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Dostoevsky: The Scandal of Reason


Price: $39.95

Publisher: Steiner Books:

Seller ID: 1601

ISBN: 1584200413

Praise for Dostoevsky: The Scandal of Reason “In a series of compelling, enlightening, and challenging essays Professor Banerjee looks at ‘Dostoevsky’s novelistic world as an intellectually coherent, spiritually integral whole.’ Her examination culminates in a brilliant attempt to provide a reasonable, rational, and verbal indictment of reason itself—comprehending and complementing the message of love and gestures of Dostoevsky’s positive heroes. Students and scholars of Russian and comparative literatures will find here a compelling case for Dostoevsky... View more info

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Spirit of the Mountain


Price: $25.95

Publisher: Anthroposophic press:

Seller ID: 13324

ISBN: 0880107103

The hot South-African summer is getting to Emily. She escapes to her Uncle Tim's farm where she meets green-eyed Joey and can relax. But Emily has an eating disorder, and each day she slips further away from those around her. Only Anna can help her-Anna the healer, the herbalist, who possesses the wisdom of ancient customs and traditions. Anna offers Emily knowledge of a world she could scarcely imagine. "A fine, strong, delicate story of a girl in mortal danger, who is saved because she brings herself to ask help from powers she does not understand. Emily lives in South Africa, b... View more info

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Love of Trystan and Essylt, The

By: MEYER, C. A.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Self-published:

Seller ID: 7972

ISBN: 064654876X

Trystan and Essylt (alternatively spelt Tristan and Isolde), two figures from medieval literature but associated with King Arthur and Arthurian legend, are known for their illicit romance. This early tale of romantic love has much older origins - deep in pre-literary times when western humanity heard and preserved its history through a rich oral tradition. In this ancient poetic tradition Trystan was renowned as a chief warrior and apprentice bard. the romance between Tristan and the Irish princess inteneded to be his uncle's bride, contains the heights and depths of emotional experiences as t... View more info