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Lost Zodiac of Rudolf Steiner


Price: $65.00

Seller ID: 14759

ISBN: 0994160259

Steiner's magnificent Stuttgart zodiac, painted in 1912 by Imma von Eckhardtstein, and destroyed in 1937, HAS BEEN RE-CREATED in colour. This  painting, the greatest artistic depiction of the zodiac that Rudolf Steiner ever commissioned has thereby been saved from oblivion.  Each image is clearly explained, and there is also a correct translation of Steiner’s wonderful meditations on the sun-signs.  Another chapter  explains the zodiacal basis of the cultural Ages in anthroposophy. Four black-white photographs from about 1913 were scanned-in, and the colours put back ... View more info

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Horoscope Handbook


Price: $39.95

Seller ID: 14149

ISBN: 0994160224

For the first time, you can interpret your horoscope with the help of Rudolf Steiner’s insights. Go beyond Jung, and beyond the Greek myths, to understand how the planets relate to our human consciousness, using Steiner’s model of the “sevenfold” human being. Pages showing you at a glance what any feature in the horoscope means, for ease of use in consultations. New information for experienced astrologers, including the what lies behind Houses having inherent themes, why intercepted signs over the houses matter, what gives House Eight its unusual qualities, why ... View more info

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Gods and Planets: The Archetypes of Astrology


Price: $46.95

Publisher: Steiner Books:

Seller ID: 1344

ISBN: 0933029713

Barz, an astrologer and Jungian analyst, leads us through the world of astrology, examining both its symbols and its symbolic nature. She explains that astrology itself is a symbolic system (not a science), thus its contents possess inherent archetypal qualities and significance. The author's exploration of the planetary gods and their relationship to Jungian psychology opens up a realm of psychic possibilities. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 1344] View more info

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The Origin & Nature of the Tropical Zodiac


Price: $16.99

Publisher: Threefold Publishing: 2014

Seller ID: 15137

ISBN: 0958134138

You know your zodiac sign. Maybe you're a Virgo, or an Aquarian. But did you know that your sign is not the same thing as the zodiac constellation that it is named after? Your sign is actually in a different part of space to the constellation of stars we can see in the sky. What? That makes no sense... or does it? In this book, The Origin and Nature of the Tropical Zodiac, researcher Dr Damien Pryor unpacks the difference between what's known among astrologers as the 'sidereal zodiac', and the 'tropical zodiac.' The sidereal zodiac, made up of the 12 constellations, ... View more info