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Image for <B>Embryogenesis in Myth and Science </B><I> </I>

Embryogenesis in Myth and Science


Price: $43.95

Publisher: Floris Books:

Seller ID: 930

ISBN: 0863156711

Embryology has evolved from myth in early cultures, who knew little about the details of conception and pregnancy, to the height of modern scientific knowledge. Thomas Weihs argues persuasively that new scientific understanding of embryology could engender a new mythology, and that, in fact, science and myth are complementary aspects of the study of new life. He explores the correspondence between the creation story in Genesis, and other creation myths, with th... View more info

Image for <B>Healing Power of the Christmas Rose </B><I> The Medicinal Value of Black Hellebore</I>

Healing Power of the Christmas Rose The Medicinal Value of Black Hellebore


Price: $54.99

Publisher: Temple Lodge: 2017

Seller ID: 14886

ISBN: 1912230003

A medicine with huge potential for treating Alzheimers, stroke, cancer and even Aids, the Christmas Rose (Black Hellebore) is in the process of being rediscovered by doctors and medical practitioners. Once admired by Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hahnemann but long forgotten, the Christmas Rose is proving effective once again – both in trials and in clinical practice – for healing the serious illnesses of the new millennium. It is also being used to address man... View more info

Image for <B>Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer </B><I> Prevention, Treatment and Healing</I>

Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer Prevention, Treatment and Healing


Price: $39.95

Publisher: United Kingdom, Floris Books: 2010

Seller ID: 984

ISBN: 0863157394

Mistletoe is a parasitic evergreen plant that lives on trees such apple and elm. Modern complementary therapies for cancer increasingly make use of mistletoe preparations. However, because mistletoe grows on many different trees, the properties of the plant vary according to the host tree. For the first time, this book presents an important reference for practitioners on the characteristics of each type of mistletoe, and what kind of cancers they are best suited to treat... View more info

Image for <B>Nutrition Health Anthropology </B><I> For classes 7/8</I>

Nutrition Health Anthropology For classes 7/8


Price: $10.80

Publisher: Rudolf Steiner College Press:

Seller ID: 10795

At the critical age of about thirteen, children become increasingly aware of their physical body and they should therefore learn something about nutrition, conditions of health, their own bodily structure and their relationship to the world generally. The main themes for seventh grade will be concerned with nutrition and health. In eighth grade, children will be shown how the laws of physics and mechanics manifest themselves in the human body, how harmony prevai... View more info

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Remedies For Typical Diseases


Price: $22.00

Publisher: Mercury Press:

Seller ID: 7681

ISBN: 0929979567

This booklet is concerned with the healing substances Rudolf Steiner developed, using new ways of thinking about therapeutic agents and new methods of preparing them. While this text is meant primarily for physicians, others may also be interested in learning about the creation of substances helpful to human beings. The late Dr. Wolff, widely known as a lecturer and author (in addition to being a practicing physician), discusses questions of remedies and typical diseases... View more info

Image for <B>Who was Ita Wegman? A Documentation Volume 4 </B><I> Strengthening the Heart</I>

Who was Ita Wegman? A Documentation Volume 4 Strengthening the Heart


Price: $35.00

Publisher: Mercury Press: 2014

Seller ID: 13180

The last in the series of Ita Wegman's biography documents aspects of the close relationship beween Ita Wegman and Rudolf Steiner during the years 1923 -1925. The reader will catch personal glimpses of the character of both of these extraordinary personalities. A significant number of mantrams and meditations that Rudolf Steiner gave to Ita Wegman to help further her inner development are also included. [When referring to this item please quote our ID 13180] View more info

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Beyond the Medical Meltdown


Price: $26.95

Publisher: United States, Bell Pond Books: 2006

Seller ID: 1166

ISBN: 0880105720

Beyond the Medical Meltdown demonstrates that there is enough quality health care and enough money to pay for it, that more drugs and surgery is not necessarily better, and that the present health care quandary does not need to be the way it is. But to see this and to change health care will require enough people to wake up, think outside the box, and take action. We are on a threshold. Health care as we have known it is dying. What we have come to see as "normal"... View more info

Image for <B>Child is Born, A </B><I> A Natural Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood</I>

Child is Born, A A Natural Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood


Price: $33.00

Publisher: United Kingdom, Rudolf Steiner Press: 2004

Seller ID: 11205

ISBN: 1855841924

Linden's long-established natural care book offers an important additional dimension. In clear, accessible language he explains what newborn babies and small children need to harmoniously develop the full potential of body, soul, and spirit. Based on a broad perspective, he offers many practical suggestions. Beginning with the growing embryo during pregnancy, the author guides the reader through the birth; the postnatal period and breastfeeding; care of newborn babies; m... View more info