and his only option is to sell Haki and find a job on the mainland. Adam cannot bear to do this and persuades a circus owner to buy Haki and employ him as Haki's trainer. They settle into the exciting life of a travelling circus, and Haki becomes a star overnight, in a double-act with Sondra, the elephant. But the chimp master, Willie Baxter, is jealous of Adam's success, and is determined to ruin everything.... View more info

Image for <B>Blue Forest, The </B><I> </I>

Blue Forest, The


Price: $27.99

Publisher: Lindisfarne Press: 2015

Seller ID: 13883

ISBN: 1584201479

The Blue Forest is a collection of seven highly imaginative bedtime stories - one story for each night of the week, and each story featuring one of seven colours. The stories, set in a magical blue forest, tell of mysterious night-time events and relationships involving humans and animals and nature. In the first story, a small girl, wearing a dress as white as the stars and embroidered with fine golden thread, walks a path through the forest of blue trees. While making her way through the silent woods, she discovers a casket of jewels from which she selects a silver ring. As she places it... View more info

Image for <B>Underground City, The </B><I> </I>

Underground City, The


Price: $19.95

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2008

Seller ID: 677

ISBN: 0863156371

On the eve of his return to Scotland, Lewis Grant is dared to spend the night at a haunted desert oasis. The Bedouin refuse to visit Al Antara at night knowing that a mighty djinn lives there. But this doesn't worry Lewis, who promptly rises to the bait. However, things don't go according to plan and Lewis' subsequent arrival in Edinburgh is accompanied by a series of events that defy explanation. Set against the backdrop of the spooky Mary King's Close, Neil and Clara Maclean find themselves embroiled with ghosts, super heroes and bank robbers, not to mention the Christmas pantomime. Will the... View more info

Image for <B>Witch Silver </B><I> </I>

Witch Silver


Price: $18.95

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2010

Seller ID: 989

ISBN: 0863157440

1 copy from Honeyclock 'Her death would, she supposed, be quite an event in the world of magic and as Maritza, the Queen of the Earth Witches, approached, she wondered idly who else would be watching'. A death. A new house. A new school. And more witches, with evil intentions, than they have previously encountered. The realities of life come knocking at Neil and Clara's door, leading them into a darker, more nail-biting adventure than ever before. When Clara inherits a silver amulet from her aunt, the Macleans' magic connections take a decidedly perilous turn. Containing an explosive, un... View more info

Image for <B>Wings of Ruksh, The </B><I> </I>

Wings of Ruksh, The


Price: $23.95

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2007

Seller ID: 646

ISBN: 0863156029

'Strange as it may seem, as he came in to land at Edinburgh Airport last year, the captain of the London flight reported sighting a dragon...' A year on, and life has calmed down for Neil and Clara MacLean. A quiet meal in The Sultan's Palace restaurant. What could go wrong? But they hadn't counted on the mirror! How is it connected to the missing Sultan's Crown, and what secrets does the mysterious Black Tower hold? Winged horses, snow witches, magic mirrors - how did they get here and where are they going? From an Edinburgh literally cloaked in tartan, through the forbidding Highland hills, ... View more info

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Price: $23.95

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2009

Seller ID: 936

ISBN: 0863156800

Neil, Clara and Lewis are spending their Easter break with a friend in Glenmorven, near Aberdeen, unaware that as stone giants rise from the mountains and Prince Kalman throws in his lot with the most unexpected companions, the very existence of their magical friends is at stake. Can Firestar, the heart of all magic, battle the enemy from within, before Arthur, the MacArthurs and the Lords of the North are lost forever? Hobgoblins and an itinerant pop group called the Jelly Beans all contrive to bamboozle the cleverest minds that NASA has to offer, while the lure of the Glastonbury festival sh... View more info

Image for <B>My Cat Mac </B><I> </I>

My Cat Mac


Price: $14.99

Publisher: Floris Books:

Seller ID: 992

ISBN: 0863157475

When a new family move into Mac the cat's Edinburgh town house, he decides to let them stay. He has always wanted a special friend and the little girl Catriona seems very nice. But when Catriona decides to dress Mac up in doll’s clothes and pushes him around in her pram, he is not impressed. Mac leaves home to teach Catriona a lesson. Catriona misses Mac, but will he miss her? And will Catriona learn to give Mac the respect he needs? A charming and funny story about learning to respect animals and about the importance of friendship. [When referring to this item please quote our ID ... View more info

Image for <B>Cat Who Decided, The </B><I> </I>

Cat Who Decided, The


Price: $18.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2007

Seller ID: 655

ISBN: 0863156126

10 b/w illustrations Why does nobody want the mixter-maxter kitten? The little stripey cat is on a journey. He is sent from the farm to the city and passed from owner to owner. No one seems to love him for just being him. Once he moves into the tall house in Edinburgh and finds his name - Mac - life gets more interesting. He makes friends with two musical ladies next door and discovers he likes Bach...and cat treats. He explores, and has many adventures. Then, just when he starts to feel settled, unsettling things start to happen. Will he ever find someone to love him for always? This is... View more info

Image for <B>The Golden Key </B><I> </I>

The Golden Key


Price: $30.00

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing:

Seller ID: 15452

ISBN: 1912230283

Coming soon! There was a boy who used to sit in the twilight and listen to his great-aunt’s stories. She told him that if he could reach the place where the end of the rainbow stands he would find there a golden key... “And what is the key for?” the boy would ask. “What is it the key of? What will it open?” “That nobody knows,” his aunt would reply. “He has to find that out.” Now all that his great-aunt told the boy about the golden key would have been nonsense, had it not been that their little house stood on the borders of F... View more info