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Image for <B>For the Love of Literature </B><I> A Celebration of Language and Imagination</I>

For the Love of Literature A Celebration of Language and Imagination


Price: $35.95

Publisher: United States, Anthroposophic Press Inc: 1996

Seller ID: 892

ISBN: 0880104163

Illustrations A largely unnoticed component of the current educational, social, and even ecological, crisis lies hidden in the decline in the value accorded to what we rightly call the "humanities". The study of the living words of great literature -- Homer, Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, the Romantic poets, the Russian novelists -- no longer forms the basis of the curriculum of the human soul. Marginalized, politicized, and devalued, the imagination is disparaged and young people are fed instead a monotonous diet of information, scientism, and technological know-how. These things ... View more info

Image for <B>Source of Speech, The </B><I> Word, Language and the Origin of Speech From Indology to Anthroposophy</I>

Source of Speech, The Word, Language and the Origin of Speech From Indology to Anthroposophy


Price: $44.00

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing:

Seller ID: 15740

ISBN: 1912230372

Not yet published, pre-order now. 'An abundance of books [by Beckh] came into existence whose significance perhaps will only be properly appreciated in the future.’ – Emil Bock (1959) Hermann Beckh’s lectures on language – published here in English for the first time – offer a unique and penetrating discussion of the origins and evolution of speech. Based on his professional knowledge of Tibetan, Sanskrit and Pali – and complete fluency in at least six other ancient languages, not to count nine modern languages – and accompanied by a hea... View more info

Image for <B>Conversation </B><I> A New Theory of Language</I>

Conversation A New Theory of Language


Price: $50.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Lindisfarne Books: 2006

Seller ID: 10653

ISBN: 1584200383

illustrations This is a groundbreaking study which takes the phenomenon of human conversation and analyses it to understand its relationship with social organisation and cultural background, based on the concepts of Rudolf Steiner's threefold social order. The threefold social order was Rudolf Steiner’s conception of an archetypal social organization that would utilize the norms of universal spiritual initiation, individual freedom, and the fundamental social law. A social science purporting to encompass these norms has yet to arise, but with Carl H. Flygt’s book... View more info

Image for <B>Mesonyms </B><I> From words that polarize to words that mediate</I>

Mesonyms From words that polarize to words that mediate


Price: $17.90

Publisher: Mercury Press:

Seller ID: 12670

ISBN: 1935136089

Michael Howard reminds us that polarization is ubiquitous in our time. In the realm of language, this polarization comes to expression through synonyms and antonyms. But the world is not as black-and-white as it appears. Fortunately, language is rich in words that bridge and mediate between polar extremes. However, these words are not as prominent in our speaking and thinking as synonyms and antonyms, and for this reason, we do not apply them in our practical affairs as fully as we might. By its very title this booklet proposes 'Mesonym' as the name for ‘words in the middle, words that... View more info

Image for <B>Alpha Beta Book ,The </B><I> An Introduction to Anceint Greek</I>

Alpha Beta Book ,The An Introduction to Anceint Greek


Price: $33.00

Publisher: New York, AWSNA: 2013

Seller ID: 12845

ISBN: 1936367416

Includes CD Can Ancient Greek be introduced with levity and whimsy? Author Keith McCrary has introduced hundreds of children and adults to Ancient Greek for over thirty years at Waldorf schools in the United States, Japan and Mexico. Follow the directions for learning to say the Greek alphabet, and he will have you speaking it it in different rhythms, in a series of accents, including Texan! – and even singing it. Included are pictographs for the letters of the Greek alphabet and ample opportunities to learn about many Greek words that have English “cousins.” B... View more info